The Joyful Face of Freedom

Our friend over at Mystery Achievement has a picture that you really must see. It speaks volumes about the joy the Iraqi people are taking as they exercise their right to vote - a right taken for granted by too many in this country, a right too frequently perverted, as we have seen in Wisconsin and Washington State, and elsewhere.The face of freedom. What joy!You cannot look at that face and believe that any of our troops died "for nothing" as John Kerry would say.You cannot look at that face … [Read more...]

2005: Are you now or have you ever been a religious person?:

It can't be said enough that everyone who likes to read blogs should bookmark Drew's establishemt at Darn Floor. He tends to focus on the stories that other bloggers aren't picking up on, and - as I have said before - the boy can write! He puts it out there with rare lucidity and appropriate rage, when warranted.He links to this eye-opening and exceedingly troubling story from Opinion, wherein we read of a man's career being utterly destroyed because he, as editor of a Smithsonian … [Read more...]

Okay, CBS, then why the NEED for such haste?

Spotted this article which examines how desperately some seem to be trying to make an excuse for Rathergate.The excuse? It was just undue haste, that's all! The panel probes little in the realm of the memos' provenance. It cites haste and "deficient reporting," but stops short of probing the reasons for the deficiency.It doesn't discuss the reasons for the undue haste either. Don't you think any report that cites "haste" as an excuse is then bound to delve further into things and find the "root … [Read more...]

The Interview is just execrable

Poor Hindrocket went in good faith to be interviewed by Al Franken on Air America. He was specifically supposed to come on after Franken interviewed Nick Coleman, as a sort of rebuttal. Coleman got to say his piece about Powerline, sneering away, but Hindrocket never got to rebut.Unsurprisingly, Franken only wanted to talk about himself. Droning on and leading his guest into an interview where he couldn't possibly come off well. At one point, Franken starts carrying on about how Michelle Malkin … [Read more...]

Democrats on the wrong side of the Social Sec. Issue

It's not really surprising. I recall Al Gore talking about his "lock box" and I've heard plenty of Democrats suggest that the situation with Social Security was so delicate that touching it in any way, shape or form would result in "crisis," and I've thought, anything that delicate needs shoring up.Increasingly, the American public is signalling it wants to enact reforms and move away from the status quo, which is too-often stagnant. They're saying it on the Social Security issue today. They say … [Read more...]

Another woman dies for the Coming of Love

The Seventh Sign is not a very good movie but one scene has always stayed with me. Demi Moore, pregnant with the babe that could possibly be the Second Coming is in hard labor and things are tense...someone is going to have to die, and the doctor asks her, "will you die for him? Will you die for him?" Moore answers yes, and the babe is born with a good strong, healthy sounding wail, while she dies.I remembered that scene because as a mother, I understood it, deep down inside. It's a question … [Read more...]

I must STOP blogging and get to work. Right after THIS!

I was going to shut down and walk away from this confounded machine which so gobbles up my time - I find that I have been writing almost incessantly - on and off the blog - since my brother's death, and I do realize that I'm either writing through the grief or writing to avoid feeling it (it is two weeks ago, today, that we lost him and frankly, the pain is exquisite and raw) and I suspect that either way, I'm overdoing. "Out of balance," as my Benedictine brothers and sisters would I … [Read more...]

So, “stupid bloggers’ leaked exit polls that are “reliable?”

This is a must read! Mystery Pollster puts the old Docudrama "The War Room" (about the Clinton '92 campaign) into the DVD player and looky what he finds!The cameras caught Carville charging into George's office with the very first leaked exit poll results. Carvile says:"Popkin talked to Warren Whatever, the head of the VRS, and he's going to talk to him again in four minutes, but his initial impression is landslide, could be up to 12 [points], maybe 400 electoral votes."Translation: Samuel L. … [Read more...]

Zarqawi loses two more captains

On top of yesterday's excellent news, this morning Captain Ed highlights that two more of his captains have gone down.Clearly, Ted Kennedy's sour assertions aside, our people are getting the job done. … [Read more...]

Requires no comment

Except, perhaps, God bless our troops, and their Commander in Chief. And the people of Iraq. And the students in Iran who watch with great attention. And the allies still hanging in there, especially the UK and the Scots Guard. … [Read more...]

Kurds in Nashville, and Sidney…

Instapundit links to this story about Kurds in NashvilleMany are thrilled to have a chance to vote in a real election without fear of reprisal.''The ballot before had Saddam Hussein yes or no and if you put no, the bodyguard took you to the jail,'' said Ali Almoumineen, 38, who left Iraq with his wife and two children in 1999. He isn't Kurdish, but found a home in the community nonethelessTim Blair is covering the Iraqis who are lining up to vote in Australia:The first votes in the world in the … [Read more...]

Yet more on Bush’s lineage and ancestry

Betsy Newmark, over at Betsy's Page has even more to add to what we are learning about President Bush's forebears. Between Catherine Armstrong's good work, and Betsy's it's all getting very interesting. Betsy makes the excellent point that if the left wants to imply that one's weaknesses are linked to lineage, then one's strengths must be, as well. Says Betsy:And the we find out that Bush is also somehow related to Anne Hutchinson, the woman who is now featured in all history books as the first … [Read more...]

A letter from Baghdad, and related items

From Sgt. Thomas Foreman Jr. writing from the center of the storm:Every Iraqi I talk to has hope. I've written several times on the power of hope, and right here is a living, breathing 24-million-strong testament to it. As long as some hope endures for the Iraqi people, my time here will not have been wasted.It will not be perfect. This very well could be the most dangerous period we face while we are over here. There will be some violence against election workers, voters, even the candidates … [Read more...]

“CrushKerry” becomes “Ankle Biting Pundits”

I have to admit that as good as the content of CrushKerry could be (and it could often be very good, indeed) I was just too dyslexic to be able to spend much time at the site. (There are many good blogs that I must forego visiting because there is just so much content, all over the place, that my brain can't take it in and nothing gets loss...)Post-election, they've changed the name to Ankle Biting Pundits and I just had a pretty enjoyable visit there, reading a bit of hate-mail … [Read more...]