Meditation Framing & Procession: A Spiritual Naturalist Ritual

The following is a description of a ritual I have designed to precede and follow a meditation session, which I plan to use in my practice and would like to share. It can be conducted alone or in a group. Given it contains more elaborate steps than simple meditation, it may be suitable to perform [Read More…]

The Role of Philosophy in Spirituality

Our Education Director, B.T. Newberg, has published an article for us discussing the role of science in helping us find a Way of Life. So, I thought it would be fitting to cover the role of philosophy in our practice, as philosophy is something we discuss and write on a lot at the Society. Just [Read More…]

Encounters with Indentified Flying Objects

Editor’s note: What we pay attention to is important, and Thomas suggests paying attention the commonplace can be very interesting and entertaining, and there is something spiritual in that. The commonplace includes those odd and funny moments too…   I am a birder.I have never been competitive about it like the guys in the book [Read More…]

The Blues and Abstract Truth

The Blues and Abstract Truth is the title of a jazz album by Oliver Nelson recorded in 1961. The title might also be a formula for all great art, including the art of living. Feeling and thought, substance and form, passion and detachment, yin and yang, Bacchus and Apollo, the blues and abstract truth – [Read More…]

Spirituality and responding to the Meaning Crisis, Part 1: The Meaning that was lost

Acknowledgement: This article is based on Science and the Sage which is written by myself and Christopher Mastropeitro, as well as work on the nature of wisdom by myself and Leo Ferraro.   When people discuss spirituality they often refer to how spiritual practices contribute to making their lives more meaningful in a way that [Read More…]

Tao and the Laws of Nature

The Chinese word Tao and Western phrase the Laws of Nature refer to largely the same thing: that which is responsible for the regularity, complexity and organization we find in the universe. They do so, however, from nearly opposite perspectives. Tao emphasizes what we don’t know, the mystery of this phenomenon; science emphasizes what we [Read More…]

Ancient Philosophy Meets Darwin: Can Science Offer a Way of Life?

In the age of Darwin, what do we still have to learn from philosophers like Socrates or the Buddha? Ancient philosophers differed from those today in one crucial way: For them, philosophy was a way of life. Can science, too, be a way of life?   Philosophy as a way of life All the ancient [Read More…]

Atheist: Why God is Important

FYI to our readers: Many Spiritual Naturalists do not use a concept of God or gods in their practice. But some, (for example, naturalistic Pagans and Christian naturalists) find such themes useful – all without literal belief in the supernatural. Sigfried Gold has a unique take on atheist prayer. We are happy to learn about [Read More…]

The Ultimate Context

Our life exists in a context. In naturalistic terms we might say that this context is comprised of intertwined, open systems. Our physical system is intertwined with the great ecological systems of the earth, which depend on the solar system, which is itself intertwined with the galactic system, which is involved in systems that extend [Read More…]

Compassion hacking: rooting out the attribution bug

Have you ever had a friend who just seems to make one bad decision after another? As smart as they seem to be in most ways, they insist on doing stupid things that mess up their lives. It’s hard to understand because you can see the inevitable train wreck coming from a mile away–but they [Read More…]