Fineman reaches but doesn’t get the brass ring

I'll give Howard Fineman points for trying, mostly because I have a soft spot for Fineman. That schoolboy hair, the studious glasses, you just want to bring him home and give him a bowl of soup with crackers.But the man doesn't get it. Writing about Rathergate, and its effect on the mainstream media, he correctly identifies his industry as a political party in demise, but immediately blows it by reversing the order of this party's destroyers:A political party is dying before our eyes — and I d … [Read more...]

Surplus? Yes. Surplus.

I saw this a few days ago and wish I'd taken the time to post it; I'da scooped the Blogfather! :-)But I didn't, so I'll post it, now and look like the complete lemming that I am! It's news that no one has managed to splay up in a headline, not even "conservative news sources" like Drudge: Pssssst....surplus.What was that formula that the GOP keeps suggesting and the Democrats keep trying to undermine? Oh, yeah. Lower taxes, especially on small businesses...that creates jobs, which creates … [Read more...]

January 12th! Today is the day!

And now is the time! The place to go and contribute is HERE.Aw, now, don't be coy, you know I'm talking about Captain's Quarters World Relief Day.If you really don't remember, I'll remind you in the Captain's own words:CQ readers, fellow bloggers, and friends,We have before us one of the world's greatest natural disasters in terms of lost human life. Over 120,000 now (12/31) have perished, and unless we get immediate and effective assistance to the survivors, many more will die. (1/2: CNN now … [Read more...]

I missed all the news, all the big CBS writing!

Boy, talk about yer bad timing! Unfortunately circumstances over the last few days have been so unusually busy that I simply have had no time to read any news, to read any bloggers, or even to read all of the smart opinions out there regarding the Rathergate Report.Sigh. I did take quick looks and saw that all the big bloggers were writing like mad.I always miss the fun stuff.Okay, now. I'll stop whining and go read. ;-) … [Read more...]

Dan Rather’s rather lame response. Courage.

January 11, 2005TO : All CBS News ColleaguesThe panel report is part of a process – a necessary process to deal with a difficult issue – at the end of which four good people have lost their jobs. My strongest reaction is one of sadness and concern for those individuals whom I know and with whom I have worked. It would be a shame if we let this matter, troubling as it is, obscure their dedication and good work over the years.Yet good can come from this process if CBS News, and the hundreds of abl … [Read more...]

Moonves Memo to CBS – Interesting Reading

TO: All CBS employeesFROM: Leslie MoonvesDATE: January 10, 2005On September ­­22, 2004, we asked an Independent Panel to find out what went wrong in the development, preparation and aftermath of the September 8th broadcast, on 60 Minutes Wednesday, concerning President George W. Bush's service in the Texas Air National Guard. Today, those findings have been issued, and may be found on I would now like to offer CBS's thoughts on the comprehensive report issued today by … [Read more...]

Big bloggers clearly under attack; smaller blogs need to pick up the slack!

Okay, so my immediate suspicion and paranoia was well-founded. Hosting Matters confirms attacks. They'd no sooner gotten back on track then they went down again. Glenn Reynolds backup site, Instabackup also confirms. Affected are all the big guys - LGF, Powerline, Instapundit, Truth Laid Bear, Tim Blair, and even some smaller guys like Varifrank. (Maybe it would be a good thing if our big bloggers used different servers rather than all of them being on one?)One can only assume, since these are … [Read more...]

Washington States’ bad precedent!

DJ Drummond over at has a breaking story that should make you quiver in your chair.Washington State Supreme Court Awards Win To SeahawksEstablishing a trend begun in the Gubernatorial Election, the Washington State Supreme Court reversed the apparent results of the on-field play, and awarded a playoff game victory to the Seattle Seahawks over the St. Louis Rams.The play on the fielded ended with St. Louis ahead on the scoreboard, 27-20. But because the margin was only one score, … [Read more...]

Joe Marshall has some good advice for the Democrats

I rarely link to a left-leaning site, mostly because I seldom peruse them. It's not that I am prejudiced or disinterested in what the other side has to say; it's just that so few of them ever say anything new.Too often, when I do check into a lefty site, like Democratic Underground or Daily Kos, I feel like I've just stepped over a crew of Maureen-Dowd-wannabees, lying in a gutter full of their own vomit, willfully disconnected from anything remotely positive or hopeful, and fully disinterested … [Read more...]

Why aren’t you reading the Dimplomad?

As they say in Brooklyn, ya gotta read him! Ya gotta! He's got all da goods, and it's a beeyootiful thing!"Stuff like this:It's a pleasure to watch the Australians and our guys work together. They're interchangeable -- except for that, that . . . uh, you know, that cricket thing . . . but for that flaw the Aussies would seem perfectly normal.You don't want to hear about Aussies and Yanks working. You know all about that. You want to know about the UN. The UN, you ask, what about the UN? Gee, … [Read more...]

A Few Cheers for Great People!

Time constraints preclude individual posts, but I wanted to draw your attention to a couple of really excellent, rather inspiring articles featuring men and women helping out in the tsunami recovery.First up (with a hattip to the Captain is the remarkable story of one Seaman Joviena Kay, who serves aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln (you know, the big warship so many Europeans mocked George W. Bush for sending:Standing in the hangar bay of this mammoth aircraft carrier, Seaman Joviena Kay looks … [Read more...]

The Anchoress’ Bookshelf

Doubtless you've noticed (some of you have, anyway) that the sidebar features some books available at and listed under the deathless header: Anchoress' Bookshelf.I thought it would be fun (and mildly profitable) to use Amazon to feature certain books that I just really love and want others to read and love, too. I called it my "bookshelf" because I won't feature anything that is not actually on my own bookshelf or (as in the case of Hugh Hewitt's new book BLOG) at least en route to … [Read more...]

Today’s papers and tomorrow’s history books

The Powerline Guys are correct that the deplorable treatment of Alberto Gonzalez by the Senate Committee, coupled with the thick distortion (by the NY Times and others) of the man, the whole issue of torture and his "connection" to Abu Ghraib, is about sullying the man's reputation just enough to make his eventual nomination to the SCOTUS problematic, and of course to attach a "controversy" to him which can be used as a handy bludgeon. (Controversial Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez, whose … [Read more...]

Ummm, are we SURE the big bloggers aren’t being bothered?

Maybe I'm paranoid - likely I am - but it just seems really strange that once again all of the big bloggers are down. Instapundit, Captain Ed and a few others...My eyebrows are up is all I'm sayin'...Update: I KNEW it! I knew it was no strange twist of fate that all of the huge bloggers, served by Hosting Matters, were inaccessible twice in one week! The Captain confirms it:DDOS Attack On Hosting MattersFor those of you who have experienced some difficulties in accessing CQ, Power Line, … [Read more...]