Stones Cry Out is growing into a powerhouse

This is going to be great! Rick over at Stones Cry Out has a new home and a new format. Mark at Sidesspot explains:What I am more pleased to announce, though, is that starting today, I will be posting at the new Stones Cry Out. Stones Cry Out is a collaborative blog among five posters: Rick Brady, James Jewell of The Rooftop Blog, Matt of Matt Crash, Drew of Darn Floor, and me. I am joining Stones Cry Out for at least two reasons. First, to keep up a blog, it is a good idea to post daily, or … [Read more...]

Was Jordan caught trying to create a new (false) meme?

Jim Geraghty at TKS has the most comprehensive report yet on a story I've read about - disjointedly - all over the internet today. Apparently Eason Jordan, yakking away at the Davos conference, went a bit too far that even Barney Frank was having none of it.And yes, this is the same Eason Jordan who, yakking again, claimed that while with CNN he had witnessed atrocities in Iraq which went unreported, so that CNN could stay in Baghdad. The guy is just shameless.Eason Jordan, Chief News … [Read more...]

Tell it, Giuli, baby, TELL IT!

The elections in Iraq are an act of global sedition, the imposition of liberty as a model, a revolutionary act of the imperial sort, a ring in the chain of political necessity, not a new version of rainbow idealism, of the religion of good, humanitarian religion.. Their nobility, which is real, is tempered by steel and does not permit hypocrisy . Over at NRO's The Corner, Michael Ledeen quotes Giuliano Ferrara, who is one of those writers I always forget about until I read him...then I … [Read more...]

Frank J is so sick. Brilliant and funny. But sick.

Condi Rice takes on Chirac, Schroeder and Abbas with her fists, some drywall and a sock full of nickles, while President Bush listens to his pencil sharpener and Alberto Gonzales asks, When do I get to be Attorney General?.It's Frank J's world. Thank God we don't live in it, but he sure does get the tea going thru my nose! :-) … [Read more...]

Megan could use all the spare prayers you’ve got

It just kills you when you see a kid who is dealing with serious illness, doesn't it?Captain Ed and Lorie Byrd, taking a cue from Hugh Hewitt on his broadcast, are bringing this adorable little moppett to our attention and asking for your prayers.I'm asking, too. Megan is suffering from an auto immune disorder called Microscopic Polyangiitis (MPA). It's a parent's nightmare, isn't it? Go visit her site to learn more and wonder at her lovely, cheerful drawings. And then remember Megan and your … [Read more...]

Ohhh, look how DARING we are! Don’t we SHOCK you?

Aren't we edgy little artists just too precious for words? filmmakers are clearly trying to make names for themselves by "shocking" audiences.What I find shocking are the parents of these child actors who apparently have no problem with participating in this if it means their kids get to be in movies.Sick.When my elder son was 3 years old, we were approached by an agent about the possibility of his doing commercials. "You could earn all his college money," he said. Right. … [Read more...]

Evangelical Blog Awards – reminder -

Don't forget about the Evangelical Blog Awards over at Evanglical Underground. Head over and nominate your favotire Evangelical blogs - I think the nominating ends on Valentine's Day - and then remember to vote (or DIE, as they say in some quarters) the day after.I'm very pleased to be a Catholic nominated in the politics category, but I'm throwing my support behind Drew or LaShawn or Evangelical Outpost or Rick or so many others who fit the bill a bit more cleanly and bring a wealth of talent. … [Read more...]

Oh no!! What if Bush was right all along???

From Mark Brown at the Chicago Sun Times is wondering if he can stand it if President Bush has turned out to be - gasp - right!Jon Stewart is also worried.I give them both props for being honest.UPDATE: Matteo over at Cartago Delenda links to yet another leftist who has some astonishing humility and admirable honesty about himself and his means and motives. I give him high praise for writing - quite movingly - what had to be very, very difficult. The face of a liberal who has enough classical … [Read more...]

A photoblogging monk worth visiting

A friend passed on this link to a photoblog run by a monk , Fr. James Stephen Behrens, out of Conyers, Georgia.The monk is a friend of my friend; I have read a few of his books and sermons and have usually come away with something tasty to chew on, whether I completely agree with him or not. I can tell by his profile that I could never listen to music with him, though! :-)Anyway, his site has some lovely shots of the recent Georgia ice storm (I especially like the shot of the ceiling of the … [Read more...]

Anchoress on Deaconesses…

There is an interesting - very interesting - story in this month's issue of America Magazine (only available by subscription, sorry).'Grant Her Your Spirit'By Phyllis ZaganoThe Holy Synod of the Orthodox Church of Greece voted in Athens on Oct. 8, 2004, to restore the female diaconate. All the members of the Holy Synod-125 metropolitans and bishops and Archbishop Christodoulos, the head of the church of Greece-had considered the topic. The decision does not directly affect the Greek Orthodox … [Read more...]

Perpetual Adoration – such a Holy Rest

For Catholics, we celebrate 2005 as the Year of the Eucharist and if you're lucky enough to live within driving distance of a weekly, or monthly, or daily opportunity to take part in Eucharistic Adoration, I hope you'll really try to take advantage of it. It is a custom which is, it seems, making a nice little comeback which is particularly nice to read this year.I recall Adoration as a child, and it was by stumbling into a parish during Adoration - quite by accident - that I found my way - … [Read more...]

Those stomach viruses are miserable

I don't much like her, but I don't wish her ill, either. Hillary Clinton's collapse is a reminder that when you have a stomach virus, you're apt to get weakened and dehydrated...I've always found that ice chips are helpful.But good for Hillary - you have to give her credit; she's no wimp. She's up and at 'em, and isn't letting it get her down. I'm almost smiling affectionately as I say..."THAT'S our little Sherman Tank!" :-) … [Read more...]

W’s prayer

So often in reading Morning or Evening prayer in my breviary, I am struck by how apt, how appropriate the prayers and psalms seem to the day. It seemed just so to me tonight as I read Vespers and found this prayer after the first psalm:Father, we ask you to give us victory and peace. In Jesus Christ, our Lord and King, we are already seated at your right hand. We look forward to praising you in the fellowship of all your saints in our heavenly homeland. Okay, maybe it doesn't thrill anyone else, … [Read more...]

Lorie Byrd at Polipundit asks the KEY question

The girl's got a quick, fresh mind I admire - plus an economy of language I envy!Just A QuestionDemocrats have criticized Bush for not admitting mistakes in Iraq. How much credibility do they have to ask that question when they can't admit any successes in Iraq? Excellent. Excellent question.I knew that the Iraqi elections had gone well when, as I was driving to mass this morning, I heard a UN official spinning about how "this day would not be possible" without the UN's massive help. When asked … [Read more...]