Is Meditation Selfish?

(cc) Alan Turkus I have been writing about meditation, spirituality, and inner resources for about 15 years now, mostly on the Internet.  On a few occasions, people have expressed to me that they think there is something self indulgent about meditation and contemplative spirituality.  These people apparently feel that meditators should be doing something to [Read More…]

The Spirituality of Service

As we rode home on the bus, I knew that we had made a difference.   I could see it in their eyes. The 13 students I had recruited from the ranks of the Honor Society, which I advised, had given up a Saturday morning to come with me, trusting that I was going to involve [Read More…]

Reading the Tao Te Ching

The Tao Te Ching is the most popular book outside the Bible, with over 100 translations into English alone. Yet it is a completely naturalistic. It does not talk about gods, revelations, and miracles, but about harmonizing with the flow of nature. The Tao, explains Robert C. Solomon (2002, 41), “has much in common with what we [Read More…]

PODCAST: After Buddhism, an interview with Stephen Batchelor SN TODAY #9

Episode 9: Stephen Batchelor is a Buddhist teacher and writer, known for his secular or agnostic approach to Buddhism. Stephen’s work has earned him both condemnation as a heretic and praise as a reformer. He was ordained as a novice Buddhist monk in 1974 and served 11 years within multiple traditions before disrobing and returning from [Read More…]

The Smart Way to Work With Purpose

Series: Find Your Purpose Jerome is desperate. He drags himself to his office job every day, the one he’s had for 4 years now. He clocks in at 9, and starts doing client calls until 12. He then takes a half-hour lunch break, followed by a team meeting, and then more client calls until 5. [Read More…]

Animals, Beings, and the Law

At the beginning of her article “Are Animals ‘Things’?: The law evolves” (Harvard Magazine, March-April 2016), Cara Feinberg tells the story of a Texas couple whose family dog ran off and ended up in a shelter. The couple found him there the next day, but the shelter placed a “hold for owner” tag on the [Read More…]

Living Presence: A Sufi Way to Mindfulness & the Essential Self

by Kabir Edmund Helminski. Book Review by DT Strain. Book link in SNS Amazon Shop Kabir Helminski is a publisher and translator of numerous books of Sufi literature. He has worked for many years promoting Sufism and Jalaluddin Rumi’s works. He is also a producer and writer of Sufi music and a representative of the [Read More…]

Introduction to Insight Meditation

You probably have heard of it under of its many different names, mindfulness meditation, Buddhist meditation, and Insight Meditation. But in the original language of Buddhism, known as Pali, it is called Vipassana. To help you better understand Vipassana meditation, I would like to share a few definitions of what Vipassana is. The Venerable Rahula, [Read More…]

PODCAST: Serenity in Motion. SN Today #8

Episode 8: Many people associate non-attachment, equanimity, or acceptance with passivity or inaction. So how can these two concepts – non-attachment and taking action when/where needed coincide? Listen at Click here to get Email notices of new episodes and SNS articles Learn about Membership in the Spiritual Naturalist Society See a full episode list [Read More…]

Do Our Mental Maps Lead Us Astray?

Series: Evaluating Reality Rationally Written by Dr. Gleb Tsipursky, Intentional Insights Co-Founder and President. Graphics by Michael Riggs and Cerina Gillilan So imagine you are driving on autopilot, as we all do much of the time. Suddenly the car in front of you cuts you off quite unexpectedly. You slam your brakes and feel scared [Read More…]