“A good program is over…” UPDATED

UPDATE: The new line from folks in the media is, what secret? Everyone knew this!. Which makes one ask, then why was it a front page story????The perfidy and folly of the NY Times has spooked the "international community". But they didn't do any harm to the program, or anything. Also read scathing and brilliant satire on the NYTimes editorial decisions.End Update.Ed Morrissey gives us a heads up to an interview between Thomas Kean, the 9/11 Commission chairman, and Byron York of NRO. … [Read more...]

Awright, cool yer jets, my fellows!

In scanning some conservative forums, I am seeing a lot of "Bush needs to prosecute the NY Times and if he does not, then he's a wimpdisappointmentblah-blah-blah" type stuff.Please. Even the normally level-headed James Pinkerton is calling Bush "yella" in 22pt balony italics and wondering why instant gratification is not possible.Look, it's easy - and understandable - to want to mount a few obnoxious media heads to the wall, and it feels good to say "prosecute 'em." But the truth is, to try … [Read more...]

Iraqi Marshes now 60% restored

Once upon a time environmentalists were sadly suggesting that the Iraqi wetlands, deliberately destroyed by Saddam Hussein, would ever come back.Big Lizard reports that they are quickly re-flourishing after the ouster of Hussein, although, as Sachi points out, the good news is - as usual - delivered with a "but" because good news and Iraq are not actually allowed to be reported without the "but."Still, the news is heartening and I have covered it before. It is another legacy of President … [Read more...]

Zarqawi’s Mother’s Blog

Brilliant. I wish I'd thought of it, it's very clever and terribly, terribly offensive and politically incorrect. As is most good satire. You are warned.Greetings to all of my fans and pigeaters destined to have their flesh ripped to pieces in fiery rings of Hell! I met Tom Cruise at a party for Oprah and Ralph, and he seemed like a nice fellow. Short, but nice. He started to talk to me about thetans and I tuned him out. I am getting used to LA, but so many pigeaters. Where do they come … [Read more...]

Too easy to be cynical, name-call and label

This is sort of funny and sort of sad. Gerald at Closed Cafeteria has been called an "idiot of the Catholic blogosphere" by someone who wrote it in plural, so I assume there are more of us "idiots."I will happily include myself in the category, because I know who I am! :-)Anyway, this fellow wrote:I'm ashamed that this guy considers himself some kind of paragon of Catholic orthodoxy. The site is actually quite entertaining when discusing anything other than politics. Alas, when politics … [Read more...]

“…and I shall truly live.”

Sr. Kathleen Clare Lahl, OSB, makes her solemn vowWhen a Benedictine monastic of either sex makes solemn vows, one of the most moving parts of the ritual is when he or she stands before the altar of the Lord, arms upraised, and makes the triple "suscipe," proclaiming three times, "Accept me, Lord, as you have promised, and I shall truly live..."It is an ancient formula and a tremendous moment. Here is a rather nice story of a nun making her final vows at the Clyde monastery which - as with … [Read more...]

Yes, Global Warming is Hoo-Hah

An email from a nail-bitten Global Warming True Believer challenged me to explain why I don't believe in the inevitable terrors of Global Warming. This person wondered how, since I am not a scientist, I am not a sophisticate and I am - gasp - a rightwingnutjob, could I possibly speak credibly on the issue and why don't I believe people like Al Gore and Bill Clinton - after all, they've never lied to me before, like that lying liar, Dubya.Well, if you're looking for degrees in Earth Science, … [Read more...]

Oh Happy Day! Catholic Music gets saved!

The rather prissy and disapproving tone of this article aside, one can only leap for joy to read that the pope has finally spoken out about the travesty that is Catholic Music in the 21st century. I am not kidding when I said that this past weekend I listened to a guitarist and a barely-competant keyboardist plunk away and howl and I prayed, "please, God in heaven, make it stop, make it stop!"Bad contemporary music was one of the spoiled fruits of the Second Vatican Council. Told by the … [Read more...]

Limbaugh and Viagra, now the kiddies snicker

Okay, so, Rush had Viagra in his bag and his doctor didn't prescribe it in his name because if you're Rush Limbaugh (or Bill Clinton or whomever) and you know you have a gazillion childish guns pointed at you - at all times - you'd rather not have some pharmacist blab in some internet forum that you're using Viagra, or herpes medicine or genital wart salves or whatever. Perfectly understandable.Sadly, now we'll be treated to a few days of people sniggering and making snide, adolescent jokes … [Read more...]

Mondegreens, global warming and Saddam

A few things I have be meaning to show you:Neo-Neocon's fun and charming post on mondegreens, a subject upon which Vanderleun is also writing.HangRight Politics has unveiled their new Cut-and-run-Meter - creating a handy one-stop reference for you.Flopping Aces finds evidence that Democrat outrage is all for show. Gasp. We've always known it, but now it's pretty much out there and admitted.Did he just say what I thought he did? I mean, I thought the whole premise of their outrage was … [Read more...]

Keller is well-pummeled; you don’t need me! UPDATED

:::Scroll down for updates:::Lately, I find that when the blogs are swarming on an issue there are enough writers writing well on an issue - for example, the issue of Bill Keller and the NY Times' perfidy - that I don't really need to throw my less-impressive pearls out into the 'sphere.I do like Glenn Reynolds' response to Keller's most childish and specious statement. Keller wrote - unbelievably - Some of the incoming mail quotes the angry words of conservative bloggers and TV or radio … [Read more...]

NY Times pushing to be charged? UPDATED

Related: Keller is well-pummeled, you don't need me.UPDATE: Do not miss Dr. Sanity's roundup which includes a link to this Jack Kelly piece on how Time Magazine spikes stories that are "too heroic." Yes, it's relevant. Also, give a read over at at The Scratching Post - CTCat is a marketer who is wondering if perhaps the NY Times IS deliberately trying to provoke the WH into making charges against them: I suggest that the NYT is hoping, praying, begging the Bush administration to take them … [Read more...]

The media’s full-court press on Global Warming

It brings us this headline:Earth warmest in at least 400 years, panel findsWhich begs the question...if we weren't driving cars and flying planes and otherwise polluting the earth...why was the earth so freaking hot 400 years ago?How about, Global Warming is Junk Science exploiting on the fact that the earth naturally warms and cools...and that Global Warming is being given the big hysteria-push these days because it is going to be used as a means to an end.Once Bill Clinton - on whose … [Read more...]

A Happy 6’7″ Merchant Marine and the CIC

A great story about innocent joy, persistance and hard work.Gabriel Whitney says he did not plan to nearly suffocate President Bush in a bear hug. In fact, he did not plan to hug him at all. [...] With more reason than most to be overjoyed, the 6-foot-7 midshipman stepped onto the stage to accept his degree and hugged Vice Adm. Joseph D. Stewart, the academy's superintendent. Then he raised both arms in a victorious salute as his classmates roared their approval.Elated and with his arms … [Read more...]