MacPherson’s Charge: A Trial of Democracy

As happens with increasing frequency, real life must take precedence over the cyber life. I feel like I am bouncing between hospitals and doctors. My brother S is still in hospice, and one of my children is in need of all my attention as he undergoes some tests that are scaring the heck out of us. I wanted to put this terrific read before you, though, Written by Jonathan Pitts of the Baltimore Sun. There are some who say we are very nearly engaged in a "bloodless civil war." I don't know about … [Read more...]

Iraq the Model: “I am free…I need to tell you how that feels”

They need no comment from me. Read it all and ask yourself...why was this a BAD thing, again? … [Read more...]

Under the Elephant Tent

Mrs Falconers Cabana Boy over at the Pajama Pack has some thoughts worth reading regarding what has happened in the ten days since President Bush's re-election. Enjoy.Also, I was lucky enough to be invited to a "W" Victory Dinner this weekend - a group of people gathered together to share a meal and celebrate and blow off some steam, after all of those harrowing weeks leading up to the election. The house was festooned with flags; people brought W memorabilia, signed pictures (someone brought an … [Read more...]

The Struggle

Matteo at Cartago Delenda wrote this thoughtful, prayerful exposition on Thursday, the 11th, but I have only just read it, and pass it on to you as a must read, particularly for a Sunday. His reading of scripture bore some good fruit. Then scroll back up and read the rest of him. Matt's on a roll. … [Read more...]

A roundup of good articles and sites

My mother used to make something called a dump cake; it consisted of a big can of fruit cocktail and a box of cakemix, all thrown together and baked, without much ceremony - it was no masterpiece of culinary art, but people seemed to enjoy it with a cup of coffee. With that in mind, I herewith throw together a cyber-equivalent of various articles and websites that I've been meaning to link to. Enjoy with coffee, or - if it is blustery by you, as it is by me, today - perhaps a wee toddy!First up, … [Read more...]

Post -Election polling shows nation feeling re-assured

I'm not a fan of polls and I don't fixate on them, but I figured, just this once...The National Annenberg Election Survey has just been released, and it should make the president feel pretty good. Relieved, I think, that Election 2004 did not descend into a debacle on a scale of Election 2000 (although some are still hoping...) the nation feels a renewed sense of optimism about the president's job performance and more upbeat about the direction in which we are headed. The report is worth poring … [Read more...]

Props when they are due…

A pal who is connected to CBS is bemoaning that the right wing bloggers, so quick to castigate the network when they deserve it - and let's face it, they often do - are never as quick to give a little praise when it may be appropriate. He wrote, "This is something I find annoying... They cannot wait to rip us apart when we go against their grain, but they never stop to call attention to things they approve of. Last night's piece by David Martin on the wounded of Falluja healing at home, and … [Read more...]

Stop Talking Nonsense!

I have never responded to a comment made in a thread with a whole new posting, but one visitor to this site, Joseph Marshall (with whom I share a common love of farce and Ella Fitzgerald) posted that he really couldn't understand why some Democrats and former Democrats are pleading for a healthy, sane Democrat party. Since I respect Marshall as a fellow Wodehousian, I've decided to respond here, and bring his comments to the fore.Sez Joe:  The only thing WORTH opposing in Republican … [Read more...]

The Final Frontier

Frank Martin over at varifrank makes an excellent analogy between his Trekkie friends and the current Democrat meltdown. He also has a reasonable and healthy fear that a GOP in control of everything may be too much of a good thing. Like me, he wants to see the Democrats regain their sanity and their capacity to be a serious opposition party. We need it. Frank's a terrific writer, enjoy.And Carol Gould Read her. Read her.And then, go here, and read Atlas and sit back in wonder as this … [Read more...]

A bit of Fallujah

Courtesy of the MerryMadMonk. God bless and keep our troops. I pray Michael, the great Archangel and Warrior, fights with them.UDATE: And, a bit of warmth on a cold, cold night, courtesy of Baldilocks … [Read more...]

God Bless Christopher Hitchens!

Hitchens, avowed atheist and virulent anti-Catholic would undoubtedly not appreciate the sentiment, but again I say, God bless him! As we watch the collective (and increasingly worrisome) breakdown of the Democrats, and we notice that not a SINGLE Democrat in a leadership position is telling these people to knock it off and "move on", Hitchens brings his own rigorous logic to the whole issue and calls Bush a champion of Secularism. And he's right. For all that American Christians of every stripe … [Read more...]

JFK, RFK Your old party is overrun with Master Bullies!

I am so glad to see this article by Doug MacEachern in The Arizona Republic. He notes, quite rightly, that the last great Democrats (from back when the Democrat Party was a serious party, almost choking with greatness) would never behave like the small, bigoted and peculiar people we've see seething, whining, threatening run away or do something violent over the past few weeks.Considering JFK believed in low taxes, smaller government and a strong defense, I wonder if he would even BE a Democrat … [Read more...]

Keep the eyes on the prize…

Michele over at A Small Victory is thinking out loud about the danger of a too-cocky right wing falling in on itself as we see happening on the left. I share her concern. While I am repulsed by what I read from the more extreme elements of the left, who have clearly had way too much influence within the Democrat party, I am also enough of a "new" conservative to be leery of the extremists on the right, as well - and let's face it, they exist. I am watching the right just as closely as the … [Read more...]

The Coming of Love…and nothing like it.

A friend has just announced the birth of a granddaughter and emailed pictures - isn't the internet a wonder - of the precious newborn, Isabella, so that we might share in their joy. In the picture this babe is only minutes old and already snuggling up to Mama, and Mama is gazing at her with such naked love it is almost too much to see. How miraculous! So this is how God keeps us going! It's not the babies, per se, it's not the corporeal creation - it's the LOVE that becomes created at the same … [Read more...]