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Got Religion? A Q&A with Naomi Schaefer Riley

“If you have been reading the surveys and looking around at your own congregation and thinking that the average age of the people in the pews seems to be creeping up, Got Religion? will help sort out some of the data, but it will also provide some suggestions for ways that other congregations of various religious stripes [Read More…]

In Praise of Slowness: A Q&A with Slow Church authors Chris Smith and John Pattison

“By learning to live a slow, attentive life together in our churches, we give our neighbors and the world a tiny but irresistible taste of a life that is rich, vibrant and full of meaning. Isn’t that ultimately what everybody wants?” — Christopher Smith, author, Slow Church This month at the Patheos Book Club, we’re featuring the [Read More…]

God and the Gay Christian: An Evangelical Response

I liked “God and the Gay Christian” because it got me more engaged with my faith, inspired me to think, and pushed me to seek out the knowledge and the wisdom to better articulate my beliefs about the biblical position on gay marriage. [Read more…]

The Problem of Gendercide: A Q&A with Elizabeth Gerhardt

In her new book, The Cross and Gendercide: A Theological Response to Global Violence Against Women and Girls, theology and social ethics professor Elizabeth Gerhardt makes a case that violence and sexual assault against women is heresy. In her groundbreaking study, Gerhardt proposes a holistic theology of the cross as the basis for a prophetic response by the [Read More…]

Where the Wind Leads: A Q&A with Vinh Chung

As you can see in my family, the actions we take in this world can impact generations and perhaps an eternity. [Read more…]

Christian Piatt’s Blood Doctrine: A Review

The fast pace and brief episodic organization of Blood Doctrine make it a quick read, and the sheer unexpectedness of the plot twists will keep readers rapidly turning the pages. [Read more…]