Paganism for Beginners – Overview

Paganism is more of an attitude of mind than a fixed creed. It is always tempting to ask, “what do Pagans believe?” but a better question is “what do Pagans do?” [Read more…]

Creative Endarkenment: The Need to Slow

One cannot seek endarkenment with the clock ticking or the timer going off. [Read more…]

On Poetry: A Conversation

Sarah Sadie and I decided to write a different kind of blogpost – a conversation. Since we are both poets, we had a conversation about poetry. [Read more…]

You’ll Never Walk Alone

I congratulate the Hillsborough families for their victory. Justice at last. The names of the victims are no longer besmirched – may they rest in peace. [Read more…]

How to Become a Naturalist

Pagans often say that we want to get in touch with Nature. But there are many among us who don’t know one tree species from another, or one flower from another. It’s all “oograh”. [Read more…]

Plain Speaking on Polytheism

It’s good to have descriptions of what a word means, so that labels are mutually comprehensible. It’s also quite nice when the meaning of a word bears some vague resemblance to its etymology. But there’s a conflict between creating a meaning that is inclusive enough to include the majority of people who want to identify as that label, and making a word completely meaningless. [Read more…]

May Morning in Oxford

May Day is coming. This year, May Day falls on a Sunday, which is great because it means that getting up in time to hear the May morning song from the top of Magdalen Tower in Oxford won’t be quite so difficult (because instead of going to work afterwards, I can go back to bed). [Read More…]

Happy Earth Day

I am delighted to see that EarthDay is trending on Twitter. That means people care about the planet, which is encouraging. Have you signed A Pagan Community Statement on the Environment, and acted on some of its recommendations? Have you checked your ecological footprint lately? We only have one Earth – this beautiful planet with [Read More…]

The Brewery of the Gods!

It is well known from the lore that the gods actually have a brewery, not a bakery. It’s true that Iðunn’s golden apples keep the Aesir ever-young… but on Mount Olympos, the tipple of choice is nectar and ambrosia. The devas of Hindu mythology drink Amrita, a related substance. There is no shortage of alcohol [Read More…]

Hail Eris!

The way things have been going lately, anyone would think that Eris had lobbed an apple pie into the middle of the Patheos Pagan channel. There are so many apple and apple pie related posts, it’s hard to keep track of them all. [Read more…]

Polytheism and Apple Pie

John Beckett has a witty and amusing post up about apple pie, vanilla pudding, and other kinds of dessert. He’s got practically the entire readership of Patheos Pagan going “I want apple pie”. But he missed out all the people who are saying that only their apple pie is the real apple pie. (John himself acknowledges [Read More…]