Cracks in the Sidewalk

Cracks in the Sidewalk July 3, 2012

What is the worst enemy of concrete?  It isn’t the grand machines of destruction–it is small seeds of grass that get into the cracks and grow.  We’ve all seen something strong destroyed by small, fragile grasses.  This is in some ways how the kingdom of God enters the world–like grass breaking up the concrete.

What is it in your neighborhood, your church, your office that is not as it would be in the fullness of the Kingdom of God?  Find one thing and change it.  It could be as simple as saying, “in the kingdom of God there won’t be trash on the streets” and then spending half an hour picking up trash.  Or it could be something like saying, “in the kingdom of God my elderly neighbor won’t be lonely” and then taking the time to go visit for a while.  Pick one thing to make God’s kingdom manifest now–this small action will make space for God’s kingdom to move in and will put a crack in the concrete of the world so that God’s garden city may come.

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