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Inner Faith or Interfaith?

SOULJOURN:  The book and the journey.... explore it here (This is from a talk I gave at a conference at the University of Southern California held by the Foundation for Religious Diplomacy. FRD was started by Mormons seeking deeper mutual understanding with people of other faiths.  FRD offers a helpful model for respectful dialogue among people of different religious traditions about the hard questions related to their faiths.)A few days ago I met with a group of 25 students here at USC to o … [Read more...]

Try-Alls and Trepidations: The Etiquette of Souljourning

SOULJOURN:  The book and the journey.... explore it here  TRY-ALLS AND TREPIDATIONS: THE ETIQUETTE OF SOULJOURNINGOn the past two weekends, I've gone a-souljourning to a Sikh gurdwara and an Islamic masjid (mosque).  As a Christian, I have a lot to learn from these faiths.  That's still true after having souljourned to both sites on many previous occasions and spent a lot of time with Sikh and Muslim people.  Both of these souljourns reminded me that uncertainty about etiquette is a … [Read more...]