Meet a Scientologist–Christoph Roth

The Church of Scientology published a “Meet a Scientologist” video on the YouTube Scientology video channel that highlights the life and work of Emmy Award-winning VFX producer Christoph Roth.

As senior producer for an internationally renowned company that produces visual effects for feature films, television and commercials, “magic” is all in a day’s work for Roth.

“We can create anything with the computer,” says Roth. “Dinosaurs, Dragons, space ships, ghosts, entire cities—whatever you can imagine, we can create it for a TV show or film.”

Winner of an Emmy award for “special visual effects” on Game of Thrones, Roth’s work is a rare blend of aesthetic and “people” skills.

“I love working with really creative and highly skilled artists and coming up with solutions to problems. In the middle of a project, it can seem like everything is against you—you run out of money, you have to do it over again for the sixth time, everyone is getting frantic. The producer is the guy who has to stay calm and upbeat and make it all happen. That’s my job.”

A Scientologist since 2000, Roth has continuously studied and used the subject.

“The more you learn and understand about Scientology, the bigger the gains,” he says.

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