Everybody I know wants to write a screenplay…

except me.But if I did, I'd bookmark The Artful Writer. Nice site, good information.In fact, I probably will bookmark it, anyway! :-) … [Read more...]

The only 100% effective birth control is abstinence

Two of my friends got pregnant while on the pill. This lady in the UK did, too, and now she is pregnant with quadruplets and she seems sensible of the blessing.If God wants to bless you with children, He's gonna bless you with children, no matter what birth control you're using. You can accept it with open arms, or reject it.But really, I don't know anyone in the world who can afford to reject a blessing. Not really. The problem is, we've done such a poor job of teaching that a baby is a … [Read more...]

Quick thoughts on Boy Reagan, Matthews and Condi

It's been one of those weekends, and it looks like I'll get very little news reading or blogging done until Monday - my loss - but in the short time I have had to peek at a few blogs, I see that Boy Reagan and Chris Matthews have had people buzzing in disgust with their conspiratorial carrying on about "the hug."Michelle Malkin notes that Diane Sawyer did the reasonable thing and actually asked Mrs. Norwood, the mother of the slain marine, about the hug. (Hattip: Dirty Harry.)SAWYER: ... did you … [Read more...]

Dirty Harry is watching CNN and compliments them

Below, I linked to Dirty Harry and his tracking down of the presses 1998 reaction to Clinton's words re Social Security (all positive) and their reaction to Bush's words (all negative).Harry is on the job watching a live broadcast of President Bush talking up the plan in Nebraska and says only CNN is covering it, and more:BTW: Kudos to CNN. They were the only network covering it and have done a very fair job, thus far, presenting both sides. A Candy Crowly report on a black widow who received … [Read more...]

Buster, Boy Reagan and Dirty Harry’s flashback to 1998

In the post below, I wrote a little about my 15 year old son, Buster, and his response to the Reid/Pelosi response to the SOTU, but I thought I'd relate a few more thoughts and observations this playful, but also very thoughtful, kid made during the speech itself.Buster's response to Bush's opening line re "a free and sovereign Iraq": "Bang, zoom! He's taking no prisoners tonight!"On the first shot of John Kerry, Buster affected an Orson Wellesian, deep tremulous tone: "Rrrrrosebud!"First shot … [Read more...]

Harry, Nancy, and my son Buster

Egad.I'm not going to say much about the speech because 30,000 bloggers are talking about it. I'll just say it gave me goosebumps in some parts - particularly when he looked directly into the camera and said to Iran: if you go for it, we're with you. And when he talked of the troops, "often taking great risks on my orders..."And of course, that hug. My husband is watching the replay on C-Span and it seems to me they cut part of that hug - when the women became caught on their buttons. But maybe … [Read more...]

Euro leaders “warming to Bush”

Well, that's good news, I guess. I mean, heaven knows, you're nobody if Chirac and Schroeder don't like you.Or, maybe success has a thousand fathers, and Europe has suddenly figured out that supporting democracy is better than NOT supporting democracy, especially when in not supporting democracy you seem to be tacitly supporting tyranny.In my wanderings thru the blogosphere today, I read one rant, I can't remember where, where the writer was decrying the fact that Bush had hurt "World … [Read more...]

But did any name their children “Dubya?”

Got a letter passed to me from a friend of a friend of a friend whose son is an Army doctor in Iraq:Dear Dad,The best laid plans of mice and men…General Order 1A states that there will be no fraternization between the sexes while stationed in Iraq- therefore, there will be no pregnant service members and no need for OB-Gyn doctors. We only have one assigned to OIF, and he is in Baghdad.On election eve, no civilian traffic is allowed on the road in the entire country of Iraq, but nobody thought a … [Read more...]

Wojtyla! Wojtyla! Wojtyla!

Somehow, I don't think I was the only one who, seeing the wonderful, almost eerie pictures of the dove who would not leave John Paul alone, considered that it might be a sign that this transparently holy man would be soon called to heaven.I have thought for a long time that he would be with us until some important event took place, that through all of his illness and suffering, there was a reason he was still alive. Could the Iraq elections have been that event? For all that "the Vatican" (which … [Read more...]

If you can never get enough Lizzy and Darcy…

Then this new annotated edition of Pride and Prejudice might be right up your alley. It looks to be right up mine, anyway, and I am hoping my dear hubby reads this and kind of thinks about Valentine's Day being just a few short weeks away! :-)I've put this at the top of my bookshelf over there (below my blogroll) because, while I don't ordinarily say "buy this book through me," I have decided that any money coming from Amazon will be donated to the hospice which took such splendid care of my … [Read more...]

Dirty Harry gets the big quotes on GI JOE’s capture

When you are Dirty Harry, all the best people give you the quotes:UPDATE: Barbara Boxer, "Obviously we have no assurance this doll will be treated fairly due to the Bush administrations refusal to accord small plastic fake people protection under The Geneva Accords."UPDATE: John Kerry, "Hey! That's him. The guy I was in Cambodia with!"UPDATE: Harry Reid, "What's the big deal? The doll's black."UPDATE: Ted Kennedy, "We must schedule the immediate removal of all play things from Iraq … [Read more...]

Stones Cry Out is growing into a powerhouse

This is going to be great! Rick over at Stones Cry Out has a new home and a new format. Mark at Sidesspot explains:What I am more pleased to announce, though, is that starting today, I will be posting at the new Stones Cry Out. Stones Cry Out is a collaborative blog among five posters: Rick Brady, James Jewell of The Rooftop Blog, Matt of Matt Crash, Drew of Darn Floor, and me. I am joining Stones Cry Out for at least two reasons. First, to keep up a blog, it is a good idea to post daily, or … [Read more...]

Was Jordan caught trying to create a new (false) meme?

Jim Geraghty at TKS has the most comprehensive report yet on a story I've read about - disjointedly - all over the internet today. Apparently Eason Jordan, yakking away at the Davos conference, went a bit too far...so far that even Barney Frank was having none of it.And yes, this is the same Eason Jordan who, yakking again, claimed that while with CNN he had witnessed atrocities in Iraq which went unreported, so that CNN could stay in Baghdad. The guy is just shameless.Eason Jordan, Chief News … [Read more...]

Tell it, Giuli, baby, TELL IT!

The elections in Iraq are an act of global sedition, the imposition of liberty as a model, a revolutionary act of the imperial sort, a ring in the chain of political necessity, not a new version of rainbow idealism, of the religion of good, humanitarian religion.. Their nobility, which is real, is tempered by steel and does not permit hypocrisy . Over at NRO's The Corner, Michael Ledeen quotes Giuliano Ferrara, who is one of those writers I always forget about until I read him...then I … [Read more...]