Weblog Awards Winners Named

Votes have been tallied and the winners are announced!.I must admit, very few of my personal faves ended up winning, but congrats to all, and to Kevin Aylward and crew, for doing their usual great job.I was saddened to hear from one blogging friend that his site seemed to be under attack during much of the voting time. He never made the accusation that there was a connection, so I won't, either, but the timing of the attacks against him seemed to co-incide with the "voting" time-frame.I … [Read more...]

What becomes a Grande Diva Most?

I have to admit this is fun! I find that I have been fortunately enough to have been nominated (and seconded) as a contender in Gay Patriot's Grand Conservative Blogress Diva, along with such other Diva-wannabees as:Ann Althouse Little Miss Attila Tammy Bruce Dymphna of Gates of Vienna e-Claire Townhall's Mary Katharine Ham Sondra K of Knowledge is Power National Review Online's K-Lo (Kathryn Jean Lopez) Michelle Malkin Virginia Postrel of Dynamist Blog Kathy Shaidle of Relapsed … [Read more...]

An Amusing Go-Round

Some funny, amusing or just interesting stuff...because I am forever thinking of you, dear readers! ;-)Laura Lee shows us that the troops have a sense of humorAmbivablog links to some unfreakinbelievable chalk drawings by Julian Beever.Dr. Melissa Clouthier asks so just what are you worried about, America?The Curt Jester brings us carefully wrapped nuns.The Shrine of the Holy Whapping tours a gorgeous Presbyterian church and asks a pointed question at the end.Bulldog Pundit has had a … [Read more...]

Aw, who would have thunk it?

You Are an AngelA truly giving soul, you understand the spirit of Christmas.What Christmas Ornament Are You?My husband would disagree, I think. h/t Julie at Happy Catholic. … [Read more...]

‘Pursuit of Happyness’ and George Bailey – UPDATED

I'm a longtime fan of WaPo film critic Stephen Hunter. He's a crackerjack writer - witty and insightful - and I find his film reviews to be very trustworthy. Perhaps we simply have similar tastes.In his review of Will Smith's new flick The Pursuit of Happyness Hunter strikes an ironic note that might not go over with a too-literal-minded conservative reader, but stay with the review, because it (and the film) are worthy of attention.You can look up "The Pursuit of Happyness" on the … [Read more...]

Military responses to Kerry and Rangel

Hadn't seen it myself, but thanks to reader Piano Girl, I've had a chance to read some of these military letters to James Taranto of OpinionJournal.com - men and women in uniform responding to the never-ending charge by John Kerry and Charles Rangel that our military is full of naive dupes, slack-jawed dopes or under-privileged folk with no alternatives to their miserable existances. The letters are impressive and heartening, and there are plenty of 'em. Sit back with a java and enjoy! … [Read more...]

Eason Jordan, Malkin and Curt

Lorie Byrd reports that Eason Jordan, whom neanderthal bloggers were accused of tire-necklacing a while back, has decided to head up an Iraq information site.Ed Morrissey has the full and accurate background on that whole story, and why Jordan's new gig is full of irony.I'm kind of wondering what else it's full of. Seems when Jordan's new venture was announced, Michelle Malkin challenged him to get to the bottom of the "who is Jamil Hussein" question and Jordan has invited her and Curt from … [Read more...]

So, Anchoress, who you voting for? – UPDATED

I've been only intermittently interested in this years Weblog Awards. Not that I don't think they're fun, and that I don't appreciate being a finalist (you can vote for me here if you are so inclined), I do, I do! I've just been, as I mentioned elsewhere, ridiculously busy and distracted, so much so that I haven't even been checking in and voting for myself everyday. I haven't been nagging my husband and kids to vote for me from their computers (so naturally, without my reminding, they … [Read more...]

Peter Boyle, Holy Crap and Self-censorship

I was very sad, yesterday, to hear of the death of Peter Boyle, who was such a talented actor in both film and television. The guy could do anything, drama or comedy, but he'll most likely be remembered for two particularly outstanding comedic turns, as the Monster in "Young Frankenstein" and as the slobby patriarch Frank Barone in "Everybody Loves Raymond."Looking around the web, yesterday I saw a brief remembrance of Boyle, entitled "Holy Crap," at Couric & Co., the blog for the CBS … [Read more...]

The Psalm of the Common Man

For the past few days, I know, this blog has been a little on the edgy and skittish side. Those of you reading me must have developed an image of me tap-tap-tapping away at my keyboard, hair askew, wild-eyed with a caffeine overdose, hyperventilating and unable to focus.And yeah, that image would be just about right.I apologize if I've seemed a bit out there. While I was under the pressure of a couple of deadlines, Christmas and family commitments, I let email correspondence and other … [Read more...]

My dog likes bananas; Buster is confounded by girls

Alle missing mommy

So, I did a stupid thing today and decided I would make "something delicious" for supper instead of the same old, same old. I would fry chicken!Buster, who mostly doesn't like my cooking unless it's hamburgers or steak, was thrilled.Stupid, stupid. Now I know why I never make fried chicken. The house reeked of oil. Thank goodness for a fair-weather snap, because I had to open the windows and turn on the ceiling fans to get the ghastly smell out of the place. And the cleanup...no … [Read more...]

Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe 2006

In my run-ragged day, I missed mass and morning prayer.Praying Vespers for tonight, I finally realized: It is the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe.If I were living more of a Mary than a Martha life, I might have realized it. I usually do a silent Advent retreat weekend...missed it this year due to family obligations, and I'm feeling it. Hopefully I'll snag one, soon.Julie at Happy Catholic has a great post up for the day.And hey, Gerald and Erin at Closed Cafeteria got MARRIED! Can't … [Read more...]

Mary, Blogawards, Blogrolls and Sparks

I am sorry to keep saying it, but for some reason the email situation in my life is not getting better, so please bear with me if you've emailed me. I like to be able to respond to email in appropriate time, and it stresses me out to see so much email going unanswered, but I am trying. There seems to be an increase in bloggers who simply send out links to every piece they write hoping to get linked to, and I'm losing patience with that. It's a perfectly normal thing for a blogger to pass a … [Read more...]

Ella the Jazzman, The Roches, “We Three Kings” – UPDATED

pure ella

Usually this time of year, I'm big on picking up some new Christmas music, but this year I couldn't resist treating the house to a new recording by Miss Ella Fitzgerald (Miss Ella, to me - I love her). I chose this one, Pure Ella, The Very Best of Ella Fitzgerald and for Buster it was a revelation.I was playing it in one room, wrapping gifts, and just about the time Miss Ella got wailing on You'll Have To Swing It (Mr. Paganini) Buster came tearing in demanding to know who I was … [Read more...]