Benedict’s “blunder” was partly media-enhanced-UPDATED

I am not especially saddened to see the brouhaha that is gaining strength over Benedict's speech. Whether he is "media savvy" or not, Benedict has managed - in his very scholarly fashion - to apply a very hot drawing poultice to the enormous and festering boils of both radical Islamism and rampant secularism. At the very least, it will cause some Muslims to insist that distinctions be made between them and their more extreme co-religionists, and it may rouse the West to examine how cavalierly … [Read more...]

Sept 15: Our Lady of Sorrows

Repost from 9/15/0533 And his father and his mother marveled at what was said about him; 34 and Simeon blessed them and said to Mary his mother, "Behold, this child is destined to be the rise and the fall of many in Israel, and a sign that is spoken against 35 (and a sword will pierce through your own soul also), that thoughts out of many hearts may be revealed." The Gospel According to Luke, Chapter 2Today's gospel reading at Mass is one of my favorites - one I think on frequently. I … [Read more...]

Future Journalist grills Anchoress

The child of a sibling, who calls me "Auntie," asked to interview me for a grade-school project on journalism. Between giggles and some eye-rolling I thought the kid still did better than many "big-time professional journalists." I've edited out all of the spelling portions.Ace Reporter: Okay, so, how old are you?Auntie: I'm not telling you. How old is your mother?Ace: Ummm...I don't know. Auntieeee, you're supposed to answer the questions!Auntie: I'm 47.Ace: Really? That's what … [Read more...]

Round up: Med sites, Condi-snickers and more

A quick round up before I head out for yet another medical appointment.Did you know you can go to this site and enter your symptoms and it will suggest diagnoses? I did it the other night and was surprised to see it actually narrowing things down to the same stuff my doc was zeroing in on, just before he said, "if it's not this or this or this we'll have to look at your bone marrow..." (Screw that...I refuse to have anything more serious than the stuff he's already thinking about).Anyway, … [Read more...]

Anchoress as Blog of the Week?

The fellas at Powerline Blog have graciously, unexpectedly and rather puzzlingly named this site as Powerline's Blog of the Week, an honor which carries with it links at the newsite, mega-sitemeter-hits and all the attendant joys, lunacies and sorrows one would expect from increased exposure. Powerline is, of course, one of the big-kahunas of the blogosphere, and I a mere blip on screen (and rather content to be so), so it's a very big deal for a little blog! Thanks, guys, I'm flattered. I'll … [Read more...]

Pope Invites Muslims to Dialogue

The headline:Pope enjoys private time after slamming Islam H/T Amy."Slamming?" What a provocative word.The WaPo, more accurately: Pope Invites Muslims to Dialogue.In a major lecture at Regensburg University, where he taught theology between 1969 to 1977, Benedict said Christianity was tightly linked to reason and contrasted this view with those who believe in spreading their faith by the sword. The 79-year-old Pontiff avoided making a direct criticism of Islam, packaging his comments in … [Read more...]

“Kill Bush Chic” has never been about Bush

It occurs to me, upon reading this crap that certain folks on the left have been "joking" about the idea of killing George W. Bush since 'way before he even was elected president in 2000 (and yes, he was elected...every recount proved it, get over it). Remember "Snipers wanted," being flashed onto Bush's picture on some late-night talk show? Was it Craig Kilborn? I can't remember the host - he doesn't matter, anyway - but I remember the event, and I remember the left telling the world to … [Read more...]

Katie Couric’s signoff and Barnett’s hope

After sacrificing not even a spare minute to thinking about Katie Couric's sign-off (I almost wrote sigh-n-off, and I don't even want to examine what the hell that would mean to Siggy), I have decided she'd do best sticking with something short and sweet, and which doesn't lecture.She should make it a curt and vonnegutesque (pun intended) "And so it goes...I'm Katie Couric, goodnight."UPDATE: I've been emailed by smart people that "And so it goes," was (and perhaps is) Linda Ellerbee's sign … [Read more...]

Voting to Kill – UPDATED

National Review's Jim Geraghty is a writer with a deft touch; he has a way of keeping heavy subjects light, and often he will surprise a reader with a disarming quip or clever turn of phrase, where they least expect it.That deft touch is apparent, and appreciated, throughout his new book, Voting to Kill; How 9/11 Launched the Era of Republican Leadership, which takes a look at the US political landscape pre-and-post 9/11 and finds that the Democrats are digging themselves a security hole from … [Read more...]

Benedict as translated by Gerald

Gerald, our multi-lingual smarty-pants friend, has translated Benedict XVI's homily from last Sunday, and either he did a great job or the Holy Father did! :-) In any case, it's well-worth the read. An excerpt:Now we have to turn to the Gospel which speaks of the healing of a deaf-mute by Jesus. Here we once again find two aspects of the same topic. Jesus turns to the suffering, to those who have been forced to the edge of society. He heals them and thereby enables them to co-exist and … [Read more...]

Matthew David Garvey, FDNY, USMC

Firefighter Matthew David Garvey, age 37 Died 9/11/01 - Laid to rest, October 30, 2001Described by marines with whom he served as "...a serious leader who set the example of "getting it right the first time. Never one to hesitate but focused driven to do and apply every effort in completing even the most difficult tasks. ""Then-Corporal Garvey was my team chief at 2nd ANGLICO, in the early-mid '80's. As a dumb Lieutenant, I learned a great deal about stamina, perseverance, leadership, and … [Read more...]

Jon Stewart’s first broadcast post 9/11

Very affecting and eye-opening about where we were and where we have come.I know there's a ton of material out there today - you can't keep up. But watch this. Listen to Stewart talk about the privilege of being at liberty to "sit in the back and throw spitballs..." Listen to him talk about why "I grieve, but I don't despair..." as he struggles with his emotions. This is memorable and moving.And when he says, "the terrorists thrive on chaos, and chaos cannot sustain itself..." I … [Read more...]

Path to 9/11: Ace readers insightful comments

For folks on the left, Ace is one of the most hated conservative bloggers. And sometimes his comments threads can be funny but vulgar raunch-fests. Smart, but very, very vulgar.Tonight the folks leaving comments about The Path to 9/11 at Ace's are impressive and insightful, and mostly really temperate...quite the opposite of what the some on the left might expect:But I think the main point they were trying to get across, was that the bad guys are the terrorist not the Administrations. They … [Read more...]

9/11, Iraq, WMD, Clinton’s “birthday” and more

My mailbox is overflowing (I can't keep up) with people mailing things about 9/11, or about Iraq, Bill Clinton, WMD - and much of it is interesting, some of it is annoying. So, thanks to my readers, here is a round-up:Start with this must-see video - listen to what these people were saying in 2002, and 2003 about Iraq, Saddam and WMD and square it with what they say today. The left won't like it, but they can't say it's a lie. Well, they can - reality is just a concept to some, after all. … [Read more...]