Connectivity problems again

That and the whole throat/chest thing is also going on right now. But more the computuer problems. I'm doing this on a borrowed machine. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. Thanks for bearing with me.Meanwhile, enjoy The US Naval Drill Team at the Maternal Optimist, (yes, those are bayonets at the tips of the rifles they're throwing around) and Rick Moran's take on the 9/11 tinfoil hat brigade.And note how history repeats itself. Even down to the sloganeering??? Ah, well...cute notion. … [Read more...]

Two smart additions to the blogroll

To be honest, I thought I already had the mighty Headmistress on the blogroll and was very surprised to see that I'd neglected her. I love the site - it's smart, varied, funny, thoughtful, and while the focus is on homeschooling and family, it's also about politics, faith, books and all sorts of common and uncommon issues. I never go there without taking something good away.Snarky Bastards I never saw before today, but I fell in love with this group-blog's vigor and their clear love of … [Read more...]

A Friday Night Roundup

Seems Clinton would be smarter to let this lie than invite more scrutiny: That would be the opinion of many, including Instapundit who reports that the Clintonistas are trying mightily to force a do-over on ABC's The Path to 9/11. This is an interesting problem. Supposedly the Clintons are concerned that they come off as a bit negligent in the 1990's (!)...if they can't get an edit to a more comfortable "truth" their only recourse will be do send the usual talking heads out to discredit the … [Read more...]

Real attempts on the president’s life – UPDATED

:::Scroll Down for Update:::Remember that bizarre incident in Chile where President Bush had to come to the aid of his own Secret Service guy?I remember it. I remember seeing video of it, and watching Bush push people away from his guard and haul him in, then flick his cuffs, take his wife's hand and greet a dignitary. Classy and cool. And you can watch the video, thanks to Marie. Thanks too, to RW and Dottie.DJ Drummond has a long must-read of a post over at Wizbang in which he … [Read more...]

All work and no play…

Makes me cranky. Since you last checked in here (probably) there are new posts here, here, here, here, here and here, here and I've updated The BookshelfI have worked very, very hard for the last few days, and I deserve a present. So, I'm going to indulge myself and look at Bryn for a little while, and listen to him and watch him sing the hell out of 'Miei rampolli femminini' from Rossini's La Cenerentola.Yes, I know I've linked to that piece before, but it's too much fun not to watch … [Read more...]

A word about moderation of comments

Okay, I've been moderating comments for a few days, now, and I've decided I like it, so the practice will continue. The spamming was getting out of hand.For the record, excepting porn spam I have approved every single comment thus far, but just so you know...if you use vile language or wish my family members dead, or if you register with a fake email, your comment will be rejected. I don't mind people disagreeing, but don't come here spouting filth, or with email addresses like … [Read more...]

Coulter makes me shudder

Sorry. I know it might tick some readers off, but I don't care. Ann Coulter completely out of line with this headline. Even if the thought behind the headline appears nowhere in the text of her essay, even if the headline is nothing more than an "attention grabber" and a means by which she can garner more attention, that's a despicable way to go about getting it.It's right up there with the adolescent, "oh, look, aren't we daring and edgy when we say, 'Kill Bush'" nonsense. It's wrong and … [Read more...]

Buster’s got soul, but really…

So, Buster is sitting at the piano, pounding away and singing. I can't hear what he's crooning, because he's on the other side of the house, but it sounds pretty good.A few minutes later he comes in and says, "I'm gonna make 'Sexual Healing' more soulful."I did a spit-take (tea all over the screen) and peered at him over my glasses: "Umm...You're going to be more soulful than Marvin Gaye?""Yeah," he said. "Why not?""Buster," I sighed. "No one can have more soul than Marvin Gaye. Not … [Read more...]

“…now the news with Emily Letilla”

Lorie Byrd has a terrific column up over at Townhall - and I'd say that even if she didn't quote me in it!In my piece below there is some mention made of the fact that the NY Times, having reported dire and gloomy economic news three days earlier, was now - deeper in the paper, natch - writing a somber and rather quiet, head-ducking report countering the first and admitting that..."ummm...the economic news is...ummm...good. Shhhhh. Okay, never mind what we said before."Lorie's piece … [Read more...]

NY Times admits good economic news

You know it just killed them to do it, and as Ken Shepherd writes here, they didn't exactly blare the positives the way they did the negatives:What a difference three days make. 72 little hours.In that time, a New York Times reporter went from tolling the death knell of real wage growth to reporting a 7-percent wage jump over last year after inflation.“[T]he current expansion has a chance to become the first sustained period of economic growth since World War II t … [Read more...]

Derek Jeter Jumps

In yesterday's game, Jeter once again made a terrific play, fielding a grounder, spinning 360 degrees while in the air and making a perfect throw to get the runner out at first. No easy feat with no feet on the ground - the throw is built entirely on upper body strength - but Jeter makes it look simple. A commenter during the broadcast said (paraphrasing), "I've watched him do that move for 11 years, now, and after a while you forget just how remarkably tough it is...until you see another … [Read more...]

Onion: Bush asks for quiet to think!

I love the Onion - brilliant satire - and this one is pretty funny.Bush Urges Nation To Be Quiet For A Minute While He Tries To ThinkIn a nationally televised address Monday, President Bush urged all citizens, regardless of race, creed, color, or political affiliation, "to quiet down for just one minute" so he could have "a chance to think." "Every American has an inalienable right to free speech and self-expression," Bush said. "Nonetheless, I call upon the American people to hold off on it … [Read more...]

The Bookshelf Updated

I am the worst person in the world for writing code - just way too dyslexic for it - so it took me the whole evening, but I finally have updated and spruced up The Bookshelf a little. There are new books, some favorite videos and movies and a little section of material things, because I'm a very materialistic person. Buster's section has been struck for now because he's working on a new list.Because the 5th Anniversary of 9/11 is so near, I have included the film United 93 and the really … [Read more...]

The Day “Bush Hatred” Jumps the Shark

A few years ago the press and the left were gasping about the "brilliance" of some novella (whose name escapes me - it was called Checkpoint, or Flashpoint or Freakpoint or something - I'll have to go to the Borders Bargain Bin and see what it's called, again) in which a character discusses "assassinating George W. Bush." How daring! It represented the staggering intellectualism of Bush Derangement Syndrome, or whatever.And there have been, here and there, in London and NY, small theatre … [Read more...]