An altar is a focus for devotion, prayer or meditation. It can be simple or complex, small or large. It can have no images, a single image, or multiple images. It can be themed around a particular idea, deity, inspiring person, or festival. Read more

The sharing of food and drink is one of the most ancient and basic rituals of hospitality. It is surrounded by symbolism and ceremony. Read more

A mandala is a twofold meditation tool. The process of creating it is meditative, and it can be used as a focus for meditation once it has been created. Read more

Most spiritual and religious traditions have a corpus of stories which transmit their values and beliefs, and the stories of their saints and heroes. It is also good to create stories. In his essay, On Fairy Stories, JRR Tolkien expressed the view that when we create stories, we are exercising a gift from the Divine, the gift of ‘subcreation’. Read more

The kids at the fundamentalist bootcamp for LGBT children were slogging through the mud on yet another early morning run. They could see their breath freezing in the wintry air. They were running along the perimeter fence when they saw a glimmer of light through the trees. Sally, a transgender kid from Oklahoma, nudged her friend Tim in the ribs. “Look – rainbows!” she said. Read more

The elves all cheered wildly. At last they would see off those horrible impostors, the Elfs on the Shelf. For of course, a real elf doesn’t have a simpering expression and a little red suit. A real elf is a lithe wisp of energy, and can manifest in many different forms, so the elves were deeply offended at these interlopers, and worried that human children would stop believing in elves and faeries as a consequence of these caricatures. Read more

I wrote this poem in 2003 in response to the Iraq war. It still applies now, only even more so. Every time we attack the Middle East, it produces more violence. The first Gulf War produced Al Qaeda. Meddling in Afghanistan produced the Taliban. The second Gulf War has produced DAESH. Only by cutting off their finances, and ceasing to supply them with weapons, can this be stopped. Mirror  Looking at the cherry blossom Just opening on the black branches: Fragile… Read more

Possession, Depossession, and Divine Relationships would make an excellent supporting text for an individual who is pursuing mediumship training with a teacher or group. When I think of a reader using the book to pursue possession without a pressing need or experienced help, however, the best I can say is that it may be better than nothing. Read more

When we are birthing, it helps to breathe through the pain. An invitation. Read more

There is always a middle way between two extremes. Here I attempt to present a middle way between a Craft that is local and largely underground, and a Craft that is open to all, and devoid of Mystery. Read more

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