Read Psalm 6 aloud. Pause often and listen for what God may be saying to you in the psalm. … [Read more...]

Work with Your Hands

Manual (hand) labor is valued in many monastic traditions. Working with our hands and bodies allows us to do constructive work and yet frees our mind more easily for reflection and prayer. Do manual labor today as a meditation--avoid labor saving devices, engines, and motors--engage your body as fully as possible. Remember that most of Jesus life was spent as a manual laborer. … [Read more...]


When everything freezes and nothing works on a computer sometimes it is time to reset the machine. Fasting is a time to reset not only the body, but the soul. Meditate on this as you fast, particularly at would-be meal times. Fast from all caloric food or drinks until 5 PM. … [Read more...]


Go to a busy place. Sit and listen for God in the busyness. Use a simple holy word or phrase as a tool to focus your attention--Jesus, Love, Have Mercy, Your Kingdom Come. … [Read more...]


There are many injustices in the world--Travyon Martin's murder is only a recent example. Yet Christians do not answer the call to justice in the way the rest of the world does. Jesus won out over the injustice of his day by refusing all paths, but the way of love. His death is a witness to that as is the blood of many martyrs through the centuries.Read the story of Jesus's trial and death, and reflect on what his example might mean for how we answer the injustices of our own day. … [Read more...]


Find something in your neighborhood that is a gift from God (you won't have to look far) and celebrate it. Celebrate the clean water you have to drink, the food you eat, the soil that provides the possibility of food. Find one good thing and create a liturgy of celebration. Invite others to join you for the celebration of thanksgiving. … [Read more...]

What is the Good News?

Research the term Gospel. What does it mean? How was it used in the New Testament context? How did the Romans use the term? What is the gospel? For what and for whom? … [Read more...]

Thy Kingdom Come, Here

Go for a walk. With every step say, "Thy Kingdom Come, Here." … [Read more...]