Lunching with C. S. Lewis: A Q&A with Alister McGrath


Prolific author and scholar Alister McGrath talks about his new book If I Had Lunch with C. S. Lewis: Exploring the Ideas of C. S. Lewis on the Meaning of Life for the Patheos Book Club.  Why another book on Lewis? The 50th anniversary of the death of C. S. Lewis led to a surge of books [Read More...]

Between Heaven and Earth: A Q&A with Steve Berger


“Heaven became intensely personal to my wife, Sarah, and me in August 2009 when a one-person car accident sent our son, Josiah, to heaven. I’m a pastor, so heaven wasn’t a new concept or something I hadn’t thought about previously. But, as anyone would expect, this one moment in time forever changed us.” — Pastor [Read More...]

Mediating Faith: A Q&A with Clint Schnekloth

Clint Schnekloth

“I feel like it is time for those of us with a passion for mediating realities like bookishness and gaming to engage what that means for the life of faith. I wanted to write a book that brought together science fiction and faith formation, role-playing and the catechumenate.” — Clint Schnekloth, author, Mediating Faith Popular [Read More...]

Jesus Feminist: A Conversation with Sarah Bessey


“When else in the world would anybody have cared about what some happy clappy mum from western Canada thinks about the church and faith and scripture and theology? Uh, never, absolutely never.”  That’s author and blogger Sarah Bessey, responding to my comment about the rise in popularity of a growing number of young women authors, [Read More...]

Mercy in the City: A Q&A with Kerry Weber


“Lent isn’t just a self-help season; we’re called to do these things as a part of a community. We’re called to become better people and to love God more, not simply for ourselves, but so that we can begin to love others more, as well.” — Kerry Weber, author, Mercy in the City Several years [Read More...]

Freestyle: A Q&A with the Rev. Michael Waters

“The work of engaging human suffering is hard and messy work. There are no drive-by responses or solutions to human suffering. This work requires intentionality. It requires consistency. It requires commitment. It requires all of you.” – Michael Waters, author, Freestyle This month at the Book Club, we’re featuring Freestyle: Reflections on Faith, Family, Justice, [Read More...]

Death at the Movies: A Q&A with Lyn and Tom Davis Genelli


Tom and Lyn David Genelli met each other pursuing their own mystical paths, and soon discovered they also shared a love for the movies. Tom, a former film producer and director, and Lyn, a licensed marriage and family therapist, began to look at movies through their shared lens of spirituality, and particularly what they reflect [Read More...]