Do Something Uncomfortable

We all fall into our ruts of worship and prayer.  We pray to our style and find churches that meet that outlook.  Pentecostals might find speaking in tongues as normal as breakfast, but be extremely uncomfortable praying the Rosary.  Episcopalians might have no problem praying the daily office, but to sing praise songs with arms uplifted would make most run the other way.  Today, pray and worship in a way you find uncomfortable.  Use formal prayer, pray the Rosary, ask to speak in tongues, spend time in silent meditation, go out and share the gospel with someone who needs good news–do whatever makes you uneasy.  Break free from the confines of comfort.

About Ragan Sutterfield

Ragan Sutterfield is a writer and Episcopal seminarian sojourning from his native Arkansas in Alexandria, Virginia. He is the author of This is My Body: From Obesity to Ironman, My Journey Into the True Meaning of Flesh, Spirit, and Deeper Faith (Convergent/Random House 2015).