About Sarah Sadie

In her daily life, Sarah lives in Madison, Wisconsin and serves as one of two current Poets Laureate for the City. Until very recently she co-edited the poetry magazine Verse Wisconsin (www.versewisconsin.org) with her co-laureate Wendy Vardaman, and the two still engage in activities around the intersection of the arts and community. With a BA in Religion and an MFA in Creative Writing and Literature, she has published two chapbooks (Quiver, Red Dragonfly Press, 2009; Given These Magics, Finishing Line Press, 2010) and one full-length collection of poetry (Somewhere Piano, Mayapple Press 2012). The mother of two, she attends First Unitarian Society and volunteers at church, at school, and in her community. She teaches writing online at the Loft and in person at the University of Iowa in the summer. Her spirituality is mostly expressed and practiced through her pen.

One Pagan in the Season of Advent, the Season of #Ferguson #MikeBrown #EricGarner

Mandala Things Come Together

Why have we been silent? [Read more...]

Ten Pagan Writers I Am Grateful For In a Troubled Season

photo 2 (4)

Among all the thoughtful and passionate voices I have encountered this year, here are ten I am especially grateful for at the moment, in no particular order. [Read more...]

Elections, Politics, Consent, and #sexyvoterhaiku

this kiss courtesy of Shutterstock.com

Yesterday was a completely improvisatory performance, unfolding in real time, exploring the metaphor of elections and politics as sexy, as seduction, as the whole damntangle. [Read more...]

Storytime: Wayland’s Tale

Maybe Wayland

Once there was a god who wanted to try his luck as a man. It happens now and again, and there’s always a story to come of it. [Read more...]

The Thirteen Vanic Virtues

Freya, by Igor Alexis Osorio Solis

The Vanir have their own set of virtues… [Read more...]

Art, Agriculture, and Ancestors

Too Much Pig, artist: Brian Sobaski

Each year in October we move as pilgrims through the rural landscape, stopping at each station to read, consider, pause, interact, take pictures, try the food. [Read more...]

Joy at the Breakfast Table


Maybe this is the best we can do for each other, ever: to keep a little space clear in all our relations to allow family, friends, colleagues, to be and become themselves. [Read more...]