9 Papers on Christology: LATC 2013

I finally get to announce the papers that are going to be presented in the parallel sessions at the Los Angeles Theology Conference on January 17 and 18, 2013. We issued a call for papers and got dozens of proposals. We narrowed it all the way down to the nine papers that work best together, and will make for the best conference together with our plenary sessions.

Read ’em and, um, register!

Thursday, Jan. 17, breakout session 1:

Scott Swain (Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando), “The Obedience of the Eternal Son: Catholic Trinitarianism and Reformed Christology.”

Charles Twombly (independent scholar), “Perichoresis: A Conversation Between John of Damascus and Contemporary Christology”

Jordan Wessling (University of Notre Dame), “Is Monothelitism a Viable Option for Orthodox Christian Theology?”

Thursday, Jan 18, Breakout Session 2:

Tim Pawl (University of St. Thomas/University of Notre Dame), “Conciliar Christology and Incompatible Predications of Christ.”

Jeremy Treat (Reality L.A.) “Exaltation in and through Humiliation: Re-Thinking the States of Christ”

Myles Werntz (Baylor University), “Christ is as Christ Does: The Peril and Promise of Ethical Christologies”

Friday Breakout Session 3:

Luke Ben Tallon (Pepperdine University), “Joseph Ratzinger’s Spiritual Christology”

Jason McMartin (Biola University), “The Theandric Union as Imago Dei and Capax Dei”

Telford Work (Westmont College), “Jesus’ New Relationship with the Holy Spirit, and Ours: How Biblical Spirit-Christology Helps Resolve a Chalcedonian Dilemma”

(Note: Updated on Dec 11 to add Swain paper)

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