Computer and Spam problems – UPDATED

We're having both connection difficulties and spam problems over here. And, kids going back to college.A little distracting, to say the least. Until I get the spamming under control I am turning off comments...hopefully things will be better this evening.UPDATED: Well, connections seem like they're finally stable. Spamming is manageable? We shall see. Comments are back on. … [Read more...]

Affection for the protector lads and He-men

A while back I wrote this confession:"...we all know that while I’m kind of helpless around the olive-skinned Italian and Jewish men…and well, basically all Mediterranean types…I’m also a pretty quick surrender to a Celt... ( of the best afternoons of my life was spent eating scones, drinking Guinness and dancing with the lovely giant firefighters of the FDNY - in their kilts and knee socks! When a lad is secure enough about himself to kick up his heels in a skirt, I’m all appreciat … [Read more...]

In the mail today…

Fighting for Dear Life by Schindler Attorney David Gibbs.Published by Bethany House, this looks pretty good. I'll try to read it this week and give you my take, assuming yer interested. You can order it through this button, too. … [Read more...]

Buster Concurs with Fausta – UPDATED

Fausta has a terrific post up - I meant to link to it yesterday, actually - on just how difficult it is to be a man in our society. It's a long piece that doesn't "read" long because it is so interesting. Fausta writes:The main reason I believe that women have easier lives than men is that I've had an easier life as a woman than my brother has had as a man. I can not, and will not, go into details, so you'll just have to take my word on this. However, I have a hypothesis on why men's lives … [Read more...]

Wretchard Conjectures

He wonders what nuclear weapons will mean for Islam. A fascinating read. One to print out and ponder. … [Read more...]

Siggy plugs into the mystery of love

And we benefit from his charge...almost like we've hooked into his electrical box and we're siphoning some current for our own use. If you think a shrink can't be a theologian, think again.In our humaness, we are clothed with finite attire- we cannot divine the mind of God. When we demand absolutely certain truth, we are attempting to play God. We may believe that there are absolute truths, but in fact, we are bound by our understanding at the moment. Scientific truths alter as our … [Read more...]

James Lileks – 3 years prescient

Lileks - my hero - wrote this three years ago, almost, and it could have been written this week. It's too good to excerpt, it really must be read as a whole (and it's not terribly long)...but a teasers:Now I am resigned, in advance, to the loss of an American city by a nuclear weapon. The End of the World now looks like a comic-book premise, a Heston-movie conceit. We feared it would all be gone in a day, our world upended like an Etch-A-Sketch. What we never considered was a long, slow war, … [Read more...]

Judge Taylor Roundup

I have so much stuff opened on this, I'll just put it all together for your easy reference:Check out Jonah Goldberg's smart piece on constitutional double standards.BEAR IN MIND: The tools Judge Taylor and the left want out of the reach of the US are the tools which are foiling terror attacks in England.Read Ann Althouse's excellent, rich-in-irony Op-ed in the NY Times, and she's got a rousing comments thread as well. And Volokh also has a rowdy piece on it.Hugh Hewitt links to Law Prof … [Read more...]

Trusting New Media over Big Media?

Two absolute must-reads on the whole issue of Big-Time-Professional-Journalism's devolution into something shaky, and the Upstart-New-Media's evolution into...well, what, exactly is not yet known.Check out AllahPundit's comprehensive and angry recap of faked and choreographed photojournalism, those who have witnessed it, those who seem to defend it (or would wish it away into something small) and the evidence at hand. It's a hard-drive keeper.Then go to Patterico for more thoughts.The … [Read more...]

12 Arrested in Amsterdam flight…

This is beginning to look like a serious story. Blue Crab Boulevard is keeping on top of it.As you can see from this report, the press is having trouble talking about the nationality of those arrested. "South Asian" is the new "North African," I guess. These "South Asians" were hauling out their cell phones.A U.S. passenger named Alpa, who did not wish to use her last name, told AP television reporters she had seen police handcuff and remove around 11 men of south Asian appeareance from … [Read more...]

A good podcast from the Sanity Squad

Over at PJM's Politics Central our favorite cybershrinks are yakking it up, again, this time covering "Poll Crafting, Iraq, George Bush, Personal Responsibility, Mass Murder, Gunter Grass in the Waffen SS, the Value Systems of Free vs. Repressive Societies, and Apocalypse Maybe."It doesn't get much more comprehensive. They're entertaining and thought provoking, too. Go have a listen! … [Read more...]

If you accused them of it, they’d call you paranoid

But what many of us have long suspected is turning out to be true:Leftists who know the score won't tell it, because it might help President Bush.And it's true outside the US, too.And University of Chicago Law Professor Cass Sunstein tells the Democrats: "keep terrorism out of the news", because it helps George Bush. Gee...does that mean the Democrats have serious control over the news? Really, now, who'dathunkit?This is perhaps the most pathetic and shrivelled-soul crap I have ever … [Read more...]

The Politically Incorrect Puppet

Bulldog Pundit has a terrific post up on a new squabble among PC and reactionary denizens concerning a newly created Sesame Street character:Apparently, there’s a new female character named “Abby”, whose character traits are as follows:She’s 3, talkative, but shy around strangers. Sometimes she gets so nervous that she disappears. She’s capable of turning things into pumpkins, but not so good at turning them back.Above all, she is modeling how to make friends and how to fit into a n … [Read more...]

Playing to the Camera – We are all survivors, now

Just found this in the archives and thought as September approaches and the video cameras are hauled to the bus-stops and the "reality shows" begin again, it was worth a re-post:February 14, 2005 Playing to the cameras; a theory about whyIn response to my revealing my utter disinterest in growing the blog much beyond “playful primate” status or getting this Irish mug on camera somewhere, Dirty Harry has written a very funny personal confession (and some nice remarks in between the lau … [Read more...]