Dual-faith practice (part 1 of 4)

Dvoeverie (Dual faith) by Alexander Boguslawski

An increasing number of people are beginning to identify themselves as belonging to more than one spiritual tradition – not merely in the sense of selecting attractive ideas from each tradition, but trying to be faithful to the ethos of both traditions. Is it possible to combine two traditions? [Read more...]

Three Legs on the Pagan Cauldron, or Must Pagans Be Polytheists?

Three sources for contemporary Paganism. Practitioners in the dark green area usually struggle the least with Pagan identity, and those in the white areas struggle the most.

In 2013, I think the three legs of the contemporary Pagan cauldron are these: polytheism, Goddess worship, and earth-based spirituality. These three focuses for belief and practice have all made a huge impact on what we think of as Paganism. [Read more...]

Pagan sacred texts

The Book of Nature

A fluid and interactive relationship with sacred texts is an important feature of contemporary Pagan traditions. We have all seen the dangers of people taking texts literally — let’s hope Pagans don’t slide down the same slippery slope. [Read more...]

Links: Pagan Systematic Theology, Sacred Lands Conference, Pagans vs. Gnostics


Links and news: Pagan systematic theology by Sam Webster, Cherry Hill Seminary Sacred Lands conference, Michael York on Pagan vs. Gnostic theology, and a TransMythology by P.S.V. Lupus. [Read more...]

Maps and signposts on the journey

Signpost on Robin Hood Road near Whatstandwell, Derbyshire by Eamon Curry

When I read writers from other religious traditions, I am constantly thinking, how do I relate this to my Pagan/Wiccan values, theology, philosophy? If you don’t know what your values, theology, and philosophy are, how do you know how to incorporate ideas from another tradition, or reject them if they don’t fit? [Read more...]

Theology Is Not Religious Studies

"Adam and Eve," by Hans Rottenhammer

Theology can and should involve logic. Ultimately, however, logic is only a means: theology is religious conviction supported and shaped by reason. Religious studies, on the other hand, must always let reason win. [Read more...]

What is theology?

The Young Cicero Reading by Vincenzo Foppa (fresco, 1464), now at the Wallace Collection

What is Pagan theology? Theology is not only the theory of what deities are; it is also about ethics — how we relate to ourselves and other beings. It is the theory that underpins ritual practice. [Read more...]