The Ego

 The EgoPamala Oslie The ego was created to perceive and interact with the “physical” world – just like the eye was created to help us perceive and navigate the physical world. Neither the eye nor the ego is bad. They just have limited perception. If we relied on our eye to give us a complete version of reality, we would be in trouble. Your eye doesn’t see the truck that your ear can hear coming up behind you, or smell the smoke from a nearby fire. The eye, like the ego, … [Read More...]

How You Perceive Yourself Colors Your World

How You Perceive Yourself Colors Your World If you wish for anything more in life – more abundance, love, freedom, good health, financial security, joy, creativity, etc – and you find yourself continuously striving for it, it could be a result of how you see yourself. Ordinarily we don’t want to grade or compare ourselves with others - but this experiment is designed to discover the perspective you have of yourself. How you perceive yourself can affect, limit or enhance … [Read More...]

How You Can Find Evidence to Support Your New Belief

How You Can Find Evidence to Support Your New BeliefPamala Oslie When you have a belief, you will find evidence to support that belief.  One of the ways to change a belief is to choose a new belief, find evidence to support the new belief, then begin to act as if this belief is true … [Read More...]

Changing Consciousness – Changing Us

Changing Consciousness – Changing UsBy Pamala Oslie Many believe that consciousness is shifting. If that’s true, will humans basically be the same, just nicer and more accepting? Or will bigger changes occur? What will we be able to do? As babies, when we had developed e … [Read More...]

Nature of Reality & Quantum Physics

Nature of Reality & Quantum PhysicsBy Pamala OslieIt appears that quantum physics is confirming what spiritual teachers have been trying to teach us for centuries. It looks like “reality” is not what we think it is. It feels exciting to me. Our understanding of life, who we are, and what … [Read More...]

A Parallel Universe Story

A Parallel Universe StoryOn 05.24.12, In LoveColors Dating Video Blogs, by LoveColorsHi Pam,I have a great story I wanted to share that exemplifies everything you talk about on your show:Last Thursday/Friday I was lamenting because my life was so boring and nothing exciting ever … [Read More...]

Believe That You Can Do It!

Believe That You Can Do It!By: Pamala Oslie Most people would find it easy to write a letter but difficult or impossible to build a house or create a large sum of money.  Others find that making money is no problem for them, but finding a partner is a constant dilemma.  There are p … [Read More...]

Welcome to Spring! What Can Your Personal Aura Colors Bring to This Season?

Welcome to Spring!  What Can Your Personal Aura Colors Bring to This Season? Spring represents new birth, new life, new creations, new commitments, new perspectives, and new growth! This is the perfect season to bring new life to your dreams. It’s the ideal time to plant seeds of your id … [Read More...]

Spoon Bending – Evidence That Matter is Not Solid

Spoon Bending – Evidence That Matter is Not SolidBy Pamala Oslie Science has discovered that at the quantum level (the smallest level) everything is made of energy, that our thoughts affect matter and consciousness creates our reality. If at the core of our “physical” world, every … [Read More...]

Tips for Yellows – from your fellow Yellows:

Tips for Yellows - from your fellow Yellows: You Yellow aura color personalities can be so much fun. You’re life’s optimistic cheerleaders. You enjoy creative projects, physical activities, being in nature, and/or being healers. I know Yellows need sunshine, warmth and nature – and this … [Read More...]