“The world is filled with great people”

Indeed it is. Great people, not great governments! :-)Check out The World of Good blogburst. … [Read more...]

Abdul Rahman – Safe in Italy UPDATED

"I think he arrived overnight" Premier Silvio Berlusconi said.OEC writes America should take a cue and "learn that it's alright to do the right thing....I have to take a little gentle exception, there. America knows it's alright to do the right thing and has been doing it for the last three years under nothing but criticism. I think diplomatically it was smart for America to let another country do this. She has enough on her plate. I hope Mr. Rahman is being held somewhere very safe for … [Read more...]

Clinton, the media, the revolution

Perhaps Clinton's yacking has to do with pulling Tony Blair back in line for the upcoming "revolution," which will be built upon the "global warming" meme?As Clinton's also involved with this deal, it's good to recall that many Clintonistas either went into "journalism" or married "journalists" when they were done with the White House.If you own the press, you own enormous power - the Clintons have always known that. And if you're building a revolution on the basis of dubious science...all … [Read more...]

Two Film Trailers

My Li'l Bro Thom sent me this from the Diocese of Brooklyn - very impressive. Some are calling "Fishers of Men," an 18 minute film, the best thing ever made about the vocation to the priesthood."God in the Streets of New York," is a film about a Eucharistic Procession done recently in NYC - you don't see them much anymore. This one was - by all accounts of those who attended - a marvel.You can see both trailers and more here.If you're looking for other formats you can scroll down, here … [Read more...]

A Reformist Muslim response?

I, among others, have been asking - rhetorically - "where are the moderate/reformist Muslims? We need to hear them!"It seems one is speaking up - and this is a very heartening message:Unlike some of my fellow believers I don’t think that the recent glut of Westerners calling for the reformation of Islam is due solely to an imperial Western ambition. I believe that much of non-Muslim engagement with Islam is premised upon a well-intentioned impulse. I believe that some Western antipathy t … [Read more...]

A compendium of media chicanery

This is excellently done: Freeper "Starbase" has unveiled a project I wish I'd thought to do: A Directory of Modern Propaganda Techniques1. Guilt By Association:This is used to damage someone's reputation by associating them with an unattractive person or organization. It doesn't matter if there is an actual association or not.Example: Kristen said that too many people were moving into the South without the input of Americans already living there. "This land is for my grandchildren, not … [Read more...]

The Pope to China?

This could be huge - good news for oppressed Christians all over the world, not just in China!Pope Benedict XVI told a delegation from Hong Kong he will visit China in what would be an extraordinary papal visit to the communist nation, but he said the trip's timing depends on "God's wish," media reports said Tuesday.One of the Vatican's goals is to restart official relations with China, which forced its Roman Catholics to cut ties with the Holy See in 1951 after the officially atheist … [Read more...]

Iran, the Test Case? The world is failing

Iran is the test case. It is the most dangerous political entity on the planet, and yet the world response has been catastrophically slow and reluctant. Years of knowingly useless negotiations, followed by hesitant international resolutions, have brought us to only the most tentative of steps--referral to a Security Council that lacks unity and resolve. Iran knows this and therefore defiantly and openly resumes its headlong march to nuclear status. If we fail to prevent an Iranian regime run by … [Read more...]

A bit of reserve can preserve you

Julie at Happy Catholic shares a bit about her daughter, Rose-the-Quiet-One.Rose is what some would call the original stone face. She doen't feel the need to respond to everything that everybody says but holds her judgments to herself much of the time. It's practically anti-American ... and I'm sure that at least some of my acquaintances wish I would do the same. It is partially because she is shy and partially through politeness. She often feels that what she is hearing is dead wrong but … [Read more...]

Speaking of which, here’s a roundup

So, Andy Card has resigned. Do you care? I don't. I expect the only people who will care are those who like to pontificate, speculate and buzz - think Chris Matthews and his pals. For the rest of us, I think this story is a big yawn, but ABP has some insider skinny and Joe Gandelman has the definative round-up.Speaking of Who Cares, Siggy wonders if anyone cares about Sexual Abuse of Students in our Schools. I think they only care if it's happening in a church, Sig.Speaking of churchy … [Read more...]

What a crummy former president

I'm sorry but it's completely unseemly for a former American President to go to another country and say, "boy we in America sure wish we were as great as you!"The UK's government, economy, etc is the envy of America?.Former U.S. President Bill Clinton said on Tuesday that Britain’s economy, environmental policy and attempts at modernization were envied in the United States, where comparable policies under President George W. Bush were lacking.Speaking to a packed audience at London’s Gui … [Read more...]

In the spotlight, finding her religion

Via Amy Welborn comes this OUTSTANDING interview with Mary Karr, author of The Liar's Club on her conversion to Catholicism.Some very wise stuff here, particularly when she talks specifically about prayer and grace, and her initial experiences of prayer, well before she found a church that fit. I like this part, especially, wherein her AA sponsor urges her to move beyond the simple prayer of "please help..."And then my friend said, "I want you to develop your relationship with this higher … [Read more...]

Abdul Rahman Vanishes – Deathfans and Fascists afoot

This day I call heaven and earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live. - Deut 30:19This doesn't feel too good to my gut.An Afghan man who had faced the death penalty for converting from Islam to Christianity quickly vanished Tuesday after he was released from prison, apparently out of fear for his life with Muslim clerics still demanding his death. [...] "We released him last night … [Read more...]

Evangelical Teens “disgusting” to SF pol

Sez the Catholic Report, "First Catholics, Now Evangelical Youth Attacked By Powers That Be In San Francisco. Evangelical Youth Attending A Conference On Family Values Were Met By Protestors Calling Their Event A "Fascist Mega Pep Rally." A California Assemblyman Called Them "Disgusting" And Said "They Should Leave."I don't recall hearing about the Catholic kids enduring it, but clearly the Evangelical kids were not met with the usual enthusiasm "tolerant" San Francisco usually displays for … [Read more...]