Dispatch from PantheaCon: Preparing for Our Future


I attended Jason Pitzl-Waters’ talk on “Preserving Our Past, Preparing for Our Future.” Here’s my summary of what Jason had to say on libraries, oral history, fundraising, including the younger generation, and proactively addressing community issues. [Read more...]

Theology Is Hard; Let’s Go Shopping


As those of you who have been reading along know, I’ve spent the past three and a half years on an academic theology that’s going to be called Eros and Touch from a Pagan Perspective. Here’s a snapshot of my progress. [Read more...]

Realism and non-realism

Remedios Varo, "To Be Reborn"

There are several ways in which to construe the relationship of religious discourse to the world it attempts to describe. The various positions available in both scientific and religious discourse show that the debate is not simply happening between science and religion, but also within both those discourses, and so it is not accurate to talk about either discourse as if it were a monolithic entity engaged in a titanic struggle for truth and authority with the other discourse; the whole picture is far more complex. [Read more...]

The sacred and the holy

The Virtuous Well at Trellech - geograph.org.uk

Interestingly, many Pagans (including myself) seem to prefer the word "sacred" to the word "holy". To me, sacred implies something that celebrates the sanctity of being alive, and it can include the erotic and the wild. Holy, on the other hand, implies abstinence from the erotic and embracing ‘civilisation’. [Read more...]

Heavy Metal Torah Exegesis


The alternative understanding of Torah being presented in Jewcraft will give Pagans juicy food for thought when it comes to their perceptions of Jews and their god. (Also, if you enjoy the calculated use of profanity in our theology, this blog is for you.) [Read more...]


The alethiometer by Crayfish Dibs

Truth is a much-debated concept. There is (presumably) an objective underlying reality which is the same for everyone. But perspectives on it, and perceptions of it, differ. [Read more...]

Eco-spirituality in practice

Sacred Landscape 4 by Sue Wookey

Eco-spirituality involves relating to your environment. It is a non-violent spirituality and spiritual activism. One form of it is known as deep ecology. It also involves being sustainable, and working with Nature, not against it. [Read more...]