What is the Good News?

Research the term Gospel. What does it mean? How was it used in the New Testament context? How did the Romans use the term? What is the gospel? For what and for whom? … [Read more...]

Thy Kingdom Come, Here

Go for a walk. With every step say, "Thy Kingdom Come, Here." … [Read more...]

Pray Your Body

Start with your toes, end with the top of your head--pray that God will be present in every inch of your body. … [Read more...]

Keep Your Word

Let your yes be yes, let your no be noMake fewer promises and strive to keep themWhat keeps you from keeping your word? … [Read more...]


Do fewer things and do what you do more slowly. Walk instead of drive. Read books rather than blogs. Sit down for your meals. … [Read more...]


It was noted of many saints that their faces looked childlike. This is because they didn't have need of a mask--what was inside didn't need hiding from the outside world. Try to live one day without masks, let your face be a transparent window into what is inside of you. Pray that God will illumine your heart so that it is God's light that shines through the clear pane of your face. … [Read more...]

Healing On the Sabbath

Follow Christ's example. What can you heal? … [Read more...]


When you wake up praise God for waking up, When you eat praise God for the food, Praise God for the people you meet, the work you do, the frustrations you have, the joys you experience.Praise God in all and for all. … [Read more...]