Darknet: Hollywood’s War Against the Digital Generation

It's funny, sometimes, how serendipitously (or providentially) things happen. This morning a friend emailed me a heads up on this book, Darknet, by J.D. Lasica.This particular friend routinely credits me with being a lot smarter than I am, and he keeps talking to me about the future of technology and the hazards of government/corporate interference. I get most of what he says...mostly...for example, although he is talking here about the book, and using an example, I do comprehend (and concur … [Read more...]

Mo Dowd tries to manage Million Dollar Baby

I was pleasantly surprised to find myself agreeing, for a few short moments, with part of Mo Dowd's Sunday column which concerns the film Million Dollar Baby, and the conservative reaction to the subject matter of the movie: euthanasia or (in the new, acceptable parlance of those who have a euphemism for everything) "assisted death." I could agree with her that the conservatives should not be reacting so heavily against it.Eventually, of course, Dowd lost her train of thought and fell into her … [Read more...]

To the point on Nipplegate

Frank Rich is a prejudiced boob of staggering proportions. Mickey Kaus, while no boob, doesn't quite have his finger on it, either, although the objections his "non-evangelical, non-moralistic dads who were uniformly horrified" by the goings on at last years Super Bowl Halftime Show...are quite legitimate, and have the added benefit of being politically correct.People were not offended by Janet Jackson's nipple because they're joyless prudes and simpletons, no matter how much the "tolerant and … [Read more...]

Auntie gave me the cash, ask her! Whoops! Auntie down the elevator shaft!

Sadly, it seems to be business as usual where the UN and $$ are concerned.Writes Mark Steyn: At tough times in my life, with the landlord tossing my clothes and record collection out on to the street, I could have used an aunt like Benon Sevan's. Asked to account for the appearance in his bank account of a certain $160,000, Mr Sevan, executive director of the UN Oil-for-Food programme, said it was a gift from his aunt. Lucky Sevan, eh? None of my aunts ever had that much of the folding stuff on … [Read more...]

When they tell you not to wear your flag…

that is the moment when everyone should begin to fly their flags.It's that simple. You either roll over and lose your country and your culture, or you fight. That doesn't mean you destroy the others. You simply make them understand that you're not changing who you are to please them. Cals College in IJsselstein has prohibited two of it's students to have Dutch flags on their bags.The 16 year old boy and his friend where told by the director of their school that they "urgently should consider" to … [Read more...]

Watchers Council points out the good stuff

Adorable and smart Jimmie at Sundries Shack has this week's Watchers of Weasels Winners, and they're really worth checking out. Full disclosure: I was once lucky enough to get an honorary mention by this gang and they're pretty discriminating.Council Member winner: Dr. Sanity's piece on the explosion of the Challenger. Awfully good and moving.Non-Council Member winner: Cold Fury's Utter Dismemberment of the "Bush Lied" meme which I had linked to, myself, over here. There are other great stories … [Read more...]

Iraqi Troops: The Art of the Possible

Our guys are training them. And they seem to be working very hard.Running quietly down a pitch-dark dirt road outside Baghdad, Iraqi and U.S. commandos flowed from one house to the next, the red laser aiming devices of their rifles skittering over bushes, walls, and doorways. At each junction, they softly called out a code word to avoid shooting one another. Finding the man they sought, they went on to quiz his neighbors, a task made easier with Iraqis on the team. "It is much more effective … [Read more...]

A letter from Tehran

Roger L. Simon provides us with this moving, apparently open, letter to President Bush that has been making the rounds.Dear Mr President;I heard your wonderful world loving speech ; it brought tears to my eyes ; you couldn't imagine how you made me feel!!!Your policy is right about Iran ; please don't let anyone get in your way specially the Europian Union ; all they care for , are their benefits (black gold , multi million dollar contracts and etc... )for price of what ???World humen lives!!! … [Read more...]


Like the Marines? Feel like being inspired? Here. Thanks to Caleb, who often posts at Polipundit.com. … [Read more...]

61 Years Later…Holocaust surviving sisters catch up

This story is nothing short of miraculous. ISHON LEZION, Israel, Feb. 4 - Klara Bleier and Hana Katz thought each other dead, swallowed 61 years ago, like the rest of their family, in the maw of Auschwitz.The sisters were separated in October 1944 in the Budapest ghetto when Hana left one day to find work and food. She never returned.But both came through the chaos of the end of the war against the Nazis, the death marches and the refugee camps; both came to Israel in 1948 and raised families, … [Read more...]

David Bloom – A man very much worth remembering

It always struck me as strange that in the early days of the Iraq war, when the embeds were filing remarkable stories, we lost the two (to my way of thinking) best journalists covering the war, the great Michael Kelly and the would-have-been-great David Bloom. And they both happened to be practicing Catholics. That struck me as strange only because it's a profession with some, but not too many practicing Christians of any denomination, and we sure couldn't afford to lose two of them within … [Read more...]

Everybody I know wants to write a screenplay…

except me.But if I did, I'd bookmark The Artful Writer. Nice site, good information.In fact, I probably will bookmark it, anyway! :-) … [Read more...]

The only 100% effective birth control is abstinence

Two of my friends got pregnant while on the pill. This lady in the UK did, too, and now she is pregnant with quadruplets and she seems sensible of the blessing.If God wants to bless you with children, He's gonna bless you with children, no matter what birth control you're using. You can accept it with open arms, or reject it.But really, I don't know anyone in the world who can afford to reject a blessing. Not really. The problem is, we've done such a poor job of teaching that a baby is a … [Read more...]

Quick thoughts on Boy Reagan, Matthews and Condi

It's been one of those weekends, and it looks like I'll get very little news reading or blogging done until Monday - my loss - but in the short time I have had to peek at a few blogs, I see that Boy Reagan and Chris Matthews have had people buzzing in disgust with their conspiratorial carrying on about "the hug."Michelle Malkin notes that Diane Sawyer did the reasonable thing and actually asked Mrs. Norwood, the mother of the slain marine, about the hug. (Hattip: Dirty Harry.)SAWYER: ... did you … [Read more...]