They Must Have Trusted: Hebrews 11

Here is the video, and below is the script, of a sermon I preached at my home church, Grace Evangelical Free Church in La Mirada, yesterday (Sun. Oct 13, 2014). I also got to preach a 30-minute version of it for chapel tonight at Los Angeles Bible Training School.  


They Must Have Trusted: Hebrews 11

Grace EVFree Oct 14, 2013  & LABTS Oct 15, 2013

Brothers and sisters, Hebrews is a great book. It’s not just a nice part of the Bible (though it is that). It is also a key that unlocks the entire Bible and takes you inside the meaning of the main things in all of Scripture. Hebrews is, among other things, a key that opens up the Old Testament.  It’s a key to the whole Old Testament, which is a great thing to have, because the Old Testament has some hard parts to it, some parts that need some unlocking. And we know, of course, that Jesus is the key to the Old Testament, to all of God’s ways and words in all time. As the opening words of Hebrews tell us, “God spoke in many ways and in many portions to the fathers through the prophets, but in these last days he has spoken to us through a Son….”  So Jesus is the key, God’s final word, the main thing God has to say. But we still need it spelled out for us a little more clearly, don’t we? Not just to be told, “Jesus is the key,” but to be shown in very specific ways how that works. So Hebrews tells us, with detailed discussions of the tabernacle, and sacrifice, and this once-for-all priesthood. So thankful for this! And still we want more. At least I do.

There’s a passage at the very end of Luke’s gospel, Luke 24:25. Jesus has risen from the grave, and two disciples are walking along the road from Jerusalem to Emmaus when they encounter Jesus without recognizing him. And Jesus saunters up alongside them and casually asks, “Whatcha guys talking about?” And they say, “Man, we’re talking about what everybody’s talking about, this Jesus of Nazareth, our teacher: he was a great prophet, and he did great things, and we kind of thought he was going to be the Messiah, but the leaders crucified him, so I guess that’s it now.”

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