SNS Seeking Writers

Do you have a passion for naturalistic spirituality and a talent for writing?  If so, the Society is looking for additional members on its volunteer writing team! Here are some things you’ll want to consider…

(Not a writer but know a good one? Recommend one!)

Are We On The Same Page?

First, you’ll want to be sure we both are thinking the same thing when we say ‘naturalist’. Your personal beliefs are your business, but here at the Society, we promote spiritual practices that aren’t based on the supernatural or paranormal and don’t require such beliefs. You can learn more about Spiritual Naturalism here.

By Spiritual Naturalists, For Spiritual Naturalists

Second, our articles are about practical things that Spiritual Naturalists can use to improve themselves, their character, lives, and their wisdom, compassion, and flourishing. So, we assume they are our audience – that means no need to preach to the choir or evangelize to convince the reader why they should be naturalists, etc. You can check our our many articles to get a feel for what we do.

No bashing and no politics

We don’t make comparative statements or contrast our views with other belief systems. We don’t critique other religions, even constructively and nicely. This gives us loads of time and space to talk about what we believe – our values, practices, and ideas. We also don’t get into partisan political issues, keeping our focus on self development. Even though positive social action is important and should have a spiritual motivation, we believe there aren’t enough people talking about the elemental values and changing ones’ self first to be a better actor in the world – especially among naturalist communities.

Already have a blog or books? No problem!

Writing for the Society allows us to publish your work online or in print in perpetuity with appropriate credit to you given. But this is not exclusive. You retain the rights and are free to publish the same articles elsewhere, be it your own blog, other works, etc. So, if you’re already writing a blog or a column, simply duplicating over to our site is efficient.

Flexible Schedule

As long as you’re producing a piece once every couple of months that will fit into our schedule fine. If you want to produce more often that’s ok to! We give you an account to log in and post as a draft whenever you’re ready, then our Editor publishes the piece on schedule and other volunteers work to get it out into social media, etc. Your work will be posted on our Facebook page (with over 22,000 followers currently) and may be published in our annual anthology of articles, available on Amazon and through other booksellers.

Know A Good Writer?

Even if you aren’t interested yourself, what else are you reading? If you know a good blogger or writer whose material is right up our alley, please contact us and recommend them so we can reach out!


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