Social Justice–Ending Human Trafficking and Forced Labor

This year's theme for World Day of Social Justice is ending Human Trafficking and Forced Labor.We're taught in school that slavery was a thing of the past: history.I was shocked to find out that more people are trafficked today than in the height of the slave trade. Yet slavery is considered illegal in all civilized nations today. How can that be? And why?The Church of Scientology sponsors human rights education in the belief that education, knowledge and understanding are key to … [Read more...]

Religious tolerance or respect?

Religion is under fire in the media, with pundits responding with tremendous intensity to President Obama's statements yesterday on Islam vs. extremism.Freedom Magazine's February issue could not be more timely nor more important, as demonstrated by their profile of Chris Seiple, resident of the Institute for Global Engagement:IS RELIGIOUS FREEDOM the ultimate weapon to defeat terrorism and build world peace? Chris Seiple thinks so, as he told Freedom in a January 2015 int … [Read more...]

1st Church of Scientology Founded Today in 1954

Los Angeles was the site of the first Church of Scientology, founded February 18, 1954.Take a video tour of the facility as it is today: … [Read more...]

Why Help?

The Church of Scientology volunteers 50 millions hours of global humanitarian aid, education & disaster relief through volunteer organizations.Why?Help is a basic concept in the Scientology religion.Here is one of the points L. Ron Hubbard makes on the subject: “The greatest ability in the whole human race and all amongst the livingness, is the ability to help. And when you can improve that ability all the way up along the line, you’ve improved about all there is to improve abou … [Read more...]

On Presidents’ Day: a Tribute to Abraham Lincoln

One of the most stirring and significant statements of any U.S. president, delivered on the occasion of his second inauguration, here, Lincoln speaks of the ideals that kept him on course throughout the Civil War.Listen to a reenactment or read the full text of his remarkable speech:Fellow-Countrymen:AT this second appearing to take the oath of the Presidential office there is less occasion for an extended address than there was at the first. Then a statement somewhat in detail of a … [Read more...]

Advice for the Worrier

   Here's some sound advice to the worrier. There is a way to cope with your concerns:  “And you say, ‘Let’s see, what are my troubles? What are my troubles? What difficulties am I having? “Write them down, make a list of them. Here they are, here they are, here they are, ‘I’m obsessed with the idea that the landlord is going to evict me at any moment, and…’ “Now we don’t even have to go and talk to the landlord. It’s an oddity. Of course, the reality of … [Read more...]

Scientology Superbowl Ad

The IBT carried a piece on the new Scientology ad that aired during the Superbowl this year:Between plays during Super Bowl XLIX, viewers of the big game's NBC telecast were inundated with ads featuring adorable lost puppies, model fathers and empowered women. But there was one 30-second spot that didn’t seem to fit the mold.A commercial for the Church of Scientology aired in major U.S. cities on Sunday night during the big game. The 30-second ad, called “Age of Answers,” showed fast-m … [Read more...]


In honor of Valentine's Day, this video from Youth for Human Rights on the right to marry. One of my favorites. … [Read more...]