Watchers of Weasels?

I was getting worried. I looked at my site meter and saw an influx of traffic from something called Watchers of Weasels, and I thought, good someone calling me a Weasel?Turns out Watchers of Weasels is a nice little site, and they apparently keep their eyes out for interesting blog writing and then vote on it, or something, as near as I can tell. They have links to some really excellent writing (including something by your humble hostess) throughout the conservative end of the … [Read more...]

The Epitome of Nincompoopery

Well, Barbara Boxer, (D-California) - the dumbest woman in the U.S. Senate, after Patty Murray - has gone and done it, she's signed on to Rep. John Conyers' (D-Michigan) nonsense objecting to...well, just objecting to the fact that the Democrats lost the Presidential Election, again. Oh, the official line is that Conyers and Boxer are "concerned" about "voting irregularities." In the state of Ohio, which went for Bush by over 100,000 votes.They have no "concerns" about "voting irregularities" in … [Read more...]

Some excellent music for reflection and meditation

One of the nicest things about the internet and the various forums therein is that if you're lucky, you end up making the cyber acquaintance of people you would otherwise never meet, thus your life becomes enriched, the tapestry becomes broader and, if you're open to it, you become a bit more temperate and aware.I have been so fortunate as to have made some valuable acquaintances, from all sides of the political and theological debates, and have come to count some natural adversaries as … [Read more...]

Hmmm…are the big blogs being bothered?

This morning Captains Quarters had server problems, and now I see that both Instapundit and LittleGreenFootballs are inaccessible.The revenge of Rather??? What goes on, here? … [Read more...]

Lowry asks a question and LaShawn runs with it!

NRO's Rich Lowry asks a simple question: Would liberals support Social Security Reform if they thought of it as reparations for blacks?There is a direct correlation between economic status and average life span. This means that blacks, who are disproportionately poor, partly for historic reasons, tend to have shorter life spans, especially black males. The average life expectancy of a black male is roughly 68.6. The retirement age of Social Security is set under current law to eventually rise to … [Read more...]

This is my son, Muhammed Upjohn-Jones.

I don't suppose it's really any big surprise to read that Muhammed is the new Nigel in the UK - well, perhaps not the new Nigel, but it has entered the top ten.We're used to this in America, of course, we are the big melting pot that has produced more than a few Angelina O' Garrity's, Mario Eptstein's and Juan Napolitano's. Still...I can't help but wonder how the stiff-upper-lip-types in Britain are taking this news, particularly since I would bet dollars to donuts that the little Muhammeds … [Read more...]

It ain’t over til it’s over

It sounds to me like the Sec'y of State in the State of Washington, who just certified the disgracefully handled Gubernatorial election, is trying to cover his backside a little bit."You simply can't have more votes counted than you have voters," (GOP Party Chair)Vance said. "The counties have to come up with a plausible explanation for this and if they don't this election is invalid on its face."And Secretary of State Sam Reed again said that this issue could be used to contest the election. I … [Read more...]

It’s a conspiracy, I tells ya!

Well, I'm feeling funked and punked, coughing my wee little lungs up and craving sleep, so I guess I'm relapsing, or trying not to. And I read that Captain Ed is also under the weather.I don't understand it! We bloggers sit around in our jammies all day and speak to no one! How are we getting so sick???Sigh. It's a conspiracy. Where's my tinfoil hat?I suspect we can make the Captain come out of his Quarters if we continue to ad some funds to his excellent World Vision Tsunami Relief … [Read more...]

Hot links! Getcher red hot links here!

Truth be told, I'm feeling exhausted and bronchitis-y again, but I have been meaning to link to these folks and goldarnit, I'm-a-gonna hook ya'll up with them afore I head on off to bed.You can always tell I'm not feeling well when I start to talk like Gabby Hayes on Nyquil.Here is what you need to know: Darn Floor blog is a really essential read. The boy can write and he can spot the "don't miss" story from 40 paces, I'll tell you what. Like spit to a spitoon! Today he is writing and linking to … [Read more...]

Jerusalem Post: Saddam Link to Al-Jazeera

Thanks to Polipundit commenter Eddiebear. This seems like a pretty interesting little storyA videotape found in a pile of documents in Baghdad following the collapse of Saddam Hussein's regime shows a former manager of the Al-Jazeera satellite channel thanking one of Saddam's sons for his support and telling him that "Al-Jazeera is your channel," the Asharq al-Awsat newspaper reported Sunday. Read the whole thing. … [Read more...]

Christine Todd Whitman: Affable Idiot

I know Stalin or someone talked about useful idiots, but that's overused. Some idiots are of dubious use, but they sure are affable about it!Take Christine Todd Whitman, (please). The former Governor of NJ (who, let's see if I remember this correctly, oh yes, increased spending and taxes in New Jersey and was SUCH an idiot - so politically tone-deaf - she allowed herself to be photographed pretending to frisk a black man in handcuffs...) and former EPA honchess is, according to Drudge, about to … [Read more...]

Diplomad is still pretty damned MAD

And I can't say I blames him! Latest report:A colleague came back from a meeting held by the local UN representative yesterday and reported that the UN rep had said that while it was a good thing that the Australians and Americans were running the air ops into tsunami-wrecked Aceh, for cultural and political reasons, those Australians and Americans really "should go blue." In other words, they should switch into UN uniforms and give up their national ones.As Daffy Duck would say, "suuuuure, they … [Read more...]

The Captain’s Idea is taking off

Just got in and noticed that Captain Ed's great idea has already surpassed his expectations, and it's not even January 12, yet! Great going (and hey, God bless, ya, Mir for the double dip!)If yer not sure what I'm talking about check out this link and the Captain's above. Basic idea: Give up one day's pay to the Tsunami victims, via World Vision. Or, if a day's pay is a bit dear, just - you know - whatever you'd like to give. I'm very proud of my son, Buster, who got a small Christmas bonus at … [Read more...]

US and Aussies are doing the work: UN gets credit

The Folks at Powerline have got the skinny on what's going down in those tsunami-stricken regions. They link to Diplomad who has this to say:Well, we're heading into Day 7 of the Asian quake/tsunami crisis. And the UN relief effort? Nowhere to be seen except at some meetings and on CNN and BBC as talking heads. In this corner of the Far Abroad, it's Yanks and Aussies doing the hard, sweaty work of saving lives.Check out this interview (on the UN's official website) with SecGen Annan and Under … [Read more...]