Limbaugh and Viagra, now the kiddies snicker

Okay, so, Rush had Viagra in his bag and his doctor didn't prescribe it in his name because if you're Rush Limbaugh (or Bill Clinton or whomever) and you know you have a gazillion childish guns pointed at you - at all times - you'd rather not have some pharmacist blab in some internet forum that you're using Viagra, or herpes medicine or genital wart salves or whatever. Perfectly understandable.Sadly, now we'll be treated to a few days of people sniggering and making snide, adolescent jokes … [Read more...]

Mondegreens, global warming and Saddam

A few things I have be meaning to show you:Neo-Neocon's fun and charming post on mondegreens, a subject upon which Vanderleun is also writing.HangRight Politics has unveiled their new Cut-and-run-Meter - creating a handy one-stop reference for you.Flopping Aces finds evidence that Democrat outrage is all for show. Gasp. We've always known it, but now it's pretty much out there and admitted.Did he just say what I thought he did? I mean, I thought the whole premise of their outrage was … [Read more...]

Keller is well-pummeled; you don’t need me! UPDATED

:::Scroll down for updates:::Lately, I find that when the blogs are swarming on an issue there are enough writers writing well on an issue - for example, the issue of Bill Keller and the NY Times' perfidy - that I don't really need to throw my less-impressive pearls out into the 'sphere.I do like Glenn Reynolds' response to Keller's most childish and specious statement. Keller wrote - unbelievably - Some of the incoming mail quotes the angry words of conservative bloggers and TV or radio … [Read more...]

NY Times pushing to be charged? UPDATED

Related: Keller is well-pummeled, you don't need me.UPDATE: Do not miss Dr. Sanity's roundup which includes a link to this Jack Kelly piece on how Time Magazine spikes stories that are "too heroic." Yes, it's relevant. Also, give a read over at at The Scratching Post - CTCat is a marketer who is wondering if perhaps the NY Times IS deliberately trying to provoke the WH into making charges against them: I suggest that the NYT is hoping, praying, begging the Bush administration to take them … [Read more...]

The media’s full-court press on Global Warming

It brings us this headline:Earth warmest in at least 400 years, panel findsWhich begs the question...if we weren't driving cars and flying planes and otherwise polluting the earth...why was the earth so freaking hot 400 years ago?How about, Global Warming is Junk Science exploiting on the fact that the earth naturally warms and cools...and that Global Warming is being given the big hysteria-push these days because it is going to be used as a means to an end.Once Bill Clinton - on whose … [Read more...]

A Happy 6’7″ Merchant Marine and the CIC

A great story about innocent joy, persistance and hard work.Gabriel Whitney says he did not plan to nearly suffocate President Bush in a bear hug. In fact, he did not plan to hug him at all. [...] With more reason than most to be overjoyed, the 6-foot-7 midshipman stepped onto the stage to accept his degree and hugged Vice Adm. Joseph D. Stewart, the academy's superintendent. Then he raised both arms in a victorious salute as his classmates roared their approval.Elated and with his arms … [Read more...]

VW, Gene Kelly and a GREAT Commercial

Since yesterday I brought you a kind of weird commercial, today I figured I'd give you a great one, like this terrific Volkswagon commercial.I've always been a sucker for Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire!I heard a great VW commercial on the radio today, too...the announcer is talking about German engineering and the ego-emission free VW cars, and decided that these german engineers must be aliens...he goes up to one and say, "excuse me are you an alien?" You hear a German man say, "Is dis ah … [Read more...]

Computer problems force a light round up

My computer is acting up today, to the point where I just want to find a rifle and blow a hole through the thing...or find a katana and slice it to I'll offer you a few tasty bites to chew on as I go out and find a weapon!Europeans Support Bush on Nuclear Stance". I'm surprised the headline hasn't yet been changed.Alexandra at All Things Beautiful has a provocative piece up (but then she is always fearless and provocative) wherein she wonders, "Does Society Set The Standard For … [Read more...]

Can we say “Ellis Islands, West?”

Big Lizard has a terrific post in which he wonders why none of the hardliner, "ship 'em all back - illegal is illegal" bloggers are so disinterested in the nightmarish hoops people must jump through in order to come here legally, and how necessary is real immigration reform is in this country. He writes eloquently, and you must read his whole post. Here is an excerpt:SachiMy wife was a legal immigrant; she jumped through all the hoops, did everything by the book. She got a green card; … [Read more...]

What WOULD Mary do?

The other day I posted a homily written and delivered by a pal of mine who is taking a homiletics class in preparation for his ordination as a permanent Deacon in the R.C. Church.Last week's homily was good. This one is dynamite. It's provocative, faith-filled, challenging and it will make you think in ways you might not have, before.What Would Mary Do? by Greg KandraHis name was Charles Sheldon – and he is one of the most influential preachers and spiritual writers in American history. … [Read more...]

The Geneva Convention doesn’t fit, here

It is very difficult to read the news of the deaths of our kidnapped soldiers. As a parent, all one can do is weep for the families of these men and pray for them, and pray for the people who boast of their "slaughter" while demanding their own be treated with kid gloves and accorded the treatment and considerations due real soldiers - the ones who wear uniforms and do not hide in shadows or shield themselves with children. (Imagine how many fewer innocent civilians would die if the Jihadists … [Read more...]

“Happy Morning! Sleep when you are dead!”

A most unusual coffee commerical.It could have been so funny, had it been done right. Although, I don't know how you would do it right.Instead it's just...really, really odd. And that guy in the shower reminds me of the disturbed guy who whacked Bruce Willis in The Sixth Sense. ("I see dead people!")Your thoughts, folks? Honestly, I can't think of a thing to say...UPDATE: I was struck so dumb by the thing I turned to Ann Althouse for help articulating a thought on it; not … [Read more...]

A very light round-up

I've had difficulty focusing today - lots of people between the ages of 21 and 17 seem to be coming in and out of the house, and there is mulch and stuff on the floor, and ukulele's all very confusing and I'm just going to link to a few things that might interest or amuse you, and leave you to your devices.The Cap'n, my blogfather, Ed Morrissey is recuperating from back surgery, and he has a nice little round-up of his own, at his site (thanks for the link, Capting - as … [Read more...]

I’ve said enough about Ann Coulter

But Hedgehog has not.Blackfive says Murtha has jumped the shark, and probably so.Still, you know my feelings about how a thing is said, about the importance of using a verbal stiletto with a bit of dexterity and deftness. A stiletto is elegant but deadly, and much preferable to a machete, which just hacks and hacks and leaves a slippery want to aim for the graceful thrust that leaves everyone serene, even the ones who are bleeding out. … [Read more...]