Pray for Your Enemies

Today make an enemies list.  Think about those who have wronged you, who have it out for you, people you would avoid if you could.  Create different categories–people you know personally, enemies you don’t know personally (TV commentators who always get under your skin might come to mind), and then national enemies–those we go to war against militarily or economically.

Then spend time, however long it takes, praying through that list.  Pray for the forgiveness of your enemies, for their flourishing and well being.  Pray that you will be reconciled to them.

About Ragan Sutterfield

Ragan Sutterfield is a writer and Episcopal seminarian sojourning from his native Arkansas in Alexandria, Virginia. He is the author of Cultivating Reality: How the Soil Might Save Us, Farming as a Spiritual Discipline and a contributor to the book Sacred Acts: How churches are working to protect the Earth’s climate. Ragan’s articles and essays have appeared in a variety of magazines including Triathlete, The Oxford American, and Books & Culture. He works to live the good life with his wife Emily and daughter Lillian.