48 oz of coffee is maybe 16 too much

A little overcaffeinated, here, as I am rushing. Had a deadline to make (made it) and now must dash off for a meet at Buster's school, then gotta wash away the grey (dining with the Dear Hubby's boss tonight - eek!) and ummm...there's other stuff I have to do...Meanwhile, Beth does a very good job of talking to an atheist about faithSpeaking of faith, what do you think about the Christmas trees and the Rabbi? Am I the only one who is getting tired of all the "hurt feelings" … [Read more...]

The things you can do with a guitar!

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A look in the mailbag and around the ‘sphere

Jumping off from the Hubbel image and the last paragraph of yesterday's post on the Immaculate Conception, Texan Dilys at Good and Happy has come up with a brilliant graphic:Sadly, I don't know how to do a "click to enlarge" thingie for you (I wish I could) but Dilys has taken the Hubbel image, and turned it into a yo-yo. The string, taken from here reads:"...in every assent we utter, every stitch we knit, every empty bowl we fill, every lonely life we consent to touch, every hateful … [Read more...]

Feast of the Immaculate Conception – 2006

hubbell core of galaxy

Core of Galaxy as seen by HubbelI was going to write about today's excellent feastday when I realized that, I kinda did write about it yesterday, when, in discussing CBS' Dick Meyer's most recent, thought-provoking column, I wrote this:We are the “nothing” of stardust - a compilation of vapors and base minerals. Within us resides all of Creation, and the Creator as well. But deep, so very deep, within.A sculptor will tell you that he cannot add anything to a stone that is not alr … [Read more...]

Voting is open! Vote for meeeee! Or, you know…Not.

Voting for the 2006 Weblog Awards is open. As a finalist in the Individual Blog category I'm happy to direct your fingers here. Vote in all the categories you read, and you can vote once each 24 hour period.Aylward's crew hasn't been able to get all finalists in all 45 categories linked up, yet, so you can check out the rest of the "Individual Blog" finalists below.Dr. Sanity Andrew Sullivan James Lileks Evangelical Outpost Majikthise Riehl World View Blue Star Chronicles Talking Points … [Read more...]

Meyer, Merton & Me; from nothing, something

It's another one of those "happy synchronicity" days. Today's theme: from nothing comes something, and the depths and mysteries that dwell within that fact.Dick Meyer rarely writes a piece lacking in chewy food-for-thought. A few weeks ago he invited everyone to gnaw on a mildly acidic appetizer wherein he searched for reality in a world full of baloney. Today he serves up the main course, and it's pretty rich stuff that deserves a slow, appreciative consumption.Meyer is clearly tired of … [Read more...]

Al Kimel gets ordained

It's not every day a blogger gets ordained. Deo Gratias.Check out the great photos. Congrats to Fr. Al and to his family. Am looking forward to reading Al's thoughts when he's ready to write them.Fr. Alvin Kimel gives a blessing to his mother. … [Read more...]

A great definition of sin

Actually, it's the best definition I've ever read.Once again I find myself flabbergasted by a bit of wisdom from a Terry Pratchett book. Actually, from one Terry Prachett book, Carpe Jugulum, which I wrote about here, just the other day.Apparently, I was not the only one taken with the excerpt posted by Julie. Siggy got inspired by it, too (commenting eloquently at Happy Catholic) prompting Julie to send him more, which he posted here.From Carpe Jugulum:“There is a very interesting d … [Read more...]

James Kim, RIP

This is really heartbreaking but not unexpected at this point. My heart really goes out to the family. So sad. Mr. Kim left clues hoping to be found.The first rule: stay put and you have a better chance of being found. But no one can fault this man for trying to get help for his family. Donations for the family may be made here. … [Read more...]

Wait, what? Dems met with Hamas?

What?Hamas officials have managed to smuggle more than $66 million in cash through the Rafah border crossing in the past eight months, a member of the Hamas-led government revealed Wednesday.Meanwhile, sources close to the Hamas-led government claimed that Hamas representatives recently held talks with officials from the US Democratic Party at a secret location.The sources told the Bethlehem-based Maan News Agency that Hamas representatives have also been holding secret talks with European … [Read more...]

Another gift idea

I know exactly the fella who'll get this. And he'll appreciate it, too!I may pick it up for a few nephews, too. … [Read more...]

Ass-rot, roundin’ up the strays! It’s whut ah do!

As uz'al, I've got myself with 30 or so dad-blamed open tabs o' stories "too good not to write about" 'cept, you know...it's 30 stories! and so they's simply no tahme to write 'em up - so's I'm-a gittin' 'em rounded up for you, along with another book recommendation at the bottom fer all ye's folks who insist on bein' readers, 'stead o' breeders! And ah'm in a mood today so's yu'll have to endure a rerun of mah cowhand lingo, too. Oh, ya'll hush, you love it. You love it like a possum … [Read more...]

Happy St. Nicholas Day!

I have always loved St. Nicholas and today is his feastday! In the Orthodox church, Nicholas is especially beloved.I don't actually do anything special for St. Nicholas Day, except express a heartfelt greeting to the saint, thanking him for his example and then asking him to pray for my kids and that my own heart may be generous, but then I talk to Nicholas often throughout the year, so he knows how much I like him! In the Liturgy of the Hours and at Mass today we also recognise the holy … [Read more...]

A nice surprise!

Hey, thanks for the nomination, folks! To be honest I have been so busy the past few weeks that I wasn't even thinking about it, hence I did not perform my usual "grovel, wheedle and beg for votes" routine.Seriously, I'm honored and humbled. And I'm in enormously talented company, which is flattering, even though I am the bottom feeder of the group!Check out all of the 2006 Weblogaward finalists here. You'll find all your favorites, and lots you may not have visited before (although this … [Read more...]