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Elizabeth Scalia is a Benedictine Oblate, an award-winning writer. and a regularly-featured columnist at First Things and at The Catholic Answer Magazine. Read her books, Strange Gods: Unmasking the Idols in Everyday Life and “I Don’t Want to Be a Hoo-er” (*And You Shouldn’t Want to be One, Either), with Foreword by Cardinal Timothy Dolan

Personal note from The Anchoress:

In the middle ages an Anchoress was a woman who lived in a small, sealed room inside a church; she would have visual access to the Sanctuary and to Holy Communion. Usually there was also a small side window at which she could converse with visitors, receive foods, get the news of the day and so forth.

I have no illusions that I am holy, but as a shy sort of person who craves solitude and prefers to hang in the background, the persona suits.

Consider this my window. Visits, news and commentary all welcome! I ask only that you be civil, because I do believe that decent people can disagree and still be decent people.

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