A Eucharistic Miracle? UPDATED

UPDATE: I'm late to the party - that's what I get for being sick, and falling behind on my reading. This particular one is NOT a miracle. It's fungus and bacteria! Amy Welborn and Gerald had it covered. I suspected something like that when I'd heard that the Host was put into water and turned a month later. Ah, well. The real ones are still pretty interesting! :-) Parishioners at St. James Church say a piece of bread used in a communion service there turned to blood. Father Juan Vicar … [Read more...]

I know He understands…

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Vanderleun channels Ginsberg

You know...after reading this...I feel a little better. I feel like things are turning a corner: Growl by Gerard Allen Van der Ginsberg For Karl Rove I SAW the second-best minds of my not-so-Great Generation destroyed by Bush Derangement Syndrome, pasty, paunchy, tenured, unelectable, and not looking too sharp naked, bullshitting themselves through the African-American streets at cocktail hour looking for a Prozac refill, aging hair-plugged hipsters burning for their ancient political … [Read more...]

The habits look much better!

I like these Carmelites in Los Angeles who work with children and the elderly. This order is brimming with new vocations of young women, but I can never get used to them making their novices wear the (shudder) really awful blue uniform of a postulant (with a white veil) until they are just four months away from making their first, or simple, vows. Here we see four novices getting invested in the habit. You have to scroll down and click on the slideshow. They look very happy! And very, very … [Read more...]

Sing out, Rabbi, Sing out!

A Rabbi speaks up for the president even to his fellow-conservatives. Though his polls are at what they call "a low point," the President has not made any attempt to refashion long-held principles in an effort to regain popularity and create a rise in his numbers. I am astounded and heart-warmed by this man's ability to stay the course during this time of war and to choose principle over popularity. I respect him for that. To me -- a Conservative first and Republican second -- it is beyond … [Read more...]

Jacoby misses Mike Kelly, too

I mentioned in passing to someone, yesterday, that I missed Michael Kelly. This excellent piece by Jeff Jacoby explains why. I remember asking Ted Kennedy during the run-up to the war why he and others in the antiwar camp seemed to have so little sympathy for the countless victims of Ba'athist tyranny. Even if they thought an invasion was unwise, couldn't they at least voice some solidarity with the innocent human beings writhing in Saddam's Iraqi hell? Kennedy replied vehemently that he took … [Read more...]

Working on the “get cheerful” thing

A picture from my elder son. He's such a good-natured and eccentric fellow. … [Read more...]

Yes for Bush…and polling info

Unrelated but interesting, Pat Hynes at ABP takes a look at The Scandal of Public Opinion and how pollsters tell you what you think and help you to finally think it. What has happened is this: These Mainstream Media polls have literally created a fantasy world, inhabited by liberal Democrats, in which George W. Bush is each day less popular than the last. I sometimes half expect a poll to emerge that shows more people oppose George W. Bush than live in the United States. And yet he keeps … [Read more...]

House sales, kids books, a rousing debate and more…

Just thought I'd mention this because we keep hearing this can't be true. Existing home sales make unexpected gains. I guess those 800,000 jobs are safe for another month! Whew! Jim Geraghty at TKS has pointed out that the good news is out there and that my glummish postings of late are not taking them into account. I appreciate his optimisim and plead canker sores in my throat for the mood (yes, egad, I'm still cranky). He has a good piece up on what we really shouldn't waste our time … [Read more...]

bin Laden sought “operational relationship” with Saddam

That OBL and the Taliban are in contact with Iraq and that a group of Taliban and bin Laden group members visited Iraq. That the U.S. has proof the Iraqi government and "bin Laden's group" agreed to cooperate to attack targets inside America. That in case the Taliban and bin Laden's group turn out to be involved in "these destructive operations," the U.S. may strike Iraq and Afghanistan. That the Afghani consul heard about the issue of Iraq's relationship with "bin Laden's group" while he was in … [Read more...]

Pure Baseball, Bugs Bunny Style.

One of Buster's Recommendations in the bookshelf is Keith Hernandez's classic Pure Baseball, which really is a phenomenal book, a smart and knowledgable analysis of one baseball game. Now Derek at the USS Mariner has given us the Looney Tunes version - a long, smart and knowledgable analysis of one baseball game upon which Bugs Bunny bestowed his inestimable gifts. It's long. It's not for everyone. But if you are a baseball fan, this you'll like. … [Read more...]

Both Parties Entwined in Mediocrity

For some reason this is generating lots of traffic, so I'm reposting it; it must be striking a chord, today. September 9, 2005 Both parties entwined in mediocrity Have you ever gone to a doctor to be treated for one thing, only to find that you are suffering from something else, as well, and that both problems are rooted in an iatrogenic third situation - a problem caused by how physicians initially treated another complaint, entirely? Something like that is happening in America. Once upon a … [Read more...]

The mystery of my mood…

Hmph. Well, mystery of my mood is solved. My whole mouth is broken out with fever blisters and canker sores...I have never had this before - never had a fever sore, ever. Every lymph node is swollen - whole neck is stiff. Eyes are leaking yuck. I should have realized I was getting sick when I was impatient with Buster's playing. Time to sleep and beef up the vitamin C, I guess. Blogging will be light. It's okay, you don't want to be around me right now, anyway. I cranky. If you get a … [Read more...]

Weary of watching men pee – UPDATED

I don't know who it was decided we have to watch men standing at urinals and talking, but I'm tired of it. I cannot think of a program I've watched over the past few years, sitcom or drama (I don't watch gameshows, but I wouldn't be surprised...) that hasn't featured men peeing. The other night I saw a commercial for...a satellite dish, I think it was (clearly, the ad was ineffective) - two men at work, one talking about his promotion, the other talking about his...(cable? dish? ipod? I don't … [Read more...]