The Geneva Convention doesn’t fit, here

It is very difficult to read the news of the deaths of our kidnapped soldiers. As a parent, all one can do is weep for the families of these men and pray for them, and pray for the people who boast of their "slaughter" while demanding their own be treated with kid gloves and accorded the treatment and considerations due real soldiers - the ones who wear uniforms and do not hide in shadows or shield themselves with children. (Imagine how many fewer innocent civilians would die if the Jihadists … [Read more...]

“Happy Morning! Sleep when you are dead!”

A most unusual coffee commerical.It could have been so funny, had it been done right. Although, I don't know how you would do it right.Instead it's just...really, really odd. And that guy in the shower reminds me of the disturbed guy who whacked Bruce Willis in The Sixth Sense. ("I see dead people!")Your thoughts, folks? Honestly, I can't think of a thing to say...UPDATE: I was struck so dumb by the thing I turned to Ann Althouse for help articulating a thought on it; not … [Read more...]

A very light round-up

I've had difficulty focusing today - lots of people between the ages of 21 and 17 seem to be coming in and out of the house, and there is mulch and stuff on the floor, and ukulele's all very confusing and I'm just going to link to a few things that might interest or amuse you, and leave you to your devices.The Cap'n, my blogfather, Ed Morrissey is recuperating from back surgery, and he has a nice little round-up of his own, at his site (thanks for the link, Capting - as … [Read more...]

I’ve said enough about Ann Coulter

But Hedgehog has not.Blackfive says Murtha has jumped the shark, and probably so.Still, you know my feelings about how a thing is said, about the importance of using a verbal stiletto with a bit of dexterity and deftness. A stiletto is elegant but deadly, and much preferable to a machete, which just hacks and hacks and leaves a slippery want to aim for the graceful thrust that leaves everyone serene, even the ones who are bleeding out. … [Read more...]

Yes, tax cuts do work

I don't know why the message has to be repeated, but some folks never quite get it. Tax cuts work.NRO points out that even some of Bush's harshest critics have stopped laughing. We're surging and the deficit is being cut in half...yes, even with all that spending.Related: The Lonely Booming Economy. Economy "slips" into a sweet spot 800,000 jobs that didn't go away Rich Republicans and Democrats … [Read more...]

With the vote, the Dems stand revealed

A good piece by Hugh Hewitt on the 256-153 vote in the house which spells out clearly and succinctly why the Democrats cannot be trusted to win the war on terror, here or in Iraq, or anywhere else.Hugh directs you to read this piece on spinning Zarqawi and writes, "The vast majority of Democratic Congressmen refuse to endorse victory and they refuse to face facts. Which is why a Democratic majority in either the House or the Senate will cripple the war effort."Go check out all of his … [Read more...]

Holding Fast, and Having Faith

A friend of mine is going to be ordained a permanent deacon in the Catholic Church next May. Right now he is taking a class in homiletics, and he's been showing me some of his homily preparations. This one was so good, (and it is pegged to the readings for June 25th) that I asked him if I could post it here, and do so with his permission.*** - by Greg Kandra In his offices a co-worker has hanging on his wall a print of a famous painting by Rembrandt, depicting the very scene described in … [Read more...]

You like-a Ukulele? Buster got Uke for U!

Well, it's very possible you don't know that you like Ukulele music, because you have not be introduced to the very astounding music of Jake Shimabukuro, which Buster is turning the household onto in his inimitable fashion.Don't worry, I'm not going to go all Bryn Terfel on young Jake (my heart is fast and true...and it's pretty well loaded up between Bryn and Kiefer, these days, anyway), but you really must check out this fellow's musicianship.Start here with While My Guitar Gently Weeps. … [Read more...]

More on My Life With the Saints

I wrote about this James Martin's wonderful Book My Life With the Saints the other day, and I have received several emails from folks who picked it up either on my Lenten recommendation, or from Julie's recommend at Happy Catholic, and who have loved it:From DL: Most of all, the book really gave me a new perspective about my relationship with the saints. Merton's discussion about being a saint-you gotta want to be one, and it's all about being what you were born to do-was enlightening. But … [Read more...]

Profane. Profanity! F-words abounding!

Okay, you've been warned.I've now told you three different ways that if you are sensitive to naughty words, if the f-word makes you cringe (and I admit, there are limits to how much of it I can take, but in moderation naughty words don't make me faint), if you don't like the idea of a strange cartoon cat-type creature ranting about the effing news, about morning news shows - ("gotta listen to them giggle when all I want is the effing weather report!"), the BBC and pretty much all televised … [Read more...]

Coulter: Hate consumes the hater

It's a shame - a rather storied and celebrated career ends in the trash compactor like Jimmy Hoffa, all because the man could not control his ego or his hate.Bush Derangement Syndrome is going to do more than ruin a few careers, it's going to destroy a once great political party.Not that the GOP is in any shape to crow - it is busily making itself as unattractive to the rest of the country as it possibly can, what with Coulter apologists slapping their knees and chuckling while she carries … [Read more...]

Come to Coney Island, Pope!

Very cute satire from the Onion.Pope Benedict XVI returned to Rome today following a historic, three-day trip to Six Flags St. Louis, the first official papal visit to a major American theme park since Pope Paul VI's Thanksgiving Mass at Wet 'n Wild in August 1966 [...] Early Saturday morning, Benedict delivered a children's prayer in Looney Tunes Town, in which he urged "courage, resolve, and strength of stomach when you come face to face with the temptation of XCalibur," and stressed that … [Read more...]

Bloggers in Pajamas…

Victorian Trading CoTaking a cue from comments left at his site by Ask Mom, Vanderleun is talking about pajamas and admitting that he seems to have lost track of all of his bottoms.Now, that is odd, to me. Back in the day, before we had kids, my hubby and I would share his pj's; I would wear the tops, he the bottoms. Unless it was winter in which case he wouldn't share because he's a wimp about winter. But the thing is, in reading Vanderleun's confession, it seems to me that a man might … [Read more...]

An “assertion” is as good as the truth…

Lorie Byrd wrote an important piece yesterday, which I missed. We've been moving in this direction for a long time, but she is correct; we've finally gotten there: Any assertion, particularly if it's made from the left, or by the press, is as good as the truth.When assertion replaces truth, language no longer has definite meaning assigned to it, and civility becomes a thing of nostalgia, the table is set for a dysfunctional debate that not only fails to educate the public, but misleads and … [Read more...]