“How a Non-Catholic respectfully communes at Mass”

"This is how you do it..."Thus says from my Li'l Bro Thom (no Bush-lover, he) who very much appreciated seeing President Bush not receive communion while attending a Catholic mass.Non-Catholics and Catholics who have not yet gone through the process of formally receiving the sacrament of reconciliation and their first communion, but who wish to "participate" in that part of the Mass are invited to process to the minister dispensing the Holy Eucharist with their hands crossed upon their chest … [Read more...]

Incuriouser & Incuriouser – Bush or the Press?

Jay Ambrose has a great piece up that touches on something I've always maintained, that the word "incurious" belongs rightly to the press, not the president.The incurious press never did want to know about John Kerry's military records...they never did actually want to hear what the Swiftboat Vets had to say...hell, they weren't even curious enough about Plamegate to ask Joe Wilson a question beyond "so, how is the Bush Neocon Cabal out to get you?" They never were curious enough to ask … [Read more...]

“I’m a terrorist?” Press itself causes doubt.

A year ago we were listening to reporters tell us that the Superdome was hell-on-earth, that gangs were raping and murdering babies...based on nothing more factual than an escape of hot air out of someone's inflamed rantings.Now, has some video that I'm not sure we should pay any attention to:From KTVU in San Francisco, here’s a little bit of information that somehow failed to make it into any of the media reports on yesterday’s hit and run attacks in San Francisco.Watch as reporter Rob Rot … [Read more...]

“All that I hate, I am become!”

St. Paul wrote those words, grieving about his own moral state, understanding that his human weakness could bring out in him behavior he deplored in others.I have used the phrase a few times on the blog, but this time, it's my center-left L'il Bro Thom saying it, in response to this article.Last week, Sen. George Allen personally apologized to a staff member of his Democrat opponent, James Webb, for calling him a "macaca." This was the latest in a string of public apologies for what has been … [Read more...]

“Fascist” – word only newsworthy when used by GOP

This is pretty funny - we've heard folks on the left throw the words "fascist" and "fascism" around for decades now, at the drop of a hat. I still remember Liz Smith asking Hillary Clinton how it felt to be running for the senate against "a fascist," (that would be Rudy Giuliani, who was called a fascist throughout his two terms as Mayor of NYC, excepting those post 9/11 months.)Hillary simply "giggled" at the question. She didn't have a problem with the word being applied to the man. No … [Read more...]

Muslim kills Jews? Road Rage? -UPDATED

:::UPDATE II::: A reader graciously sent me a link to this map which really lays out the path of the perp. Clearly the neighborhood was not "Jewish," and although I did qualify my remarks (saying it "appeared to be a somewhat Jewish neighborhood" on the basis of the first input of readers), on further examination, one cannot conclude that the perp was "targeting Jews." Whether this can rightly be called "terrorism" at this point is debatable. I don't mind saying it when I am wrong, and I feel … [Read more...]

Shame of Plame stays mainly on…the Plame!

I meant to link to this terrific post by Ed Morrissey before my computer started acting up, and I can't not link to it, now, because I simply adore his righteous and exquisite wrath:The more I think about this, the angrier I get -- and not just at Patrick Fitzgerald. Richard Armitage confessed to the DoJ in October 2003, and then sat on his ass for the next three years as the media and the Left play this into a paranoid fantasy of conspiracies and revenge. I know Armitage dislikes Rove, … [Read more...]

All the news that’s fit to read elsewhere UPDATED

:::UPDATE::: BlueCrab Boulevard finds that England had no problem reporting on the material the NY Times said they could not. Interesting. Sad. :::END UPDATE:::The NY Times continues its inexorable slide into utter irrelevance:The New York Times' Web site is blocking British readers from a news article detailing the investigation into the recent airline terror plot, turning its Internet ad-targeting technology into a means of complying with U.K. laws."We had clear legal advice that … [Read more...]

“Forced Conversions? Hey, no prob, man!”

Hey, that Spanish Inquisition, that was pretty bad, what with forcing folks to convert to Catholicism or die, huh?Good thing stuff like that doesn't happen anymore...or, you know, if it does it's no big deal! It's not like they're burning people at the stake or anything, right? It's not like during the Crusades when a captured Christian soldier might have his feet boiled in oil unless he claimed "There is no God but Allah, and Mohammed is his prophet..."It's all so civilized, now. Sure, … [Read more...]

“Unyeilding” vs “good old fashioned”

We're talking, of course, of the difference in how the press identifies Republicans and Democrats:The disparity in reporting was not limited to numbers. Times reporters often inject comments that present liberals in a more favorable light than conservatives. For instance, during the 102nd Congress, Sen. Tom Harkin of Iowa was described in Times stories as "a kindred liberal Democrat from Iowa," a "respected Midwestern liberal" and "a good old-fashioned liberal." Fellow Democrat Sen. Edward M. … [Read more...]

The truth about the NOLA floods and Katrina

Pssst...Paul at Wizbang has the whole story, and no one seems to care. It might ruin the existing narratives, you know. (H/T GatewayPundit.Paul asks an important question - WHY did Congress hide information? Clearly something/someone being protected. Can't be Bush - if it could have hurt Bush it would have been used along with everything else they threw at him re Katrina. But Mary Landreiu and others got a lot of money outta congress to take care of the levees, and they clearly were not … [Read more...]

The Onion nails the over-scrupulous, agonizing Christian

A brilliant bit of satire - brilliant because it's so spot-on.Sure, I have brought a lot of new souls to Christ since I've been reborn, but none of them were any good. When I think of all that Christ has done for me, a wave of misery washes over me. After all, He gave his life so that we all may attain eternal salvation. What have I done? I haven't witnessed for shit.Jesus must totally hate me.I know that His yoke is easy and His burden light, but I can't help feeling that I'm a big part … [Read more...]

A fascistic crushing of dissent? 2 pieces. UPDATED

I remember guffawing back when Tim Robbins was talking (and talking, and talking and talking) about the "chill wind" blowing through America thanks to Bushitler and the Nazi Neo-Cons who were going to shut down free-speech-as-we-knew-it in America. You must have heard about it. He went on all the talk shows and yakked about how he couldn't speak freely in America. Wrote plays about it, etc, oblivious to irony...The reason I guffawed while he carried on so was because to me the drivel he … [Read more...]

Books in the mail today!

These two new books from Doubleday look incredibly good - I can't wait to dig into them!First up: Thomas J. Craughwell's Saints Behaving Badly: The Cutthroats, Crooks, Trollops, Con Men, and Devil-Worshippers Who Became Saints - a title to give me a great deal of hope, particularly these days, as I have (to my shame) actually read through to the bottom of my neighbor's trashy romance grocery bag!EWTN's Raymond Arroyo's blurb on the back reads:...Here are all your favorite intercessors with … [Read more...]