Clean Out Your Closet

Last month nearly three hundred people burned to death in a Pakistani clothing factory with dismal working conditions.  In a global economy we are often too insulated from the people who make our clothes and provide us with our most basic daily goods.  One of Ghandi’s experiments in truth was to work as much as possible to respect the products of labor.  He would use a pencil down to the nib in order to honor the work of the one who made it.  If we honored labor in this way we would buy less and wear what we have  until we simply couldn’t anymore.  We would also no longer require others to work in terrible conditions so that we can have a larger wardrobe a lower price.

Today’s Workout:

Today clean out your closet.  Select a few sets of clothes to wear and give away everything else to friends or a thrift store.  For the clothes you keep, commit to really honoring those who made them by wearing them until they’re too warn out to wear again.

Among the clothes you keep, look at all of the labels and write down where those clothes came from.  Research the working conditions in those countries and pray that God’s justice will come to each place.

Lastly, commit to buying only used clothes or clothes that were made in just working conditions.

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