Paganism for Beginners – Overview

Paganism is more of an attitude of mind than a fixed creed. It is always tempting to ask, “what do Pagans believe?” but a better question is “what do Pagans do?” [Read more…]

The Sacred Fool

Humour skewers the powerful and the pompous, pricking their bubble of self-importance. That’s why authoritarians don’t like humour and seek to control it, to turn it as a weapon against the powerless. But the joyous wildness always breaks through the cracks, like ivy and creepers bringing down stone and concrete. [Read more…]

City of Refuge, by Starhawk (Book Review)

CITY OF REFUGE is refreshingly humble. Although it portrays earth-based spirituality, permaculture, sacred sexuality, nonhierarchical decision-making, collective ownership, and other politically-charged concepts, unlike other utopian/dystopian novels, it refuses to present its ideas rigidly or dogmatically. [Read more…]

What Does An Inclusive Coven Look Like?

Inclusive Wicca is about being inclusive towards everyone, regardless of sexuality, ethnicity, disability, or other differences. It is not a new or separate tradition; it is a tendency within existing Wiccan traditions. [Read more…]

Creative Endarkenment: the Need to Ground and Shield

Creativity is by its nature radical. Grounding and shielding helps us protect ourselves when the work gets messy, gets dangerous. [Read more…]

The Moon and the Sea

I have always had a bit of a thing about the Moon, and everything associated with the lunar side of life: poetry, intuition, silver, water, dreams, and stars. [Read more…]

Finding a Compromise: Keeping Places

Respect For the Dead In any discussion of what to do with human remains, I think we should start from the assumption that almost everyone respects the dead. But it is how that respect is expressed that is currently a source of conflict. Some have argued that respect can only be expressed by not disturbing [Read More…]

Metaphors for Religion

There are many different metaphors floating about for religions, and each one illuminates something different about the nature of religion – that’s why I collect them. [Read more…]

Respect, Memory, and Human Remains

In 2008, I founded a group, Pagans for Archaeology. I did that because I believe that without archaeology, we would know considerably less about ancient pagans and polytheists than we do today. I even wonder if the Pagan revival would have happened the same way without input from archaeological research.

The Pagans for Archaeology Facebook page now has around 15,000 likes – so even if many of those people haven’t read the “manifesto” of the group, that shows a very big interest in archaeology among Pagans. [Read more…]

Cultural Appropriation and Racism

In my last post on cultural appropriation (Cultural Appropriation has nothing to do with “Race”), I made the point that the issue is about culture, not genetics and not “race”. People are part of a culture if they have been brought up in and immersed in that culture – it has nothing to do with their genetic background. In this post, I show that cultural appropriation is an extension of colonialism and racism. [Read more…]

Creative Endarkenment: The Need to Slow

One cannot seek endarkenment with the clock ticking or the timer going off. [Read more…]