About Sarah Sadie

In her daily life, Sarah lives in Madison, Wisconsin and serves as one of two current Poets Laureate for the City. Until very recently she co-edited the poetry magazine Verse Wisconsin (www.versewisconsin.org) with her co-laureate Wendy Vardaman, and the two still engage in activities around the intersection of the arts and community. With a BA in Religion and an MFA in Creative Writing and Literature, she has published two chapbooks (Quiver, Red Dragonfly Press, 2009; Given These Magics, Finishing Line Press, 2010) and one full-length collection of poetry (Somewhere Piano, Mayapple Press 2012). To keep it interesting, she has also published under the name Sadie Ducet, or maybe it's more accurate to say she has curated Sadie's poetry. It all depends on Sadie's mood on a given day. The mother of two, she attends First Unitarian Society and volunteers at church, at school, and in her community. She teaches writing online at the Loft and in person at the University of Iowa in the summer. Her spirituality is mostly expressed and practiced through her pen.

Shapeshifting, Autism and The Little Mermaid

Wikimedia Commons Clonfert Cathedral Mermaid Galway

The Little Mermaid was …autistic? [Read more...]

Moving Beyond “Environmentalism”

Madeline Island 2014

The world is alive and aware and we are part of it. [Read more...]

Embodiment and Woundedness: Owning Up to Being an Animal

credit: Yinan Chen via Wikimedia Commons

When I stepped into the waters of Lake Superior, I recognized the sensation exactly: I’ve swum here before. [Read more...]

Listening Is an Act of Dilation

Inner ear as Yggdrasil. Who knew.

Listening is a creative act. It’s a sacred act, to listen fully to another. We’re co-creative not just with our gods and gardens, but with each other. [Read more...]

On the Nature of Green(s)

pantone greens

Recently I’ve been thinking again about Greens. [Read more...]

“The New Face I Turn Up to You”

P Tasso, Venice labyrinth (wikimedia)

Do we have an ethical responsibility to develop creativity and imagination within ourselves, to encourage it in others? I’m talking about radical engagement. With each other. With life. [Read more...]

A Theology of Trees and Fractals

path through the trees

Every day we wake up is Choose Your Own Adventure, wildwood, labyrinth, if we have the eyes to see. [Read more...]