Susan Sontag is dead. Ohio recount goes for Bush

Having been raised not to speak ill of the dead, and mindful of the fact that a son and a sister survive Ms. Sontag, I'll resist comment, for now. But Michelle Malkin points out the very different obituary tones for Ms. Sontag and footballer Reggie White.Also, I don't know if the folks over at Democratic Underground will be able to deal with it, or what the Kerry campaign (which is still throwing mixed signals to the extremists over there) will say, but the Ohio recount is finished at a taxpayer … [Read more...]

UN should just shut up and get out of the way.

The numbers are horrifying; the pictures are chilling, and the very idea that the island of Sumatra has been moved 100 feet - 100 feet! - is both awe-inspiring and fearsome. These folks are going to need lots of help, lots of money, lots of prayers. Prayers, especially, because prayer supports the rest of it.I know that America is already being called stingy by some pissant, posturing, feckless UN "undersecretary" fop, for starting the aid ball rolling with ONLY $15million in direct aid. Captain … [Read more...]

Mostly Missing Christmas

The natural after-effect of a crash and burn is often illness, and my meltdown of several days ago has resulted in wheezing, a horrendous cough that suggests nothing so much as lungs being forced into an upward trajectory for deliverance on an innocent world.I should have seen this coming; in Traditional Chinese Medicine the health of the lungs can be affected by the emotion of sadness, and of course we have been in much sadness, lately.So, I gasped my way through Christmas Eve Mass, careful not … [Read more...]


There is so much going on, and so little time, but I wanted to just throw a few links yer way, that have struck me as required reading: Start off with the Mad Merry Monk, who is neither mad nor merry, but angry as all get-out about the negligence which lead to the tragedy in Mosul. He's indignant and knowledgable, and a must read.For a very surprising, and moving, statement by the ADL's Abe Foxman regarding Catholic/Jewish relations, check out Mystery Achievement where he has the statement in … [Read more...]

Anchoress Crashes and Burns. Film at 11:00.

So, as sometimes happens in life, everything came to a head yesterday afternoon. After a so-so day at work, during which I made arrangements with my pediatrician to get a second cardiologist opinion on a situation with Buster (my brother is not long for this world, and my 15 year old is routinely clutching at his chest and turning purple - can we say stress overload?) I took a look at my schedule for the day. It included many errand-y, Christmas-themed type things, ending with the hour's drive … [Read more...]

Oscar Wilde would understand…

Have lots to say but very limited time. I hope to do some blogging later. In the meantime, read Tony Blankley's interesting analysis of the cold logic of Donald Rumsfeld. For some reason, it put me in mind of Oscar Wilde's old complaint: "I can stand brute force, but brute reason is quite unbearable. There is something unfair about its use. It is hitting below the intellect." … [Read more...]

“Some straights and some homos” – some RIGHT writing

Tracy over at Worship Naked has posted a really excellent - nearly perfect - piece of writing that bluntly discusses the issue of straight Christians being friends - real friends - with gays.I know some Christians who feel that to be friendly toward gays is to "endorse their lifestyle" (nonsense) and some who SAY they "hate the sin but love the sinner" but their love seems very much "arms length." And I know some Christians who are secure enough in their faith (and trusting enough of the Holy … [Read more...]

Because I cannot share these with my brother,

I'll share my normally top-secret-never-share-it-with-anyone recipes with you folks.My brother is unaccountably lingering, but sleeping more and more. He went from chopped food to puree'd food to basically liquids, but he is too sleepy to take much in. When we visit him now, the visits are very quiet. Most times, he doesn't wake up at all, and the three or four hours we spend at his bedside are spent reading to him, or watching television, or chatting with nurses. Last night, S was awake for a … [Read more...]

D’ja hear the one about…

Although I love a good joke, and I like to laugh, I'm the world's worst joke-teller. Often I will say to my husband, "I heard a great joke today...oh, I wish I could remember it, so I could tell you!"I forget premises, and punchlines always escape me. Sadly, my joke-telling usually starts out, "Okay, there was this, wait, it was two wait, it was two guys and a banana..." and ends with, " was funny when I heard it..."But with a blog, I don't have such worries - I can … [Read more...]

A reality too many would rather not know about

This blog has been blessed...ummm, yeah, that's it, blessed ;-) to have a couple of left-wing readers almost from the day of it's inception - people I've come to respect, even though I rarely find myself on the same page from which they're reading. One of them, Joe Marshall, went missing and has now posted an answer to my worried inquiry. The answer is a little harrowing but important to read and discuss, and Joe has written it very well, and dared some self-revelation in the process. I don't … [Read more...]

A moving tribute to our troops…

Was stuck in NYC traffic for about three hours today and was feeling all sorry for myself - then I saw this video courtesy of commenter Newton at and stopped complaining about my stiff legs. God bless our troops and their wonderful families. God can only reward their sacrifices - he is never outdone in generosity and these people are generous. God bless our Commander in Chief. America is generous. No matter how much that fact is buried under left-wing propaganda.UPDATE: Speaking … [Read more...]

Merry Mad Monks of Musan-ni – American Heroes

One of my favorite bloggers (and man, can he come up with great recipes) has given into a few pleas and wheedles and explained about the Merry Mad Monk Moniker. This is fascinating history, and something I have never read about our armed forces! Enjoy, and raise a sigh of thanks for men such as they! Read it all. Moved me to tears. … [Read more...]

My Vagina and Me: Politically Incorrect and Lovin’ it!

Every year, in preparation for Valentine's Day (V-day, or Vagina Day in politically correct, whack-a-doo feminist enclaves) various college campuses, community centers and umm, Unitarian churches prepare to use the occasion not to celebrate an early Christian Martyr, but to suggest that every woman is a martyr of sorts, a lone upholder of vaginal integrity, thrown into a tarpit of bubbling male lust and violence.Right on schedule, comes this story re the University of Oregon, which is undergoing … [Read more...]

Bernieeee! You got some ‘splainin’ to do!

As you and several thousand others know, thanks to my big mouth (and much-appreciated attention from Instapundit) I was very quick - too quick...hasty, even - in predicting that Bernard Kerik would be Bush's pick for the Homeland Security spot.I was right, clearly, and revelled in my prophecy (ah, pride lays another good woman low...)...but in my post I made it a point to call Kerik a "good, good man."Not simply a "good" man, egad, but a "good, good" man. I gave Bernie a doubleplus good … [Read more...]