For You Crystals

It’s important for you Crystals to create the time and space to be quiet – to have meditative and inner reflective time. You’re affected more than most by people and the outside environment, it can stress your system. You’re very intelligent people with deep inner healing abilities. Make sure you spend quality alone time so [Read More…]

Advice for Greens

Advice for Greens Some of you Greens are experiencing challenges right now with your work and finances – maybe you’re unfulfilled, struggling, or out of work completely. Here are helpful tips to help you make it through and maybe even thrive. A lot of you Greens have been laid off or your work and income [Read More…]

Tailor Your New Year’s Resolution to Your Personality for Indigos and Reds

Start the year off right by honoring your true colors and making this New Year’s resolution the most powerful yet. Once you discover your true aura colors – what physicists call the electromagnetic field – and the personality, emotions and temperament they reflect, you can make a New Year’s resolution that will speed you on [Read More…]