Rounding up Jamil, Band-aids and more

Nothing wrong, just a great deal of activity around here - lots of people in and out since my son is still home from college - that is keeping me from reading news or surfing the web, or writing. Hopefully tonight I can come up for air!Real quick on the Jamil Hussein bit - I'm not going to say anything until it all breaks a little more, because it asks more questions. I did laugh my head off, though, to see how all of a sudden he was found, "oh, look, there he is! He was right next to the … [Read more...]

Hey, Ma, who is Tom Jones?

Conversation with Buster."Hey, Ma," he starts every sentence with that, these days, "who is Tom Jones?""You mean the character in fiction?" I guessed."No, someone said I should get his version of Try a Little Tenderness and compare it to Joe Cocker's.""Oh, you mean Tom Jones!" I said. I'm amazed the kid even knows Try a Little Tenderness. Or Joe Cocker."Yeah, who he is?""Lord, I haven't thought about him in ages. Another big-voiced Welshman, like Bryn, only with soul and a … [Read more...]

My old friend, Joe Williams

Graceful, classy, one of a kind. … [Read more...]

Meyer: Civic Immaturity, the new Sophistication

The always thought-provoking Dick Meyer has a new column up over at CBS, and he makes an interesting observation but doesn't really go anywhere with it. Which, I suppose is okay. There are plenty of us, left and right, who are hastily opining and drawing conclusions on every fresh thought newly uttered, like the seagulls in "Finding Nemo" who shout "mine, mine, mine" at anything that looks remotely like food, or something shiny.Meyer, in watching the funeral of President Gerald R. Ford, had … [Read more...]

I’m a 25 and other links

That would be a "25" on this test to gauge one's political posture. A "25" puts me in Bush 41 land, although I take issue with a few of the questions for which I thought the answers too broad. I was conflicted, for example in having to choose between Ronald Reagan and FDR as "best president." See what your score is.Looking around the web, both Betsy Newmark and Ace of Spades are thinking that -gasp- all the election year rhetoric of the Democrats and their minions in the press was all, in … [Read more...]

Chesterton on the press, circa ’24 and ’07

"Modern man is staggering and losing his balance because he is being pelted with little pieces of alleged fact which are native to the newspapers; and, if they turn out not to be facts, that is still more native to newspapers." - G.K. Chesterton, GK's Weekly, April 7, 1923Pretty much says it all, doesn't it? And presents evidence that maybe what we're just "discovering" about the press has been true for a long time. Or that the UK press simply anticipated the state of the US press? Or that … [Read more...]

Jamil Hussein: the mystery solved!

Ace of Spades and his commenters have all the info you need on Jamil Hussein.Cool Facts About Police Captain Jamil HusseinIf you ever meet him, ask him to pull up his shirt. Don't worry, he's used to it. The real Jamil has two pupiks. Also, you can say any phrase you want to him and he will turn it into an anagram, just like Dick Cavett. He's slightly colorblind, plasma TVs give him a headache, and he's gonzo for Parker Posey. -- Police Commissioner Akim HusseinSome of my … [Read more...]

A good list

I linked to lots of "new years" themed blogposts here, but only just found this one by Cobb which struck me as a particularly well-thought out list of resolutions. I like these bits:Something in my gut tells me that beer is supposed to be drunk during the day with BBQ and Corn, not at night with peanuts and buffalo wings. I know this is the old man in me. So if it's going to be a bar, let it be a piano bar in an upscale hotel. I got rid of titty bars several years back, so no more tacky bars. … [Read more...]

A Hero is as Hero Does, Part II

Hero Wesley Autrey, photo by Felix BryantWhat a great story! A real hero in the city!A hero construction worker left his two young daughters on a Harlem subway platform and leaped into the path of an oncoming train yesterday to rescue a stranger who had fallen on the tracks."Tell my little girls that Daddy is OK!" Wesley Autrey shouted from under the No. 1 train after it screeched to a halt. It was just inches above him and the film student he pushed into the trough between the … [Read more...]

“Each of us may run out of time…”

I confess, this morning I turned to Captains Quarters - as I do every morning, because Ed is the best - and I read this story about yet another Clinton pal breaking the law with impunity (ala Sandy Berger, whose "sentence" for stealing classified documents was laughable) and I found myself despairing a bit:Suzanne Magaziner, the wife of Clinton friend and organizer Ira Magaziner and herself a major activist with ties to the new Governor in Massachusetts, got her drunk-driving charges … [Read more...]

Ford, Jordan, Pelosi, Giuliani the beat goes on – UPDATED

:SCROLL MIDWAY FOR A RATHER DISORIENTING UPDATE:President Gerald R. Ford is laid to rest. Pajamas Media has great pics. Betty Ford looks so sad.On the Jamil Hussein front, Eason Jordan says "If an Iraqi police captain by the name of Jamil Hussein exists, there is no convincing evidence of it and that means the Associated Press has a journalistic scandal on its hands that will fester until the AP deals with it properly."Good for Mr. Jordan. You'll want to read his whole piece. I wonder … [Read more...]

A fine and gallant man…

Jeanette at Hang Right Politics highlights this moving story of a father-and-soldier's message to his now-fatherless infant son, a journal written while on duty in Iraq, where this good man sadly lost his life doing what he believed in.The full story is here.Only slightly off topic, I wonder if we might not shorten this war, and lose fewer good men and women, if we took some examples from the Ethiopians who are crushing Islamofascists in Somalia. The first rule of engagement is apparently, … [Read more...]

Figaro and Susanna – Happy New Year

Ah, I love this playful duet - the opening of Le Nozze de Figaro - especially by these two splendid performers. Cinque... dieci/Se a casa.A good way to start the new year!This duet seques immediately into Figaro's first great aria, Se Vuol ballare, ("If you want to dance, little Count, Figaro will call the tune...") which you can view here.You can purchase the whole fine concert here: … [Read more...]

NY Times errs again, on the predictable side – UPDATES!

In his column Truth, Justice, Abortion and the Times Magazine the Times' "public editor" (used to be known as an "ombudsman" a fine word sadly underused) has written a rather strong indictment against a controversial cover story in the Magazine, the story's writer and editors, and the "top editors" (he wrote that phrase twice) who rather pooh-poohed those who wrote with concerns as to the story's veracity.Ombudsman Byron Calame (of whom I wrote disparagingly, here) takes some strong lines, … [Read more...]