Science & Spirituality

Science & Spirituality   Science and religion have been at odds for centuries – neither believing that the other has the truth about reality. Today, a new spirituality (or rather a revival of ancient beliefs) and a new physics are emerging – and together they appear to be revealing a new version of “reality.” Quantum [Read More…]

How You Perceive Yourself Colors Your World

How You Perceive Yourself Colors Your World   If you wish for anything more in life – more abundance, love, freedom, good health, financial security, joy, creativity, etc – and you find yourself continuously striving for it, it could be a result of how you see yourself.   Ordinarily we don’t want to grade or [Read More…]

Helping Tans Feel More Secure

Some of the aura color personalities that are having a rough time in life right now are the Tans. Tans value security, stability & logic. The world looks unstable, unpredictable and untrustworthy to many Tans these days. To help Tans feel better – let’s look at some logic. The world has gone through tough times [Read More…]