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Agnes, how did you decide to join Volunteer Ministers Disaster Response Team here in Bosnia?

I planned for quite some time to become active as Scientology Volunteer Minister. I was trying to organize my life so I could live up to my dream, but it was taking lot of time and effort. When I heard about those terrible floods in Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia I decided it is a time to act and quit waiting for perfect alignment of different factors in my life.

What are your impressions so for of VM work here?

I arrived here, to Bosnian town of Orasje, a week ago and I love it so much. It feels great being here with local people, helping them by doing hard MEST work, giving them support in hardest time of their lives sometimes just by simply being here and listening their stories, sometimes by delivering spiritual help – assists.

I love doing assists and delivering Scientology technology. This beautiful tech helped me so much in my life and I know it works and I love sharing it with others. I also like using my body and doing MEST work especially as I see how much it helps people. I find that helping people here whom I never met before, helping them to rebuild their lives again, and also provide spiritual help, is spiritually very uplifting and extremely rewarding activity.

Greatest thing in all this is that helping others gives so much back. Seeing that I made a difference in people’s lives is an amazing feeling. There is nothing of comparable magnitude; this is the greatest feeling one can experience.

Is there anything you would like to tell people who will be reading this interview?

I would like people who will be reading this interview to experience the same things I’m experiencing, to have the same wins I’m having here. Maybe they were thinking about joining us, but they think they need to leave their life behind and lose their income or lose some fun, or sacrificing their social life, but they don’t know that they would gain so much by coming here and experience things we are experiencing.

What do you find being most memorable thing of your work here?

There were moments in last few days that I really felt I am part of the family we were helping. Despite language barriers I really feel here like being a member of local community. They are really beautiful people that they would share everything they have even when they don’t have much. They are also taking good care of us, making sure we are safe and feel welcomed.

All of us here in VM Disaster Response Team work on a very good purpose. We are from different countries, of different age, different backgrounds, but we work together as a real team. We are helping each other, we take care of each other, and while work here is sometimes tough and not a walk in the park, we are having so much fun experiencing all this together.

All people here in our team are here with one purpose only – to help others, and people who wish to help others can only be good people. Good people working on a great goal is what makes us such a good team.

Anything else that you would like to add to this interview?

I love people, I love traveling, I love adventured, and having opportunity to do all this thing combined gives me so much satisfaction. Doing all this things, while helping others, is just a perfect combination.

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Hope to see you soon in Bosnia.

Sincerely yours,

Volunteer Ministers Disaster Response Team  


Removing destroyed furniture from flooded houses

Delivering humanitarian aid to local Red Cross warehouse

Delivering humanitarian aid to local Red Cross warehouse

Enjoying delicious Bosnian homemade food

Enjoying delicious Bosnian homemade food

Delivering fresh fruits to children in Red Cross shelters

Delivering fresh fruits to children in Red Cross shelters

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