Bush’s victories receive scant attention

Gasp! Do ya think?Hey, at least someone, somewhere acknowledges it!Last week, there was much less media coverage of a Rose Garden ceremony in which Bush presided over the swearing-in of Kavanaugh, who had been confirmed by a 57-36 vote.Bush has quietly been racking up small victories like these that seem at odds with the media’s conventional wisdom of a presidency on the skids. [...] In addition to success with his nominations, Bush also is presiding over a booming economy and is even s … [Read more...]

“Is Coulter missing a humanity gene?” UPDATED

:::Scroll down for update:::My brother Thom asked that question after reading this piece about Ann Coulter's latest over-reach.She's never been my cuppa, as I have written before. While she is whip-smart, I've never liked her because Coulter tends to overdo - she routinely loses sight of boundaries of common decency. She goes too far and discredits herself and the values she says she espouses.I must say, my skin crawled to read some of her statements. To me she is embodying everything I … [Read more...]

Teens, Technology and CBS

CBS is going to be running a three-day series on Teenagers and Technology - I frankly feel that Buster's generation came out of the womb hard-wired and ready for interaction with diodes and such - and they're looking for interested parents who would be willing to participate by submitting questions and concerns to the shows panel of experts, as explained here.Through the use of multimedia, we will examine how teens are using technology and what that technology is doing to them.We also want … [Read more...]

Help Sr. Greta choose her new name!

I believe this blog has been following the progress of Sr. Greta since her entrance to a Dominican monastery in New Jersey. Now, she is preparing to be recieved as a novice and clothed in the habit of that order. If she likes, she may choose a new name as part of her new life in God.There is precedent of course, for this in scripture - Abram became Abraham, Noe became Noah, Simon became Peter, etc.Yes, to set one's tent in a monastery - to spend a whole lifetime in one spot - might seem … [Read more...]

My eventual waking

Some of you have written to me expressing your hopes that I will re-consider what I have written about my eventual death and waking.You will be happy to know that my husband has decided the issue for me.He's decided that since he can pretty much do what he wants once I'm dead, he'll subject me to a ten day public wake and then launch me off the Great South Bay of Long Island, Viking style, with all of my Bryn Terfel CD's and DVD's and Kiefer Sutherland DVD's in tow...then he'll toss a torch … [Read more...]

Prayers for the Captain’s First Mate

This sounds pretty scary:After six hours in the ER, however, the FM insisted that she was OK and wanted to go home. Neither I nor the doctors could talk her into getting admitted, so home we went, with oxygen and a wheelchair, and an oxygenator when we arrived home. Once we got home, she once again collapsed when getting out of the car in the garage. I hosted her into a folding chair and called our son. The two of us carried her up the stairs to the bedroom and got oxygen on her fast, and she … [Read more...]

Impudent? Moi???

I just got called "impudent" in an email!What a great, underused word! I have not been called "impudent" since the grade school, when I insisted to Sr. Mary Gemma that the word "it" was a preposition. I may have called it a proposition, too! :-)Yes, I was impudent back then, and I deserved the standing-in-the-corner bit.But today? Impudent? Moi? As a famous radio guy would say, "I'm a harmless loveable little fuzzball..."Or something.I'm going to go off to Adoration, now. I'll … [Read more...]

Van-the-Man, 3rd party talk, Newtie & me UPDATED

:::SCROLL DOWN FOR UPDATE:::I apologize for light-to-non-existant posting. We've had out-of-state company in for the funeral, etc, and I was wondering why I seemed to have no energy for even answering my emails - then I got my CBC today and realized WHY I was so tired...but I should be back on my feet in a day or so...or so.Meanwhile, plodding through my emails, I note that Van Morrison is promising (or threatening) to play this summer at a local venue and I was wondering if anyone has ever … [Read more...]

And this is why I love Bryn…

A thoughtful reader sent a pick-me-up with this link to Bryn singing 'Miei rampolli femminini' from Rossini's La Cenerentola.. He's clearly having a ball with it and so is the audience. A great singer, a great actor. From the hairstyle, I'd say this is from about 6 or 8 years ago.The reader also sent this revealing link.He began winning eisteddfods after his voice broke when he was 11 and went on to study singing at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London. Big Bryn also had to … [Read more...]

“I am still here…so is Christ…so is your brother”

While my own synapses are not yet firing on cue, I thought I would direct you to this piece by Kobayashi Maru, who relates a story of serendipitous consolation. Except we all know, there are no accidents. You'll want to read this. It will give you chills. … [Read more...]

Thank you for your condolences

I have decided that when I die, I don't want the wake thing, at least not as we do it these days. I don't want two days of lows and highs, then the terrible closing of a lid and all of these people crying and crying...I mean, there were some wonderful tributes made to my brother in law - a note from a woman who had never seemed particularly close to him and yet whose words of tribute were so on-target we read them again and again, and re-appreciated the fact that my BIL was a man who never … [Read more...]

A few staggered breaths and he is gone…

My dear brother-in-law, whom I have known for all of my life, left us today. In his last weeks, we have seen in his leave-taking all of the horror of my brother S's death, and only some of the beauty. His passing was very quick, and he died at home, in his own bed, as he wished. I almost cannot believe he is gone, except that DH and I saw him only an hour before he died...and it was plain that tonight's goodbye would be our last.Please pray for my sister; she is exhausted beyond words and, … [Read more...]

Bertie lives up to the Wooster Code!

In such divisive times as these, it is always good to turn to a friend and be able to count on him to buck you up, lift you from the doldrums and otherwise stiffen the upper lip! But then that is The Code of the Woosters, to "never let a pal down."I habitually turn to Plum Wodehouse's most sublime farce when I am feeling down, and Bertie and his man, Jeeves never fail me. My worn paperback edition has a terrific introduction by Alexander Cockburn that I enjoyed reading tonight.He writes: … [Read more...]

I told you! I TOLD You!

Oh, lemme gloat a little bit...I wrote here:The Enron verdict is guilty. It will be spun as a disaster for the Bushies, and no mention will be made of Clinton bringing Enron folk to India with him while in office or of his playing golf with Kenny Boy. What’s new?Well, Howard Fineman did the honors and in a very sloppy manner, as we read from Stephen Spruiell:This is one of the most astonishing opinion pieces I've ever read. The title is "How Enron Tarnishes the Bush Era." I read it e … [Read more...]