Steak & Godly Intimacy: Poverty Plus Personal Perspectives

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In different ways, a few Patheos Catholic bloggers have been talking about poverty, and from a personal point of view, and all unplanned.It started off with Rebecca Lane Frech thinking back on the paradoxical freedoms and intimacies that came with being short of money, when she and her family had to lean on others, who in turn leaned on them:When we were poor, we shared and there was a joy in sharing. I can remember the phone calls to my friend S where I would say “Payday is tomorrow a … [Read more...]

Chicago’s Cardinal Francis George has Passed: Many Updates


“I expect to die in bed, my successor will die in prison and his successor will die a martyr in the public square. His successor will pick up the shards of a ruined society and slowly help rebuild civilization, as the church has done so often in human history” ― Cardinal Francis George, OMIAfter a long bout with cancer, he is gone. It occurs to me, remembering that quote of his (and more on it, here), that we now have an intercessor for our times -- an intercessor on the issue of Christian P … [Read more...]

Foolish Friday Flashback: The Guy with the Gun at Adoration


A bit of a stumble last night, re the post below. Since I feel foolish, seems like a good time to remember another time I was very foolish! This is from 2013. Enjoy!So, I haven't been feeling great these past few weeks -- it's one of the reasons for the scant writing; between the aches and pains and the fuzzy brain, reasoning has been a challenge for me (that is, more of a challenge) and it's difficult to write with coherence when you feel like you are about to die … [Read more...]

Christian Immigrants Being Thrown Overboard?

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Man, I really, really hope this story is not true: Police: Muslims threw Christians overboard during Med voyage:Italy's migration crisis took on a deadly new twist Thursday as police in Sicily reported that Muslim migrants had thrown 12 Christians overboard during a recent crossing from Libya, and an aid group said another 41 were feared drowned in a separate incident.Palermo police said they had detained 15 people suspected in the high seas assault, which they learned of while … [Read more...]

Unnecessary Roughness: How Dumb was Britt McHenry?

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Saw people talking about this story on Twitter, and didn't think much about it; some woman had a non-work-related rant and got suspended for a week from her job? I tossed off a joke about "wimmen being kept in line" or something and forgot about it, until I visited Hot Air and actually saw the video.Holy Smokes!Hey, I understand people who are in stressful situations not putting their best self forward -- it happens to all of us. But Britt McHenry is just unnecessarily nasty and personal … [Read more...]

On his 88th Birthday, Some Quotes from Benedict XVI

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It is only when life has been accepted and is perceived as accepted that it becomes also acceptable. Man is that strange creature that needs not just physical birth but also appreciation if he is to subsist . . . If an individual is to accept himself, someone must say to him: “It is good that you exist” – must say it, not with words, but with that act of the entire being that we call love. – Principles of Catholic TheologyPope Francis offered Mass, today, for his predecessor, on the occas … [Read more...]

Hillary on Top: Teetering, and not Due to Sexism

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Once you’ve reached a pinnacle, you can’t keep whining that you’re only teetering because you’re a woman. You’re teetering because the pinnacle is slim, sharp and lonely, and you can only remain there if you belong there, or if you have one hell of a safety belt supporting you. Those that belong there make the pinnacle look easy, the rest impale themselves or fall. Or they loll about in the safety belt, and stagnate.I wrote that a long time ago, back when Katie Couric was complaining that her … [Read more...]

Orthodox Christians Singing in Beirut! What Voices!

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Oh, I do love this!Something for all of my Orthodox friends out there -- a flash mob of Orthodox Christians in Lebanon, sharing the Easter news: "Jesus is Risen"Beautiful! And so wonderful to see in the second week of Easter, when, as Tom Zampino notes, most of the world has finished their chocolate bunnies and moved on. We need to keep our focus, and keep wondering, because we are still in Easter!I do love Orthodox singing! Here is another fave: "Our God is With Us". Something … [Read more...]

Will Bible-Carrying Hillary Address Churches & Public Square?

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As soon as Hillary Clinton enters into a serious campaign mode -- and this has been true for her husband's campaigns as well as her own -- the citizenry becomes informed that Mrs. Clinton is a "staunch Methodist" and bible-believing Christian. It is always one of the very first cards she plays in her attempts to "connect" with the rubes and yahoos yearning masses whose causes she wants to champion, and whose votes usually factor in religion. I recall reading, during Bill Clinton's campaigns, … [Read more...]

My Adorable Elder Son is 30 Years Old!

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I mean, I just blinked!And poof!And now he is married to a lovely woman and they live in another state, and I am become one of those annoying ladies who tells young mothers "appreciate it, even though it's hard, because it goes so fast...."The sweetest baby, most relaxed baby ever born -- and still the same dreamy planet he was the day he arrived:...despite all of my best and worst days of parenting – [my sons] are pretty much precisely the people they w … [Read more...]

Like Christianity, Islam Must Face Itself or Lose Credibility​

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As I am still intent on a writing project, it is my pleasure to bring you this guest post by the esteemed scholar, and Franciscan Friar, Elias D. Mallon, who writes to caution Muslim friends that increased Islamic outreach and dialogue is urgently needed, if their credibility is to be preserved in the face extremist factions like ISIS and Boko Haram, and their continued crimes against humanity.An Examination of Conscience is Not Just for Christians If these specific things had not been … [Read more...]

My Hoo-erdom Hashed-Out and Explored in a Q&A

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It's been an odd couple of months, wherein I have found myself interviewed several times, and via surprising venues. First Tom McDonald got me yapping about prayer.And then America got me going on and on about blogging (which generated tweets from Catholic people who actively hate me in humbling ways I hadn't then-imagined).I had totally forgotten, but around the same time, Patheos' Book Club asked me to discuss why I Don't Want to be a Hoo-er, if I can help it, which surprised me. … [Read more...]

Baseball: the most virtuous, and Catholic of games

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As George Harrison said, "it's been a long, cold, lonely winter." And it feels like years since baseball has been here.But what joy to flip on the television in my office and find Yankees in blue pinstripes, standing in the bright April sun! As I type this, they're losing 5-0 but it doesn't matter. There is the whiff of ball against leather glove; there is the crack of bat-on-ball. There are the crowd noises as A-Rod gets his first hit of the season. There are new names and old names and … [Read more...]

Tree Change Dolls: Because Mary Anne Over Ginger

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I love this.When my nieces wanted Bratz dolls, I couldn't bring myself to buy them.Had I had an option to buy fresh-faced dolls that actually look like the girls who play with them? I'd have gone nuts with them.But then, I always did think Mary Anne was prettier and in all ways more interesting than Ginger. … [Read more...]