Trash, Romance & Stuff you’ve ordered from my Bookshelf – UPDATED

Hey, I'm feeling a little better - not well enough to mix it up, but at least I'm capable of staring blearily at the computer screen while dabbing at my leaking left eye, and this is progress!I was looking at The Bookshelf and realized it's time for me to update the thing - pull out some books and CD's to make room for more. (I'm sure my husband wishes I'd do this in real life, too).But while I am thinking of it, I'm curious - I seem to get an email from almost everyone who buys Rumer … [Read more...]

Adoration, The Mists, The Veil

ADORATION AND THE MIST, THE VEILLast night I had the tremendous opportunity to participate in Adoration with the Nocturnal Adoration Society, which is different from merely going to an hour of silent Adoration.The NAS promotes Adoration and specifically works to organize whole nights of prayer, with hourly teams getting together to chant the psalms, read scripture and the writings of the Church Fathers and to simply pray - it is all prayer, really - before the Blessed Sacrament. The prayer … [Read more...]

Take a scroll down Bob’s world

Just go over here and scroll down. Read a few things about foster babies and how broken is the system meant to support them. A whole new world to pray about that I'd never much thought of before... … [Read more...]

Catching up on reading…

This round up may not be as weirdly entertaining as this one (what was I thinking?) but here are a few new links and a few pieces you may have missed over the past few days - I missed a few of them, myself, and pass 'em on to you because...well, they are worth reading and thinking about!First up, Betsy Newmark has been writing gangbusters. I like her site all year, but I especially like her when schooooools out for summah!, when she has more time to really put her own thoughts out there. … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday, Mr. President!

***Reposted by request and will stay on top all day. Newer posts will be below, when I post them!*** :-)A much-esteemed, long-neglected friend sent an email this morning, which was delightful to recieve. At one point he mentioned this post from yesterday and wrote: I think (President Bush) has lost his bearings. but then, so did Moses from time to time, it's quite understandable.That made me wonder a little - has President Bush lost his bearings, or have we? Is it President Bush who … [Read more...]

Hugh Hewitt sums it up perfectly

It must be increasingly obvious even to New York Times' reporters that the article of June 23 did enormous damage to the United States' ability to "follow the money," a damage that may become complete as countries such as Belgium and Canada review their support for the use of the program data by the CIA.Lichtblau's, Risen's and Keller's place in journalism history is secure. Even loyal friends and allies should at this point fall silent. There is no defense to be made and no counterattack to … [Read more...]

Jonah to Hitchens to Betsy, a 4th Round-up

Freedom of Speech by Norman Rockwell, The Four FreedomsOn July 4th we celebrate freedom. So why am I so depressed to read this, by Gary Larsen?Editorial page editors at the McClatchy Co.-owned Minneapolis Star-Tribune removed king-sized hunks of syndicated columnist Jonah Goldberg’s recent column about New York Times, et al. revealing national secrets and compromising national security, during the war on terror.Seems the Star-Tribune didn't like Goldberg's musings, so they cut them. ( … [Read more...]

Anchoress identifies source of world’s problems

Against all sense, and my own better judgment, I today took a trip to the local Costco in order to buy hamburgers, chicken legs and marinade in the mass quantities needed in order to entertain guests on the Fourth of July.It was there, in the teeming, steaming rotisserie chicken section of the store that my senses became heightened and my consciousness got raised. I had an epiphany.The problem with the whole world, and everything in it, is fruit. Specifically strawberries and pineapples. … [Read more...]

Would Keller want his home & security blabbed about?

The usual suspects on the left are scornfully looking down their noses at the usual suspects on the right, because folks on the right are incensed by this NY Times story which gives not only locations of homes owned by the VP and SecDef, but includes helpful little nuggets like, "the birdhouse has a camera in it..." (So, you know...if you're going to go try something over there, bring your spraypaint...)The right is being called paranoid by the sophisticated left.Meanwhile, I'm just … [Read more...]

USA Today pulls by on the spy story…

So, lemme get this straight. They make a claim...they wait a couple weeks, for the narrative to become entrenched...then they pull back on it late of the Friday Afternoon of a long holiday weekend, when no one is paying attention.Yeppers, that's our modern Fourth Estate, doing their best work.Who will guard the guardians, indeed. … [Read more...]

New to the blogroll

I rarely mention my blogroll, but let me encourage you, during this holiday weekend, to take a look at it and perhaps visit some sites with which you are not familiar. I've added a few new sites to it over the past few days, specifically Cobb, Big Lizards, Sister Toldjah (whom I thought I already had on board!) and John-o-pedia.I haven't removed any in a while, but I may pull a few soon, not because I have differences with them - I never care who disagrees with me - but because I find upon … [Read more...]

Maureen Dowd loves bloggers!

Oh, I knew she'd come around, sooner or later!Barcepundit translates a bit from a Dowd interview. Dowd says: It's a very healthy situation: blogs lead me to try to be better every day. H/T's too bad the Times has her hidden in pay-per-viewland and I never read her any more, but in honor of Maureenie's blog-love, here are links to some of my Dowd-related posts!Maureen Dowd Wrote the Wrong BookMaureen Dowd Needs to Consider Her UterusModo's Keep: The Sterile … [Read more...]

A Mother-Hung Nation? Meyer, again.

Yesterday, in this piece on Hamlet and Harry Potter, I wrote this:Here is the interesting question…when a life has been lived with a sense of deep mission - as in either Hamlet's or Harry's case - and that mission has been fulfilled, what is the purpose of the life, thereafter? [...] Perhaps this is why monarchs, old generals, popes, entrepreneurs, mother-hung rock stars and CBS newsmen can never willingly retire and live out their days. Without their sense of mission, life has no thrust and p … [Read more...]

Swiss Guys and udders…

Gulp.In what I think might be an answer to my Bryn in a Loincloth post, which I know she felt teased her most cruelly, Fausta has posted this commercial about Swiss guys who are not obsessed with soccer.The dimpled guy climbing the rock. I claim! I got dibs! The rest of you back off, now! … [Read more...]