Top 10 Signs of Good Spirituality


Over the course of my comparative studies, there are some general traits I’ve noticed which seem to be shared between those wisdom streams and I thought it could be helpful to point them out. Here are some traits that are a sign of a good and healthy spiritual path… 10. Aim of True Happiness Good [Read More...]

The new Copernican shift: How science is revolutionizing spirituality


We are experiencing a new Copernican shift that is revolutionizing our spirituality.  It is undermining our sense of humanity as something privileged in the universe, the sole possessor of “soul”, standing above the beasts and apart from the inert dust of soil.  It is questioning our free will, our magical power to move ourselves amidst [Read More...]

Embracing a Natural Life


A friend told me last week that he recently, and suddenly, became an atheist—and wished he wasn’t… I had seen him move from conservative Christian, to a Christian with a more liberal belief about scripture, to something even more general over the past few years. He said he was thinking a few days ago and [Read More...]

6 Reasons you will see more of Spiritual Naturalism in the future


Author’s note: This is our first post here on Many thanks to them for having us and to Patheos readers for reading! We hope the content our writers provide will be interesting and helpful and look forward to hearing from you!   Many may not have heard the term yet, but Spiritual Naturalism is [Read More...]