Memorize Monday: You’re Blessed

The Exercise: 

Memorize Matthew 5:1-12 in The Message translation.

The Why:

The Beatitudes answer the question: who is well off?  But too often the answers we get in some translations just lead to more confusion.  Eugene Peterson’s The Message is a helpful tool in that it does more than merely translate the language, but also its meaning.  Such work is never perfect, but it is helpful to use such translations to get a better idea of what was originally expressed by a passage.  Read, savor, and memorize this passage.  It will be a helpful passage to return to in your mind when you are tempted by all of the allure of success and power in this world.  Remember the rich and powerful of this world are not well off, those who are at the “end of their rope” and “hungry for God” are well off.

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