Martin Peretz tries to pull the Dems back from the cliff

I give him credit. While he still serves a few left-over delusions (his line about Democrats not entertaining pessimism killed me. Most of the pessimists I know are Democrats!) this piece is quite a brave call for an end to the ceaseless boo-hooing, bellyaching, negativism, racial/gender/victim-group pandering and starry-eyed, downright goofy gushing toward the corrupt United Nations that is killing the Democratic party, and the social left.He's suggesting that they advance their thinking 30 … [Read more...]

Soldiers coming home, and a music recommendation

I wasn't going to post anymore tonight, because Blogger has been sooooo incredibly slow, but then I read this wonderful, touching post at Betsy's place, (via Lorie at Polipundit) and I couldn't go to bed without posting it."I heard you talking about the Super Bowl commercial. I'm a Marine, a re-con Marine. I just got back from overseas, the second week of December, actually. I was injured overseas, so that's why I'm home now."But the whole time I was [there, in recovery] we watched the news to … [Read more...]

Holiness and Simplicity go hand in hand

We forget that sometimes. Often.I like to stop by Leo Wong's place every day, because he has some wonderfully complex graphics that are helpful for centering - to slow the breathing and shut out distractions - to prepare the mind for prayer, or even sometimes to simply fall into that interior quietening which is perfect contemplation.You never know what you'll find when you pop in there. Sometimes, you'll find excerpts from George Bernard Shaw's play, Saint Joan, or you might peek in and find … [Read more...]

Yes…Million Dollar Baby IS political…

It's so perverse to see people on the left, who know damn well that this film is politically (and philosophically and morally) controversial, insist that the film "has no message, means nothing." It's as disingenuous as Chicago-born-and-raised Hillary Clinton putting on a Yankee cap and declaring "the fact is, I've always been a Yankee fan!"You know...she said it, so it must be true. And if your reason tells you something different, then your reasoning must be faulty, because...she SAID that she … [Read more...]

Michelle Malkin pens the phrase of the day

There is no one in the blogosphere who writes with both the clarity and the tenacious focus of Michelle Malkin, and she is always a good read.But sometimes, especially when she's a little (or a might) peeved off, she transcends her usual excellence and moves into what my son Buster calls "a whole 'nother level of smarts and smackdown."Well, Michelle's blog is full of smarts and smackdown, today, from the newly installed tagline on her header (a snarky, in-you-face "oh yeah?" to the WSJ) to this … [Read more...]

On Fatherhood

Greg at What Attitude Problem has posted the third installment of his thoughts on Fatherhood. If you've been following him, you know that his essays on this topic are incredibly brave, open and honest, and provocative, too. Very worth reading. … [Read more...]

The Captain Slices and Dices Dowd and Rich

It's so nice of Captain Ed to to read Mo Dowd and Frank Rich for us so we don't have to. Once again, Mo seems to be in odd synchronicity with another NY Times columnist and so we get the double-whammy on their chosen topic. This time she and her co-hort are carrying on about Gannon/Guckert, who seems to be mystifyingly important to the msm.You never know what story is going to catch their fancy, you know? 250 veterans questioning John Kerry's military mythology, including one who served on the … [Read more...]

Dirty Harry, Short and Sweet

Says it all in a few words: Liberals love these drunkards and rapists and thieves. And yet, Bush spreads freedom and liberates women to vote and they hate him. Makes one wonder. You know, it really, really does. Make sure you check out his links. … [Read more...]

A most unusual and interesting blogsite

I found this website, called Notes by Leo Wong just before Lent, and it's a very unusual and engaging weblog. Mr. Wong is a Christian and his site is full of graphics meant to help one go more deeply into prayer. His "notes" are simple but effective scriptural ruminations. I like Mr. Wong's site. I hope you do, too. … [Read more...]

Josh Howard is NOT suing CBS – not yet.

A friend of mine who works there emailed me in some frustration, wondering, "why are all the bloggers saying that Josh is bringing suit against CBS? It's not true - it's not accurate. He may be mulling it, but he hasn't done anything more than procure an attorney. He is not (yet) suing CBS. I thought you bloggers were all self-correcting? What was that about glass houses?"Hmmmm....First off, don't be angry with my pal - he's a good guy who reads and enjoys many blogs, and he is no mouthpiece for … [Read more...]

A liberal voice makes an important call

A call for intellectual honesty and moral clarity as regards the left and the right and the means by which we mutually attack. Kurt Anderson's essay, When Good News Feels Bad is a really good read, folks, and I'm not saying simply because he writes this to his pals on the left:And now the terrible business of judging the correct price [of Administration policies] requires as much empirical rigor and moral clarity as we can muster, the sort of careful, “reality-based” judgments that liberals pri … [Read more...]

Susan Estrich – angry at the world

Got an interesting email from Charlotte Allen at the Independent Women's Forum wherein she directed my attention to a new Susan Estrich meltdown, and her response to it.You can read the Estrich email (and Cathy Seipp's thoughts, as well) here.I don't know what is more staggering to me - the strange width and breadth of Estrich's rage, which seems so oddly time-warped - or the news Allen delivers that, "Estrich, the voluble and famously feminist University of Southern California law professor … [Read more...]

Cover-up in Schiavo case? And a note from her father.

This showed up in my email box, and in view of the pending court case concerning whether or not Terri Schiavo lives or dies, it's something to read and pass along. Florida DOH Destroyed Records After Schiavo Doctor ClearedOf Wrongdoing Following InvestigationBy June Maxam and Ginger Berlin© The Empire Journal A new report issued by the inspector general’s office of Florida’s Department of Health indicates that previous complaints against Michael Schiavo concerning alleged abuse and neglect of … [Read more...]

Is the left capable of extending Good Will toward anyone?

That's not my question, but the one asked in this interesting - albeit a very limited - little study. THE BIG PICTURE decided to take a look at the biggest left-wing blog in the blogosphere and see if it manages to wish good will toward anyone.As I said - interesting. Sadly, the answer seems to be "no."It's something I've marvelled at, myself. There are left-leaning people I know on and off the internet who - intelligent and basically nice as they might be - like to think of themselves as … [Read more...]