“Illegals” hysteria & the place I can’t go

I had doctor's appointments most of the day, and while I was in the car I kept switching around on the radio. I pulled up Rush and couldn't listen more than a few minutes. What I heard was a disappointing, strange, paranoia-feeding rant on how the "moderate Republicans and Democrats in the Senate" have a deliberate plan afoot to "enlarge the number of victims and people who will need welfare services" so as to "enlarge government..."It's all a plot and a conspiracy, you see...nothing could … [Read more...]

NSA leak/Jefferson/Congress, Whaaa?

Okay, this is just getting too interesting...or too confusing, I can't decide which.Here's Mac's Mind, this morning:(Quoting CNN) The FBI wants to interview top members of Congress from both parties about the leak to The New York Times concerning the National Security Agency's domestic surveillance program, sources told CNN.The Capitol Hill newspaper Roll Call first reported that the FBI wanted to question federal legislators as part of its probe. The sources do not know if any members … [Read more...]

“You want to jump and scream and encourage your child”

Yes, you do want to "...jump and scream and encourage your child." But comes a time - and I'd say it's around 8th grade, where you really should no longer feel compelled to scream your kid's name and hoot and holler every time you see them perform in a band, sing in a choir, etc.Apparently, this bishop feels the same way and after repeated requests to parents to please refrain from carrying on and applauding, hooting, bellowing, etc until all the High School graduates were named were ignored, … [Read more...]

House and Senate “moving toward each other?”

California Conservative thinks perhaps they are moving toward each other on immigration.Considering how pissed off America is with all of them, that might be wise. I'm thinking there must be some ground between the "no amnesty" rock and the "give it all away" hard place.Writes California Conservative:Jim Sensenbrenner is exactly right about it being difficult, if not impossible, to “have legal proceedings to deport 11 to 12 million people.” If he’s saying that nothing “is a dealbreaker” at … [Read more...]

Madonna, DV Code and Milk & Honey

I've had some emails wondering, "Anchoress, how come you're not writing much about The DaVinci Code? How come you're not outraged about Madonna's latest provocation?"Well...actually, I have written - or more correctly I've linked to Amy Welborn's writing - about the DaVinci fraud and I mentioned the pathetic Madonna here.Why haven't I written more? Well, to be honest, I just don't care about either of these over-hyped, over-exposed things.I have not bothered to get myself into an uproar … [Read more...]

Jefferson and Hastert – OUT NOW!

UPDATE: Mac at Macsmind thinks Bush is doing the biggest rope-a-dope of all and I kinda hope he's right.If he is right, maybe Hastert can stay...if not...we return you to my original post: ***I want them both out! And Pelosi, too, since she's the minority speaker and she's in agreement with Hastert. OUT! They all deserve each other, and they all need to resign, and since they won't do it without pressure, I say we apply pressure. I don't actually know how we do that, but I'm sure others … [Read more...]

Lies, Selective reporting and other links

Hamlet: Will you play upon this pipe? Guildenstern: My lord, I cannot. Hamlet: I pray you. Guildenstern: Believe me, I cannot. Hamlet: I do beseech you. Guildenstern: I know no touch of it my lord. Hamlet: It is as easy as lying. - Hamlet, Act IIISpeaking of lying, check out Alexandra's excellent exposition of just how successful the press has been in selling the idea that no one ever said nuthing about WMD until President Bush did. Good piece. It all can't be said enough, given how easily … [Read more...]

Wierd Al’s Great Legos Video

This video is brill - just brill. Enjoy it for the fun details and the astonishing animation. You'll love. I say, Love!Takes a little while to download. Worth the wait. … [Read more...]

Thank you for your donations…

Hopefully, my day-from-the-seventh-ring-of-hades (don't even ask) will soon get better and I'll actually be able to post something, but in the meantime, please accept my thanks.Although my reluctant little fundraiser only lasted a day instead of the planned three, I have been humbled and heartened by your response to it. I have tried, as best I can, to thank each of you with a personal email, but lots of folks donating the Amazon Honor System seem to have wished to do so anonymously, or … [Read more...]

A lyric, a tone, it made me weep

Perhaps I am punchy, a little, from a busy day of writing and editing and the ongoing situation with my brother-in-law and his illness. In fact, I am quite sure it is because I am thinking of him, and my sister and their children, that this Robert Louis Stevenson lyric, set to music by Vaughan Williams and sung by Bryn Terfel, grabbed my heart and left me somewhat undone, this afternoon.Youth and LoveTo the heart of youth the world is a highwayside. Passing for ever, he fares; and on either … [Read more...]

Quick hits and wonders around the ‘sphere

Finishing up - finally and forever - that project whose deadline has been looming over my head, so here is a quick look around the 'sphere.Peter Wehner looks at revisionist history going on under our nose. This is a must-read, and a keeper.If you're wondering how the "Bush Lied about WMD" meme keeps living, Lorie Byrd can tell you. It lives with great assistance by the press. About now seems a good time to resurrect this compilation of precisely what the Dems said about WMD all those … [Read more...]

Lorie Byrd flies to Wizbang!

This, to my way of thinking, is a match made in heaven!. Following the meltdown at Polipundit, Lorie has been invited over to Wizbang.com.Lorie is capable of writing serious or funny and she knows when it's time to address important issues and when it's time to simply gush over Jack Bauer. Here is her first posting, on Karl Rove Watchers.This is a smart lady, and Wizbang is a smart site - heck, they've proved it by inviting her onto the team! Congrats and good luck, Lorie, and best to the … [Read more...]

The Essential President Bush

A much-esteemed, long-neglected friend sent an email this morning, which was delightful to recieve. At one point he mentioned this post from yesterday and wrote: I think (President Bush) has lost his bearings. but then, so did Moses from time to time, it's quite understandable.That made me wonder a little - has President Bush lost his bearings, or have we? Is it President Bush who has broken faith with "his base" or have they?When I read my friend's line, I thought of a line from Pride … [Read more...]

Guilt and Shame – do we need them?

Hi, Pajamas Readers, the piece you're looking for is here. Hopefully the PJM link will soon be fixed.As for the rest of you...Julie at Happy Catholic took the stuff Dr. Sanity wrote here, and the stuff I wrote here and took them places a lesser mind might never go!You have to read the those two posts in order to fairly read and understand what Julie has written here, and you really do want to read her thoughts. An excerpt:It can be difficult to disassociate shame and guilt, especially … [Read more...]