Game with Minutes

The “Game with Minutes” is a way to practice God’s presence developed by Frank Laubach.  The goal of the game is to think of Christ one second for every minute of a given period of time.  Eventually, the hope is to work to every minute of the day, but to start we can try it for an hour or even for twenty minutes.

Pick one period of the day and attempt to play the Game with Minutes.   It could be your lunch break, your morning commute, or even during a meeting.  For whatever period, attempt to think of Christ for one second of every minute.

A few tips:

  • Place an icon of Christ where you can regularly see it
  • Imagine Christ sitting in the room at particular spot.  Whenever you look at that spot let it remind you of Christ.
  • Repeat a simple prayer like, “Lord have mercy.”

Try to keep score over the period and then repeat the game again over the same period on another day to see if you can improve your score.

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