South Park – honest, brave, honorable

Thoughts on Part II are hereI can't believe I'm writing those words. In the beginning, I wouldn't let my kids watch the show.Tonight's episode was brilliant. And brave. Basically Matt Stone and Trey Parker took all of their creative capital and threw down a gauntlet: America, will you submit to Dhimmitude (beginning with the continual placing of your head in the sand) or will you stand up for free speech and liberty.It's about the Mohammed Cartoons. It's about more than that, though. … [Read more...]

Couric to CBS – UPDATED

I only care - because mostly I don't care - but I only care because I freaking TOLD them not to do it, and they never listen to me...just like the Yankees never listen when I say "bunt...BUNT!"CBS Public Eye has a round up of blogger reaction and some reader comments that are interesting. Lots of unimpressed, yawning folks out there.As I wrote here, I thought Bob Schieffer was as good as anyone doing the news - and better than some, but I warned Moonves a while back that there were issues … [Read more...]

Looming Deadline means light blogging

:::Stickied to Top for Now:::Scroll down for newer stuff:::For the next few weeks, anyway, I'm going to have to limit the blogging (and - sadly - answering email) time in order to meet a deadline. I'm really up against it because I've been so undisciplined, just having fun and blogging away. Now it's pedal to the metal time. Hope you'll bear with me! … [Read more...]

Media indifference and Sandy Berger

Dr. Sanity has a good point, here.And here. They don't care about this, either. Reid will never have to respond to a question about it.Coupled with the Dateline Sting Operation (exposing bigots in the NASCAR stands, for the good of the nation) it all adds up to a press without shame or a conscience.Kind of a Clintonian press, actually. The things Bill didn't want to look at during his presidency, he didn't look at. Vacation from history. The things the press doesn't want to see, it … [Read more...]

Ed Driscoll on 9/11 films

He has a great piece up - a must read … [Read more...]

Don’t they understand the power of a compulsion?

Confederate Yankee takes a some law professor to task - quite rightly, I think - for suggesting that Michelle Malkin doesn't write her own blog.Yankee does a fine job blowing the theory out of the water, so I needn't. But as a "long form" blogger who still manages to rack up the number of daily posts, I'm simply wondering if the professor has any idea how addictive the whole form is, and how easy it is to hammer out posts - particularly if you are a short-form blogger like Michelle, who … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday Lorie and Mary

Don't sweat 40, Lorie. 45, that's another story. That's only 5 years away from 50!Why do I still feel about 33?Mary did not say how old she is!.Also, California Conservative is celebrating a first Blogoversary! Congrats!Hey, it's snowling like all get-out over here! :-) Sticking, too! … [Read more...]

Play Ball – Remembering Babe Herman!

Baseball season is begun! In tribute to this fine game, allow me to reprint a post from 'way back!Whaddya mean, you don’t know who Babe Herman is?My son Buster is down with a cold (this is what you get when you want to walk a girl home from school in the pouring, freezing cold rain, instead of calling your mother for a ride!) and he is watching Pride of the Yankees. Buster loves old movies, so he’s not put-off by the old-fashioned, innocent tone of it, and he’s loving the story, especially … [Read more...]

I’m sorry, please forgive the gushing

I'll be doing some more gushing next month, when Elder Brother has his junior recital, too, so please excuse the excess of motherly excitation, but Buster performed Stradella's "Pieta Signore" this weekend for the judges and - for the third year in a row - received a score of 100%, with some really great remarks on the part of the adjudicator.As I wrote during last year's gush: in NY, a state that is very competitive musically, with so many talented kids, so many schools and a relatively … [Read more...]

But the threat is exaggerated…

The US Capital was evacuated briefly due to a power outage.Boy, folks are sure skittish over a threat that they say Bush has exaggerated - criminally exaggerated, even.Kind of reminds me of how, after 9/11, Hollywood wanted to have its Emmy awards at a military base...because - of course - the terrorists would be targeting our most beautiful and talented people.But really...the best way to deal with the threat of terrorism is...well, anything but what Bush has done. … [Read more...]


Over the past few weeks I have had lots of emails from people who are grieving and dealing with the loss of a parent or a sibling, and in one case, a spouse.I remembered this story and shared it with someone, and then thought it might be worth posting, too.I have a good friend of over 20 years, who recently lost her mother. A few weeks after the funeral, her brother was driving home and "talking" to her mother in the way that we do - wondering "can you see me, can you hear me, are you … [Read more...]

Random ramblings

The American Death Toll in Iraq has hit a two year low. I know, you saw it in all the headlines.David Byrne, in the Chicago Tribune is taking the media to task on its Iraq coverage:Those of us who haven't been in a war zone criticize the work of war correspondents at our own peril. Yet, for all the assertions that little or no good news is to be found in Iraq, it is simple to find some on the Internet from, for example, the U.S. Agency for International Development, which is helping … [Read more...]

Deatheaters and the 90% Solution? UPDATED

I'm taking this story with a grain of salt, and I'd advise everyone else to, also, given that there is only one source and I don't know how good that source is.“Every one of you who gets to survive has to bury nine,” Eric Pianka cautioned students and guests at St. Edward’s University on Friday.Not content with their servings thanks to abortion and euthanasia, the Deatheaters are looking up from their feast and demanding more, more, more. How about serving us up a banquet via the ebola virus … [Read more...]

Remembering John Paul II

***This post will be updated with new links and stories as I find them, keep scrolling down***CNS file Photo by Arturo MariA year after the death of John Paul II and the elevation of Benedict XVI, the always terrific John Allen has an intelligent and well-written look at the last year. It's long, it's great, it covers a lot. One to print out and read with your Sunday cawfee. But I'll give you this little teaser:John Paul II will likely be remembered in history as a great evangelist. He … [Read more...]