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The American Death Toll in Iraq has hit a two year low. I know, you saw it in all the headlines.David Byrne, in the Chicago Tribune is taking the media to task on its Iraq coverage:Those of us who haven't been in a war zone criticize the work of war correspondents at our own peril. Yet, for all the assertions that little or no good news is to be found in Iraq, it is simple to find some on the Internet from, for example, the U.S. Agency for International Development, which is helping … [Read more...]

Deatheaters and the 90% Solution? UPDATED

I'm taking this story with a grain of salt, and I'd advise everyone else to, also, given that there is only one source and I don't know how good that source is.“Every one of you who gets to survive has to bury nine,” Eric Pianka cautioned students and guests at St. Edward’s University on Friday.Not content with their servings thanks to abortion and euthanasia, the Deatheaters are looking up from their feast and demanding more, more, more. How about serving us up a banquet via the ebola virus … [Read more...]

Remembering John Paul II

***This post will be updated with new links and stories as I find them, keep scrolling down***CNS file Photo by Arturo MariA year after the death of John Paul II and the elevation of Benedict XVI, the always terrific John Allen has an intelligent and well-written look at the last year. It's long, it's great, it covers a lot. One to print out and read with your Sunday cawfee. But I'll give you this little teaser:John Paul II will likely be remembered in history as a great evangelist. He … [Read more...]

Buster and “The gift freely given…”

After Mass this evening Buster and I headed out for a quick hamburger and somehow the discussion came up about how the Holy Eucharist is sometimes accepted at Mass by someone only to remain unconsumed and spirited out of the church for use in various - always nefarious - ways."How exactly," Buster asked me. "I've read that the Eucharist has been stolen for use in black masses -- but what do they do with it, actually?"I don't like talking about this stuff, but I related a little - that … [Read more...]

“Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?”

Over at CBS's Public Eye they've tapped Samuel Freedman for a piece in their "Outside Voices" section (full disclosure, yer anchoress guested over there last October, so I tend to like this feature!)Freedman is a professor of journalism at Columbia University and a columnist on Education for The New York Times, and he is writing about the reality or illusion that is "citizen journalism," as one may find it on the internet or elsewhere these days, and whether Big Time Professional Journalism … [Read more...]

The Great Silence can’t come fast enough

Not for me, or for some others.This is a nice piece on the Carthusian documentary which is making such waves in Europe.The world as it is today seems to need what these people are offering.Speaking of what we need more of in the world today - I just finished Rev. James Martin's In Good Company: The Fast Track from the Corporate World to Poverty, Chastity, and Obedience and it's a winner. A man gets a good education, finds a nice job, starts living the American dream and suddenly...hears a … [Read more...]

Help out a milfamily in need…

Jim at Gateway Pundit has the story, so I'll just lift a little from him:MSG Rhys Wilson from northwest Missouri came home from Iraq to find his wife Theresa diagnosed with 4th stage neuro-endocrine cancer, unusual for a woman her age. The cancer has metastasized throughout her body. The Airman was brought back from Iraq to assist with his wife and her 8 year old who has undiagnosed heart problems. (They have a total of 6 children in their blended family, five are pictured here.)The … [Read more...]

The Global Warming Gasbags

Nick Schultz does a good job of deflating a few of the balloons flying around about global warming. The past few weeks we've seen a stepping up of hysterical rhetoric, complete with Bill Clinton urging Tony Blair on about the whole "global warming revolution..." Eek.Schultz' piece recaps the recent glut of hand-wringers:But first, the alarm bells. Consider:* This week Time magazine has a "special report" on global warming with the cover blaring "Be Worried. Be Very Worried."* … [Read more...]

Hewitt? Bauer? There’s a diff?

Beth at MVRWC asks the question. … [Read more...]

Dems on Security: Consistant! Errr…

I notice that many people are zeroing in on what I believe is Hillary Clinton's contribution to the Democrats "Real" Security (as opposed to the fake security we've been working on for these years) - that would be the particularly hypocritical, eye-spinning admonition of the Bush Administration for "outsourcing" negotiations with Iran. Writes Jim Geraghty:This from the party of multilateralism, the party of the "global test", the party that's all about "strengthening alliances." You can't … [Read more...]

Abdul Rahman thanks Pope Benedict XVI

I know I couldn't be the only one who wondered, when Italy intervened, if Uncle Benedict had anything to do with it.Abdul Rahman seems to be saying as much, hereROME - An Afghan man who had faced the death penalty in his homeland for converting from Islam to Christianity said Thursday he was certain he would have been killed if he had remained in Kabul and thanked Pope Benedict XVI for intervening on his behalf."In Kabul they would have killed me, I'm sure of it." ... He said he was … [Read more...]

Me vs Us: The Return of History

If you read nothing else today, please take time to read Gerard Vanderleun's stunning and brilliant essay, The Return of History. Send it to everyone you know and stick it in your harddrive. He puts its better and more lucidly than anyone could: the "vacation from history" is over, the "me-like-fun" era is over, and it is once again - as before in America, in all of her greatests eras - "us-time."It's difficult to excerpt something this rich, but a little taste:N THE DAYS AFTER THE TOWERS … [Read more...]

Immigration: Solomon asked for “an understanding heart”

Perhaps America, like Solomon, needs to raise its hands to heaven and ask for the same - for Wisdom. And we'd better ask soon.Why? How about for Wisdom for the Nation on the issue of Immigration (or, as a pal emailed me, "migration...")This seems like a situation in which partisanship should be put aside in favor of a genuine, workable and realistic solution that will recognise both the dignity of the human beings we're dealing with, our duties to our nation and to our core values, and our … [Read more...]

Lend a hand, say a prayer, shed a tear…

Call this the "Touch-yer-heart Roundup"First the Lend a Hand: Julie at Happy Catholic and The Holy Fool (who I need to blogroll) are linking for the sake of Ron Rolling, who is facing a situation none of us would want. They've convinced him to install a paypal button and pass the plate to stave off the action. If you've a bit to spare and feel nudged to help out, please follow the instinct. Remember, God is never outdone in generosity!Then the Say a Prayer: For wisdom, for more wisdom, … [Read more...]