Subjectivity, Truth-Relation, and Learning to Be Charitable

There is a problem I have found within the climate of American Catholics (I'm sure it's not just us, but still).  It's everywhere.  Sooner or later, anywhere there has been a discussion, it will appear.  It shows up in articles and comboxes, lurking in the dark underside of the comment thread, where few care to continue reading, waiting to pounce on it's prey like a pit viper.  It's prey: the unsuspecting reader. It's venom: cruel and unbridled absence of charity.  This is a real issue, since the … [Read more...]

Why Dan Brown Desperately Needs Jesus to Have Sex

It's been said that I resemble a younger version of a certain Slovenian philosopher by the name of Slavoj Zizek.And it's not just appearance, its even the mannerisms; the hand gestures, the nervous habits.  (Seriously, all I'm missing is the accent.  It's weird.)  So, maybe it's this similarity that makes me partial to him.  Regardless, he does raise an interesting question about a very popular author, Dan Brown.Now, the infamous "Da Vinci Code" is far from new, and criticism of it is … [Read more...]

The Despair of Greeting Cards

I have what one may describe as an aversion to cards.  I never know quite what to do with them.Keeping them around seems to be hording.  Getting rid of them; an impersonal display of disregard for the sender.  But, what is it about these clever little pieces of folded card-stock that makes any sort of dilemma?Why We Feel Uncomfortable Getting Rid of Them: Whenever we look at the pile of cards after any "card holiday," be it Christmas, birthdays, or whatever, there's a certain sort of … [Read more...]

Why St. Josemaria Escriva Might Just Be the Ubermensch

There is an unfortunate tendency both within the Church and within society in general to feminize religion.  While it's true that women generally tend to be more religious than men, this trend of feminization has some very costly side-effects.  It means making things soft, and comfortable, including the saints.  This softness exacerbates the problem, driving off men by the droves, because seriously, what man in his right mind wants to sit through Kumbaya and lectures from old hippy nuns.But i … [Read more...]

Stealing Paradise

On this most solemn and sacred of days, the day in which the Church remembers the violent death of Her Spouse and Lord, we are accustomed to the Passion narratives (in the West)  and the lengthy and ornate funeral procession (in the East).  But today marks not only the death of the only truly innocent man to walk the earth, but also the death of the first saint of the Church.  No, I don't mean Jesus, God is far above the saints, I mean Dismas.  Also known as Titus, Zoatham, Demas, and Rach, dep … [Read more...]

The Entrance: or Why One Should Care That a Man Came to Jerusalem

Today is Entrance Sunday (or Palm Sunday, as it is more commonly known in the West.)  This is the day when the Church remembers the entrance of our Lord into Jerusalem.  But what does this day mean?  Why all the celebration, the festivity the pomp?The entrance of the Lord into Jerusalem marks the beginning of the fulfillment of God's covenant.  The Final Covenant in His Blood, which was foretold by the Prophets and IS our salvation.  But since it is Christ, isn't everything a part of this cov … [Read more...]


We have a pope.White smoke rises and the feast begins.Now we must wait to see the face of our new father.  … [Read more...]

Cathedra vacua est

The Chair is empty.It is a somber day for all Catholics.  As the doors to the papal residence closed and we got our last glimpse of our Pontiff, we are left with the memory of a truly great man.  And now we must reside in limbo until we see the white smoke billow up from the Sistine, and are strengthened again in knowing that we have a shepherd.  Rather than bog you down with my reflections upon this momentous occasion, or start placing bets on who will be elected; I will leave you with the w … [Read more...]