My Last Bryn post for 2006

So, I'm driving today with the windows half open. I'd gotten tired of Buster's mixes and found the Under the Stars album - a collection of Broadway tunes done by Renee Fleming and Bryn Terfel.Track number 6 - Stars, from Les Miz. Freaking magnificent.At a long stoplight I've got it blasting pretty good, and the woman in the next car beeps me. I lower the music, assuming it's rudely intruding on her, but she's hollering something, so finally I shut it down completely and give give her the … [Read more...]

Doesn’t this shame the press, even a little?

Doug Ross imagines how the press would have reacted if Condi Rice had played the Sandy Berger role in these reprehensible shennanigans.I'd say he gets it about right. But as he notes, Sandy Berger and the Clinton Administration are an whole 'nother kettle of fish to the press than are Condi Rice (or anyone) and the Bush Administration.Roger L. Simon has lost sleep over this. Perhaps more of us need to. This story will be lost come the holidays, and you know the Dem houses will never look … [Read more...]

Talk like Jack Bauer Day!

I'm up for this.How to act on Talk Like Jack Bauer Day -Make sure to yell very simple requests. -Take a helicopter to work. -Issue threats that involve family members and/or body parts. -Always mention that you're running out of time. -Carry a manpurse. Wear aviators. Don't do drugs. -Start each conversation with "I'm federal agent (your name), and today is the longest day of my life".Read it all. … [Read more...]

Some links to make you happy

While I am off baking. If you're nosy and want to know what I'm busy at, I'm makingAnna's German Butter Cookies andmy brother's Pignoli Cookies and my Italian Rainbow Cookies.Okay, so AlQaeda is now telling the Democrats that credit for the defeat of the GOP belongs to Al Qaeda. Ace predicts little to no coverage of this message by the press.And those sneaky, secretive Bushies have complied with an order to reveal old classified info.Ed Driscoll spots fun with language.You know, … [Read more...]

Hillary, Obama and the nat’l psyche – UPDATED

I meant to link yesterday to an interesting piece by Dick Meyer over at CBS News, in which he muses on the emotional projections of the voters and wonders what it can mean for the Democrats. As ever, with Meyer, his stuff gets you thinking.I sense most voters who don't have books by Herbert Marcuse, Michael Moore and Al Franken on their shelves feel profoundly conflicted about choosing either Hillary or Barack to be president. [...] Sen. Clinton's psychological quest is just too obvious and … [Read more...]

Comments, trackbacks and spam

My apologies to those of you who have been leaving comments or trackbacks and have wondered why they have not appeared.While the site is moderated, I still have not seen fit to "disallow" any comment. Unfortunately, I seem to be getting spam-bombed and my filters for some reason are calling almost everything "spam" at this point - including your comments and trackbacks. I am trying to keep up with it and release comments and trackbacks as I find them, but obviously I haven't the time to sit … [Read more...]

“Begging the question” Correction

My post, Sir, that is not quite what I said, contains an error in usage of which two readers have kindly informed me. It seems "begging the question" does not mean what I (and I think many others) have long-believed it to mean.I wrote:For all Boehlert’s angry writing, this fact remains: The AP has reported that multiple mosques were burned down and multiple human beings were burned alive. Within the report, they quoted a source they’ve used often - so often that a blogger noticed and said, “ … [Read more...]

My Last Book Recommendation of 2006 – UPDATED

Spoiled Rotten America: Outrages of Everyday Life, by Larry MilllerComedian/Actor Larry Miller - you might remember him as the obsequious shop manager in Pretty Woman "you are not only a powerful man, but a handsome man..." - has always been a favorite, and he's got a new book of 17 essays on life in America that is just knocking my socks off. It's funny, yes, but also very insightful.I don't know about you, but I spend half my life looking at people through Norman Rockwell lenses: loving … [Read more...]

Sir, that’s not quite what I said

Regular readers know I generally do not respond to criticisms of this blog by other bloggers - or by anyone, really - I figure people are entitled to their opinions about me, as long as they're quoting me accurately.So I was not inclined to comment when Mr. Eric Boehlert wrote this column on December 11 in which he took several bloggers to task for daring to question the AP and for (gasp) actually minding the fact that the AP seemed disinterested in seeking out whether one of its headlined … [Read more...]

Pat Conroy proves my father right

When I was a little girl, the nightly news was full of young men dying in Vietnam and other young men (usually bearded, long haired "counter-culturalists" wearing the latest trendy "counter-cultural" clothes and listening to the permitted "counter-cultural" music) who were burning their draft cards and chanting "hell no, we won't go," into the cameras for the 6 O' Clock News.I asked my birth-father, a WWII draftee who had served in Okinawa, what the long-haired students were all about, and … [Read more...]

Dreaming of a “New” Christmas?

Fr. James Martin, the Jesuit writer who wrote one of this years several really excellent "Catholic" Books, My Life with the Saints, (the other being Nancy Klein Maguire's An Infinity of Little Hours - both available thru The Bookshelf), has suggested that maybe the Christians ought to call the Battle for a Christ-centered Christmas as lost, and regroup a bit.Writes Martin: Like many people, I find the Christmas season a blessing and, to be honest, a little bit of a curse. On the one hand, I … [Read more...]

Well, Les, I tried to tell you…

Dear Mr. Moonves,It has come to my sad attention that your CBS Evening News broadcast is limping toward irrelevancy, seemingly mired in third place. To date the Great Katie Experiment of 2006 looks to have come a stinker.A shame. You spent a great deal of money hyping your new anchor, and tweaked the show in interesting - at times commendable - fashion. The experiment with freeSpeech, while fraught with all the division and reactionary angst one can expect from viewers in these divided … [Read more...]

A Red One, Please

I'm a Ford Mustang!You're an American classic -- fast, strong, and bold. You're not snobby or pretentious, but you have what it takes to give anyone a run for their money. "Take the Which Sports Car Are You? quiz.I'm quite happy to be a Mustang. Perfect. H/T Fausta who also has an aphrodisiac or two on her mind. I like the way she thinks. … [Read more...]

More on “It’s a Wonderful Life”

A few days ago, while writing about Will Smith's new film The Pursuit of Happyness, I also found myself talking about the classic, "It's a Wonderful Life," starring James Stewart.My L'il Bro Thom added his thoughts, and I wanted to share them:It’s a very deceptive movie – froth and cream on top, but bitter and full of bile underneath. I know now why people were so upset when it was colorized in the 80s – it needs to be told in black and white. The scene when George Bailey returns to his hou … [Read more...]