Congratulations to LaShawn Barber

LaShawn has won the Evangelical Blog Award for Best Political Commentary and it is well deserved. The girl works tirelessly and is right on top of everything. Her compilation on the Eason Jordan story is the go-to place for directions on which blogs to read and what they're saying. And she does all that while managing to witness to her faith at the same time. Great job, kid, keep it up! You'll be a Higher Being before the summer is ended, I am sure of it! :-) God is Good! … [Read more...]

Google News doesn’t include blogs as news sources…

Somehow I missed it, but apparently both The Mighty Malkin and Charles at LGF asked to be included as news sources at Google, and they were turned down.Now, Greg at What Attitude Problem informs us that Wuzzadem has been similarly, if less politely, rejected:Thank you for your note. We have reviewed but cannot include it in Google News at this time. We do not include news-related blogs, other news-related sites that are written and maintained by a single individual, sites that … [Read more...]

It’s time to relaunch my barbaric yawp of a vagina!

Sigh....Put that headline in the "now there is a headline I never thought I'd be writing" file.But Kathryn Jean Lopez reminds us that once again College Campuses the nation over will presenting this moronic and vapid piece. So, I figure if Eve Ensler can have such a run with her garbage, I can have a second run through mine, first written last December! :-)My Vagina and Me: Politically Incorrect and Lovin' it! Every year, in preparation for Valentine's Day (V-day, or Vagina Day in politically … [Read more...]

So, a human embryo is a human being. That makes sense!

Aimee, an eagle-eyed reader sent this good news to me, and I appreciate it. I'd somehow missed the story.A frozen embryo destroyed in a Chicago fertility clinic was a human being whose parents are entitled to file a wrongful-death lawsuit, a Cook County judge ruled Friday.Attorneys on both sides of the abortion issue said it was the first such ruling they had heard of as the country debates whether stem cells derived from embryos can be used in research and medicine.Alison Miller and Todd … [Read more...]

Bloggers v The Press. Which ones are the investigators?

Bloggers can work their hearts out on a story, as so many of them have on the Eason Jordan near-treasonous statement, and unless the press is absolutely FORCED to report it, the story will die on the vine.Kinda like how Monica Lewinsky was being completely set up to be a stalking lunatic and a liar...until the blue dress turned up.So, it seems that all of the stunning work being done by Captain Ed and Hugh Hewitt and LaShawn Barber and Roger Simon and so many others will be for … [Read more...]

More Evangelical than Catholic?

I'm sitting here highly amused to discover that voting is currently going on for Catholic Blog Awards. (Hattip: Nathan at Fides, Spes, Caritas, a neat site.Outside of Mystery Achievement I didn't even know there were Catholic blogs! I mean, I assumed there were, but I had no idea they were so organized! I clearly need to get out more!Anyway, this links to a lot of (what look to be) excellent Catholic blog sites. I only recognise two of them, myself, then again I've been hanging out with the … [Read more...]

Superbowl thoughts

Haven't watched much of it - baseball is my game - but the crowd sounds happy, and the young men (and the one middle-aged man) in my family room are nosy and entertained. And I just realized...this is the first big event - the FIRST - big event, that has happened since 9/11, where I have not worried about a terror attack - that the thought hadn't even crossed my mind.Which is both a good thing and a bad thing. It's good because it means that some of the effects of that horrible day are … [Read more...]

Don’t let the screen door hit you on the way out.

These poor dears can't bear to live in a country where we have liberated tens of millions of people, made a serious dent in the threat of international terrorism, etc, etc...(heck, even Europe is coming around...) They just can't get over the November elections, and they just can't bear to pay taxes in this country anymore..So they're going to move to a country where they get to pay a great deal more in taxes and, if they are lucky, they will be able to buy supplemental insurance at phenomenally … [Read more...]

Darknet: Hollywood’s War Against the Digital Generation

It's funny, sometimes, how serendipitously (or providentially) things happen. This morning a friend emailed me a heads up on this book, Darknet, by J.D. Lasica.This particular friend routinely credits me with being a lot smarter than I am, and he keeps talking to me about the future of technology and the hazards of government/corporate interference. I get most of what he says...mostly...for example, although he is talking here about the book, and using an example, I do comprehend (and concur … [Read more...]

Mo Dowd tries to manage Million Dollar Baby

I was pleasantly surprised to find myself agreeing, for a few short moments, with part of Mo Dowd's Sunday column which concerns the film Million Dollar Baby, and the conservative reaction to the subject matter of the movie: euthanasia or (in the new, acceptable parlance of those who have a euphemism for everything) "assisted death." I could agree with her that the conservatives should not be reacting so heavily against it.Eventually, of course, Dowd lost her train of thought and fell into her … [Read more...]

To the point on Nipplegate

Frank Rich is a prejudiced boob of staggering proportions. Mickey Kaus, while no boob, doesn't quite have his finger on it, either, although the objections his "non-evangelical, non-moralistic dads who were uniformly horrified" by the goings on at last years Super Bowl Halftime Show...are quite legitimate, and have the added benefit of being politically correct.People were not offended by Janet Jackson's nipple because they're joyless prudes and simpletons, no matter how much the "tolerant and … [Read more...]

Auntie gave me the cash, ask her! Whoops! Auntie down the elevator shaft!

Sadly, it seems to be business as usual where the UN and $$ are concerned.Writes Mark Steyn: At tough times in my life, with the landlord tossing my clothes and record collection out on to the street, I could have used an aunt like Benon Sevan's. Asked to account for the appearance in his bank account of a certain $160,000, Mr Sevan, executive director of the UN Oil-for-Food programme, said it was a gift from his aunt. Lucky Sevan, eh? None of my aunts ever had that much of the folding stuff on … [Read more...]

When they tell you not to wear your flag…

that is the moment when everyone should begin to fly their flags.It's that simple. You either roll over and lose your country and your culture, or you fight. That doesn't mean you destroy the others. You simply make them understand that you're not changing who you are to please them. Cals College in IJsselstein has prohibited two of it's students to have Dutch flags on their bags.The 16 year old boy and his friend where told by the director of their school that they "urgently should consider" to … [Read more...]

Watchers Council points out the good stuff

Adorable and smart Jimmie at Sundries Shack has this week's Watchers of Weasels Winners, and they're really worth checking out. Full disclosure: I was once lucky enough to get an honorary mention by this gang and they're pretty discriminating.Council Member winner: Dr. Sanity's piece on the explosion of the Challenger. Awfully good and moving.Non-Council Member winner: Cold Fury's Utter Dismemberment of the "Bush Lied" meme which I had linked to, myself, over here. There are other great stories … [Read more...]