Science of Survival

This was posted in an Italian blog, translated with the help of Google Translate:   The books of L. Ron Hubbard, philosopher, humanitarian, Founder of the Church of Scientology, represent a “route” to living a better life. Knowing yourself and others is key in  finding, associating and working with people you can trust. The book Science of Survival, the next book to read after Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health, provides the tools to do so. Dianetics revealed the existence… Read more

Scientologists open complex in Arcadia

by Philip Haldiman – Jun. 29, 2012 09:56 AM The Republic | Scientology’s newest church has opened to the public in Arcadia. Officials with the Church of Scientology Ideal Organization of Phoenix say the 45,000-square-foot complex is part of a global expansion that began about five years ago. Officials say the church has opened three other Ideal Organizations in cities throughout the Southwest in the past month. Seven more are scheduled to open this year. The church occupies the former Fairmount… Read more

L. Ron Hubbard — A Life Dedicated to Humanitarian Endeavors

Messenger of Peace Award to L. Ron Hubbard Placed In The L. Ron Hubbard Museum in Hollywood Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) July 12, 2012 L. Ron Hubbard was awarded with the “Manos de la Paz” award (Hands of Peace award), granting him the title of Messenger of Peace for the Word. The prestigious award presented a few months ago at a special ceremony in the Court of Peace of the National Palace of Culture by the National Ministry of Culture… Read more

Nelson Mandela and Freedom

In honor of the birthday of a man whose name is synonymous with freedom, this video…       Read more

Scientology TV Station

I found a Reuters piece on a planned Scientology TV station: “The Church of Scientology, the religion whose followers include actors Tom Cruise and John Travolta, plans to start a religious broadcasting center to promote its teachings over TV, radio and the Internet. “The center, located near the church’s West Coast headquarters in Hollywood, would occupy the nearly five-acre studio property the church bought last year from Los Angeles public TV station KCET for $42 million.” I found this  interesting,… Read more

Scientologist responds to critics

The LA Times asks a Scientologist how she responds to critics of Scientology. What do you say to ex-members who refer to Scientology as a cult? Apostates have to denigrate that which they formerly held dear. It’s a human psychological necessity. Critics say some people join Scientology and become completely absorbed in it. Adherents to a cohesive “theory of life” that helps them to define not only who they are, but who their friends and not-friends are, and how life… Read more

A Scientologist speaks out

The Los Angeles Times questions a Scientologist about some of the claims media and critics make about the religion.  Here are her answers: Critics of Scientology bring up unusual topics such as Xenu and thetans and aliens … You are a thetan. I am a thetan. Think of it as “soul” or “spirit” or “identity.” We have our minds and our bodies, but we are not these things. We don’t have mass or motion or wavelength or a position in… Read more

Scientology Beliefs and Misconceptions

In today’s LA Times, a Scientologist answers questions about Scientology beliefs and what media and critics claim Scientologists believe. Name three of the most basic beliefs in Scientology. What do members have to believe in, in order to be Scientologists? There is no belief, per se, in Scientology, because folks are asked to come to experience and therefore know things, but not to believe them until they have observed them. However, some basic principles are: You are a spirit (we use… Read more

A Scientologist speaks up in the Los Angeles Times

The LA Times published an interesting article where a Scientologist was interviewed about her take on recent events.  Here she explains what Scientology believes about drugs.   Can you discuss Scientologists’ opposition to drugs? Part and parcel of our principles is that psychoactive drugs are bad for you and limit your spiritual growth. Abuse of them can physically damage your nervous and endocrine systems, and this physical damage can make it so that you can’t benefit from our practices anymore…. Read more

What is Scientology? A Scientologist offers her point of view

The LA Times published a very interesting article today, cutting through the recent media hype in the wake of the Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes divorce with this: There are plenty of people who believe Scientology has helped them achieve great personal fulfillment and happiness — and no shortage of celebrities who say Scientology gave them the emotional foundation they needed to withstand the rigors of Hollywood. We asked Laurie Hamilton, a second-generation Scientologist and ordained Scientology minister who does consulting work, to… Read more

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