Why aren’t you reading the Dimplomad?

As they say in Brooklyn, ya gotta read him! Ya gotta! He's got all da goods, and it's a beeyootiful thing!"Stuff like this:It's a pleasure to watch the Australians and our guys work together. They're interchangeable -- except for that, that . . . uh, you know, that cricket thing . . . but for that flaw the Aussies would seem perfectly normal.You don't want to hear about Aussies and Yanks working. You know all about that. You want to know about the UN. The UN, you ask, what about the UN? Gee, … [Read more...]

A Few Cheers for Great People!

Time constraints preclude individual posts, but I wanted to draw your attention to a couple of really excellent, rather inspiring articles featuring men and women helping out in the tsunami recovery.First up (with a hattip to the Captain is the remarkable story of one Seaman Joviena Kay, who serves aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln (you know, the big warship so many Europeans mocked George W. Bush for sending:Standing in the hangar bay of this mammoth aircraft carrier, Seaman Joviena Kay looks … [Read more...]

The Anchoress’ Bookshelf

Doubtless you've noticed (some of you have, anyway) that the sidebar features some books available at Amazon.com and listed under the deathless header: Anchoress' Bookshelf.I thought it would be fun (and mildly profitable) to use Amazon to feature certain books that I just really love and want others to read and love, too. I called it my "bookshelf" because I won't feature anything that is not actually on my own bookshelf or (as in the case of Hugh Hewitt's new book BLOG) at least en route to … [Read more...]

Prophets of Perpetual Pessimism

I like this blurb by Roger Simon wherein he links to this excellent analysis re the propensity of the press, most particularly the ever execrable NY Times, to kill stories that offer hopeful or positive outlooks in favor of the usual dreary, cynical, pessimistic, nihilistic and depressing crap they usually serve up.The analysis is by one Dr. Martin E.P. Seligman, who is a Professor of Psychology at U Pennsylvania, the founder of the field of Positive Psychology, and the author of 21 books … [Read more...]

Today’s papers and tomorrow’s history books

The Powerline Guys are correct that the deplorable treatment of Alberto Gonzalez by the Senate Committee, coupled with the thick distortion (by the NY Times and others) of the man, the whole issue of torture and his "connection" to Abu Ghraib, is about sullying the man's reputation just enough to make his eventual nomination to the SCOTUS problematic, and of course to attach a "controversy" to him which can be used as a handy bludgeon. (Controversial Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez, whose … [Read more...]

Ummm, are we SURE the big bloggers aren’t being bothered?

Maybe I'm paranoid - likely I am - but it just seems really strange that once again all of the big bloggers are down. Instapundit, Captain Ed and a few others...My eyebrows are up is all I'm sayin'...Update: I KNEW it! I knew it was no strange twist of fate that all of the huge bloggers, served by Hosting Matters, were inaccessible twice in one week! The Captain confirms it:DDOS Attack On Hosting MattersFor those of you who have experienced some difficulties in accessing CQ, Power Line, … [Read more...]

Light to nil blogging today

At least until very late tonight. I've been working against a deadline for project and, since we never know what tomorrow will bring, I have needed to put all of my energy into it, today. I hope nothing interesting has happened in the world...the most interesting thing happening over here is likely to be the dismantling of our little Christmas tree.Which reminds me of the poem by e.e. cummings, of course:little treelittle silent Christmas treeyou are so littleyou are more like a flowerwho … [Read more...]

Watchers of Weasels?

I was getting worried. I looked at my site meter and saw an influx of traffic from something called Watchers of Weasels, and I thought, good heavens...is someone calling me a Weasel?Turns out Watchers of Weasels is a nice little site, and they apparently keep their eyes out for interesting blog writing and then vote on it, or something, as near as I can tell. They have links to some really excellent writing (including something by your humble hostess) throughout the conservative end of the … [Read more...]

The Epitome of Nincompoopery

Well, Barbara Boxer, (D-California) - the dumbest woman in the U.S. Senate, after Patty Murray - has gone and done it, she's signed on to Rep. John Conyers' (D-Michigan) nonsense objecting to...well, just objecting to the fact that the Democrats lost the Presidential Election, again. Oh, the official line is that Conyers and Boxer are "concerned" about "voting irregularities." In the state of Ohio, which went for Bush by over 100,000 votes.They have no "concerns" about "voting irregularities" in … [Read more...]

Some excellent music for reflection and meditation

One of the nicest things about the internet and the various forums therein is that if you're lucky, you end up making the cyber acquaintance of people you would otherwise never meet, thus your life becomes enriched, the tapestry becomes broader and, if you're open to it, you become a bit more temperate and aware.I have been so fortunate as to have made some valuable acquaintances, from all sides of the political and theological debates, and have come to count some natural adversaries as … [Read more...]

Hmmm…are the big blogs being bothered?

This morning Captains Quarters had server problems, and now I see that both Instapundit and LittleGreenFootballs are inaccessible.The revenge of Rather??? What goes on, here? … [Read more...]

Lowry asks a question and LaShawn runs with it!

NRO's Rich Lowry asks a simple question: Would liberals support Social Security Reform if they thought of it as reparations for blacks?There is a direct correlation between economic status and average life span. This means that blacks, who are disproportionately poor, partly for historic reasons, tend to have shorter life spans, especially black males. The average life expectancy of a black male is roughly 68.6. The retirement age of Social Security is set under current law to eventually rise to … [Read more...]

This is my son, Muhammed Upjohn-Jones.

I don't suppose it's really any big surprise to read that Muhammed is the new Nigel in the UK - well, perhaps not the new Nigel, but it has entered the top ten.We're used to this in America, of course, we are the big melting pot that has produced more than a few Angelina O' Garrity's, Mario Eptstein's and Juan Napolitano's. Still...I can't help but wonder how the stiff-upper-lip-types in Britain are taking this news, particularly since I would bet dollars to donuts that the little Muhammeds … [Read more...]

It ain’t over til it’s over

It sounds to me like the Sec'y of State in the State of Washington, who just certified the disgracefully handled Gubernatorial election, is trying to cover his backside a little bit."You simply can't have more votes counted than you have voters," (GOP Party Chair)Vance said. "The counties have to come up with a plausible explanation for this and if they don't this election is invalid on its face."And Secretary of State Sam Reed again said that this issue could be used to contest the election. I … [Read more...]