How do you like being read to?

I like it just fine, myself, especially when the reader loves reading, as you know Julie at Happy Catholic does.Since she's not busy enough raising two smart kids, running two smart blogs and her own enterprise, Julie has decided to podcast "Forgotten Classics" at a new site called, appropriately enough, Forgotten Classics.Check out Episode One (you have to go there to find out what she's reading) and Episode Two...and if you listen to Episode Two, you Heyer readers will be delighted to hear … [Read more...]

Another quiet Welshman with a big voice -UPDATED

My Li'l Bro Thom just sent this to me.Incredible. A humble quiet phone salesman takes the stage at "Britain's got Talent" and announces he wants to sing opera. The judges look skeptical to put it mildly. Then he sings.Translation:None must sleep! None must sleep! And you, too, Princess, in your cold room, gaze at the stars which tremble with love and hope!But my mystery is locked within me, no-one shall know my name! No, no, I shall say it as my mouth meets yours when the dawn is … [Read more...]

Moonves blames sexism for Couric’s ratings

Not only is it weak, lame and's not even imaginative!Leslie Moonves, CBS chief executive, on Tuesday suggested that sexist attitudes were partly to blame for the faltering performance of Katie Couric, the news anchor he recruited to the network with a $15m annual pay package.“I’m sort of surprised by the vitriol against her. The number of people who don’t want news from a woman was startling,” Mr Moonves said of the audience’s reaction to Ms Couric, who this month brought ratings f … [Read more...]

Scanning the ‘sphere; from fun to fractures and first lines

A super busy today - I'd love to expound on some of the themes being sounded in some of these posts, but they are so well done, they really don't need my additional and extraneous blather:Before you read any of this, though, head over to this site (H/T Pianogirl) and see why art is important and why it matters. Stuck in our little gerbil cages (especially here in the 'sphere) and tucked into our own little worlds...stuff like this can lift us out of ourselves and bring wonder, amusement, … [Read more...]

Gay Marriage, Hate Speech, Good Lord.

:::UPDATE::: CALIFORNIA PASSES GAY MARRIAGE::: MY THOUGHTS here :::END UPDATE::::Let's put this in chronological order, shall we?Primo: The dispute began in January 2003, when the two Oakland employees created a subgroup at their workplace called the "Good News Employee Association." It was partly in response to a group of homosexual employees having formed their own group 10 months before and being given access to the city e-mail system. One e-mail, dated Oct. 11, 2002, invited city … [Read more...]

Olive Oil as anti-inflammatory? Granny knew!

Every once in a while I get these things in my email - I'm sure you get them, too - blaring headlines announcing new medical discoveries that will change your life. The discovery usually involves something like "drinking water" in a therapeutic manner, which they'll be glad to share with you for a low monthly fee...Sometimes, though, one such notice will catch my eye, because Granny, Auntie Lillie, The Other Nonna and many other of my elder female relatives were well-versed in folk medicine … [Read more...]

Is Tony Soprano dead or alive?

I didn't see the show but apparently some folks are unhappy with the ambiguous ending. Who walked through the door? Meadow or a hitman? Did the whole family get whacked or do they live to carry on as ever - conflicted, suspicious, always slightly on edge?I think I like the ambiguity of it, but it probably would have been just as satisfying for some to see the whole family taken out, which I'm going to assume is what happened, unless I hear differently.Last year I wrote:Commenters...are … [Read more...]

Tony Blair to become Catholic Deacon?

There's talk afloat that when he leaves office, Tony Blair may not simply become a Catholic, but that he may become a Permanent Deacon, as well:Tony Blair has discussed becoming a Roman Catholic deacon when he quits office.The revelation comes as he prepares to meet the Pope amid speculation that he will use the audience in the Vatican to announce his conversion.In his last foreign engagement, just days before he leaves Downing Street for the final time, the Prime Minister will visit Pope … [Read more...]

Scouting in Baghdad. Yes, Baghdad.

Amid death and chaos, the Scouts revive an idea of fun for childrenArmed with rakes and wheelbarrows, a group of Iraqi Scouts and Guides is clearing a patch of Baghdad woodland. For many it is their first “normal” outing with friends in more than four years of violence.The concrete bunker and taped cordon that guard them from unexploded bombs give this Scout camp a slightly edgier feel to jamborees in Britain, where a grazed knee or getting lost represent some of the biggest hazards.For 13- … [Read more...]

The Bookshelf is Back!

I hadn't even realized it was gone!When the site was redesigned, I completely overlooked that The Bookshelf link was missing from the left sidebar! Thanks to an eagle-eyed reader who wrote asking me about it - without the heads-up, I might not have noticed for a while...I'm such a blitherhead that when I look at the site I'm busy sighing about how pretty it is, and not paying close enough attention! Now it is restored, just below the blog award-type buttons and above the tin-cup rattling … [Read more...]

A lovely sort of gift

When linking to this wonderful live Adoration site, which I'd mentioned here, a site provided by the Holy Spirit Adoration Sisters, I noticed they have a new link whereby you can pay for the flowers they use to decorate the altar, in remembrance of someone, or in Thanksgiving for something, or for your own intention, or someone else's.The notice reads:Flowers for the AltarAltar flowers for the week of Sunday, June 03, 2007 are for the special intentions of [name].Please join us in prayer … [Read more...]

American Summer, 2007 – Snapshot 2

Last night I was relating this story to a friend, and she suggested that perhaps a/c temp was not the policy of the management but of that afternoon's staff, as she'd shopped there earlier in the week and the air had felt quite comfortable."I have an even better story for you though," she said. "A couple months ago, I'm at [a multi-checkout line department store], standing on line behind a young girl - like 15 years old - and two men, one say in his 30's and the other with grey hair. The … [Read more...]

2 snapshots of America, June 2007 – UPDATE

Thanks to online shopping, I rarely head into bookstores, but today I needed to buy a gift in a hurry and so I ventured into one - the place was empty and I found what I needed quickly and then browsed a bit. While the temperature outside was only about 73 degrees, the day was humid and the store felt very warm to me. We don't have central air in the house, just ceiling fans, and they pretty much do the trick, but when I'm shopping, I like to feel cool and comfortable, not oppressed. With no … [Read more...]

“So, Loser, where’s Part III?”

Part III is partially written (go here and here if you don't know what I mean) - I got jammed up yesterday and couldn't finish it, and with the death of the immigration bill I'll necessarily have to re-think where I wanted to go with it. Some appointments this morning will delay that.But I can make a quick observation...Remember when the Democrats won in November, and some of us said, "well, okay, maybe now that they've gotten control of the Houses the Left will stop feeling so put-upon and … [Read more...]