Pants Berger plans his vaca; Libby to jail – UPDATED

A good illustration in incongruity.One man misremembers and gets a quarter-million dollar fine and thirty months. One steals and destroys classified documents and...well, he's probably at Martha's Vineyard or soon will be.President Bush should probably pardon Scooter Libby.The press and the left got a third tier scalp - at astonishing cost to themselves - and everyone involved should be embarrassed by this denouement.UPDATE:Captain's Quarter's blog's Ed Morrissey says a Libby pardon … [Read more...]

Minutemen: Bush’s instincts better than some

Traitorous Jeb Bush and Ken Mehlman have penned a piece in support of the current illegal immigration bill. I know, I know, they're Bushies and not to be trusted, but I'm putting it out there for you to read, if you haven't already.I feel a rant coming on...and probably many de-linkings from the right. This may be a multi-parter.Does anyone remember a while back, when "The Minute Men" were going to shame the nation and President Bush into building a wall and settling the problem of illegal … [Read more...]

Scanning the ‘sphere: Kelo, Neanderthals & Gullibility Version

Dept of Money in fridge makes time in the cooler: John is covering Congressman William Jefferson's (D-La) being indicted. Ed Morrissey points out what is to what goes unsaid:Jerry Markon and Allan Lengel never bother to mention that Pelosi later assigned him to the high-profile Homeland Security committee, [low-profile Small Business Committee] and that he sits there still.Ed noted his correction, but I think it was an easy mistake because - as I recall it - Pelosi only refused him the … [Read more...]

JFK Terror plot, Bush, Reagan, Thompson

Prompted by my emails, I took a quick scan around the 'net and noted that the rightwing blogs are doing double-time on the story while the leftwing blogs are either trying to downplay it or are outright ignoring the story.I think the left has a very amusing take on all of this: There is no such thing as terrorist plots - they're just Bush constructs meant to raise his poll numbers.See, if a terror plot is thwarted, it's because it wasn't really a serious plot, it was just a haphazard idea … [Read more...]

“Interesting that you’re not writing about it…” UPDATED

:::Scroll midway to update:::I got an email from a fellow a few days ago, urging me to read Bill Whittle's latest entry into his collection of remarkable essays, over here.As it happened, I was actually printing out the two-parter, entitled "You are not alone," as I'd opened the email, and I wrote back to the reader telling him, essentially, "thanks, I've got it."Today the reader wrote back saying, "Interesting that you're not writing about it."That's when I noticed that the header on … [Read more...]

I am reading, and reading…and not present

Sorry to be so quiet, but I have some serious reading to do on the cash-money paying side - galleys, book reviews and the like - a girl's gotta make a living! I hope to have a round-up later, some more thoughts on the difference between monastic communalism and communism, with an interesting irony thrown in, and - if I can manage it - some thoughts too on President Bush and the Far please be sure to check back in a bit!Or, in the I cannot be "present" to you, perhaps … [Read more...]

Hillary’s right; we ARE all in this together…

Hillary Clinton says she doesn't like all of this individualism stuff - the rugged individuality which is the very definition of America does not appeal to her very much. She prefers the socialist collective. Resistance is futile."I prefer a 'we're all in it together' society," she said. "I believe our government can once again work for all Americans. It can promote the great American tradition of opportunity for all and special privileges for none." [...] That means pairing growth with … [Read more...]

What an Anchoress does

After reading this very interesting summary of an anchoress' day, I'm bound to admit that I'm too much in politics lately and not enough in prayer.I'll have to work on balancing that a bit better. Lately I am certainly a very chatty, busybody sort of anchoress...even if it's only a persona.Meanwhile, do go read this really excellent piece based on a homily given by Deacon Greg Kandra at his Mass of Thanksgiving two weeks ago. Here's an excerpt:But after 9/11, I realized with a blinding … [Read more...]

Sheehan’s usefulness played out, she’s gone

So, Cindy Sheehan's overlong 15 minutes have come to a slightly whiney close as she realizes - finally - that the Democrats and the left only loved her as long as she was doing their bidding emotion-tapping, Bush-bashing, Jackson-hugging, insurgent-encouraging, Chavez-hugging, camera-mugging, headline-grabbing, mob-collecting tool of distraction and obfuscation thing, meant to drive down the president's poll numbers and support for his efforts to keep terrorist attacks from our shores.I … [Read more...]

Global Warming: Still Hoohah

Kobayashi Maru has a great post up on Byrnes, too, and a few things occur to him:) In much of the Islamic world (to put it mildly), a 15-year-old female would not have access to the kind of intellectual cultivation, encouragement or freedom this young woman obviously has.2) This is an interesting illustration of the value that outsiders can bring to a problem that 'officials' and 'experts' are unable or unwilling to crack. The fresh eyes of the uncredentialed, unbiased and marginalized … [Read more...]

Choosing liberty

Over time, free nations grow stronger and dictatorships grow weaker...Freedom honors and unleashes human creativity -- and creativity determines the strength and wealth of nations. Liberty is both the plan of Heaven for humanity, and the best hope for progress here on Earth." -- PRESIDENT GEORGE W. BUSH November 6, 2003This is the flip side of Hugo Chavez' crackdown in Venezuela: Gateway Pundit notes that in China, a state-sponsored tv station has been hacked into, and anti-government … [Read more...]

Stunning media spin on Chavez

The initial headlines are either unclear or they're working at happy spin:Chavez launches new Venezuela TV station.That sounds merry, doesn't it - as though Hugo Chavez is happily launching a new enterprise and celebrating! The story is a bit different, though:CARACAS, Venezuela --Venezuela's oldest private television station was pushed off the air as President Hugo Chavez's government replaced the popular opposition-aligned network with a new state-funded channel on Monday. Radio Caracas … [Read more...]

These Old Shades; What a thumping good read!

these old shades

Several times before I have recommended Georgette Heyer to my female readers (although a fella who likes Jane Austen might be interested, as well). I admit, I am an unabashed fool for The Convenient Marriage - one of the funniest and best-written books I've ever read into the night while giggling enough to awaken my husband. Now, I have a second "favorite."So, on Friday, I began reading one of Heyer's earliest books, These Old Shades - a book I'd avoided because I generally don't like … [Read more...]

Bootstrap Nation; Bill Clinton’s Best Legacy

That headline is going to make a few toupees spin, I know, but we’ve been talking, for the last few days, about socialism and socialized programs, and why they don’t work, or how they encourage mediocrity. As the discussion spilled over into the comments section, I wrote: Sometimes people need a hand-out, yes, but making it a way of life has never ended up being a positive…No handout can replace the sense of pride one gets by accomplishing things on one’s own.The emails on this subject have … [Read more...]