Protecting Oneself from an Untrustworthy Press

The NY Times sent reporter David Kirkpatrick to interview Denver Archbishop Charles Chaput on his remarks concerning what Catholics should consider regarding both the teachings of the church and their own consciences, before casting a vote for a candidate.In other words, the bishop was tending to his flock. He is charged to do this in season and out. Even if it's an election year.But this particular shepherd is also a bit of a fox, and he was smart enough and savvy enough to understand that the … [Read more...]

Pedro – A Revelation.

I mentioned it earlier, at the bottom of the Integrity! thread, but it's worth expanding on. Last night Pedro Martinez, not my favorite baseball player for several reasons, most fundamentally because I am a Yankees fan, pitched very well until he allowed a two-run homer to John Olerud. He heard the fans chanting, endlessly, "Who's your daddy?", a reference to Martinez's remark last month, after a crushing defeat to to the bombers, "What can I say, the Yankees are my daddies, now."I have to … [Read more...]

Stolen Valor, Indeed.

Just saw the new Swift Boat Vets ad. By its description I hadn’t anticipated anything so powerful. After viewing it, and seeing that long line of men, it hit me. I finally understood that Kerry (after bugging out of Vietnam with at least one phony purple heart by his own admission) launched his political career, and his presidential campaign, off the hearts and valor of these men. Stolen valor, indeed. It’s a striking ad, and more and more the only word I can find for Kerry is, cad.You can see it … [Read more...]

Integrity! Integrity! Integrity!

The best moment of the most boring debate I've ever seen:John Kerry carrying on about his mother, on her deathbed telling him: Remember...Integrity! Integrity! Integrity!Lowenstien! Lowenstein! Lowenstein!Rosebud! Rosebud! Rosebud!Geez. I wanted to puke.I'm sure Mrs. Kerry was a lovely lady, and I am sorry that she apparently had a miserable illness.But puh-leeze.I guess Kerry decided that he DARE not exploit Christopher Reeve's death any further, thus he needed an available corpse. So he … [Read more...]

An Anonymous Democrat Shares her Secret

Judith Weiss at The Command Post posts an essay that is breathtaking in its thoughtful eloquence. Written by an anonymous woman in New York, a woman who dares to think for herself rather than submerging herself in groupthink, this lifelong Democrat gifts us with insight into her reasoning. This is a powerful and very readable essay. She begins:When I pull the lever on November 2nd for George Bush, I will be voting with more passionate conviction than I have ever mustered in a lifetime of voting … [Read more...]

British Anti-semitism is transference of fear

Roger L. Simon is linking to an important and bloodchilling piece by Carol Gould which chronicles her recent experiences of rather over-the-top expressions of anti-semitism (although not all are recent, one dates back to the era of the Clinton Administration).Reading her horrifying descriptions of shrill and menacing encounters by Brits toward Americans and Jews, I can only think that the British are suffering from the sort of transference we learn about in Psych 101. They're terrified. They're … [Read more...]

When John Kerry is President? Elmer Gantry redux?

Drudge is reporting that John Edwards - to his everlasting shame, if it is true - has announced that: 'When John Kerry is president, people like Christopher Reeve are going to walk. Get up out of that wheelchair and walk again'... I expect no one in the mainstream media will write the story on this and they'll pray with the fervor of newly-baptised Evangelical Christians that Mount St. Helens will erupt or another celebrity murder takes place to wipe that quote off of Drudge's screen.If Edwards … [Read more...]

Random Boldface thoughts before bed

Jim Geraghty over at Kerry Spot has made an observation worth pondering:But these past months have seen five major events on four different continents, each a huge and ripe opportunity for al-Qaeda to show the world that it was still thriving, still dangerous, still able to kill the innocent when the world is watching. And the bad guys are 0 for 5. How are we doing in this war on terror?He's talking of both political conventions, the Olympics, the Australian elections and the successful and … [Read more...]

Days of Rest and Aimless Surfing…

Sunday used to be such a gentle day, a day for going to church, then stopping by Aunt Mary's for coffee and a bun and teasing a cousin or getting a game of touch football going. Early supper, some music and time to read or play a board game with family members.Okay, scratch that, I don't believe our family ever played a board game that didn't end with someone flinging the movable pieces across the room and closing the gameboard with a resounding THWACK as everyone quickly dispersed.I'm trying to … [Read more...]

This time, Bush Should Have Looked at His Watch

I'm growing weary of these debates, and I wish the candidates had agreed to only two, rather than three events. I cannot bear to hear Kerry say "I have a plan" in that creepy patrician drone one more time, and I'm even getting tired of Bush saying, "Wrong war, wrong place, wrong time."These two need fresh material. Tonight, I could only watch them for a few minutes before it would begin to feel like my entire life-force was stagnating and drooping. For respite I found myself clicking over to the … [Read more...]

And With Your Spirit

Oh, happy day! After 35 years of the sleepy and uninspiring English translations of the Latin Mass, it seems we are finally on a path to correct the language and allow the liturgy to have a bit of poetry and supernatural inflection!William Oddie (wonderful name) gives us the latest in the UK Spectator as he wonders Whose Rite is it, Anyway.It seems John Paul II is serious about correcting the prayers and responses of the liturgy, although he is - predictably - encountering resistance from the … [Read more...]

The Woman in the Black Hijab

I wish I knew how to add pictures to a blog, but since I don't and my son is at college and cannot do it for me, I am going to tickle your memory a little bit.Do you remember the dancing woman in the black hijab? On 9/11, we saw pictures from the West Bank, of people dancing in the street, shooting off guns in that insane celebratory fashion they so love, children eating candy...and one woman, wearing a black hijab, missing a few teeth because the society in which she lives doesn't offer much by … [Read more...]

Edwards Exploitation of Mary Cheney equals Limbaugh seizure

John Edwards was incredibly rude (and classless and ungentlemanly) to presume that Mary Cheney wanted her sexuality discussed or used as any sort of weapon in the debates.Cheney handled it well. I would have smacked that smirking little pony for daring to bring one of my children into the debate in any way shape or form, and especially not to play political games. I'm quite sure Sen Edwards would not have wanted a political opponent to introduce any of his children into a discussion on national … [Read more...]

Humanae Vitae, the most misunderstood musing

Over at Captain Ed's Place there is a lively discussion taking place in the comments thread regarding the SCOTUS refusal to hear the appeal of Catholic Charities concerning California law. In a nutshell, California has told Catholic Charities - an excellent gang of people who help anyone in need with everything from tonight's supper to job counselling - that their health plan must - must, mind you - offer health insurance coverage with includes artificial contraception. Got that? A non-profit … [Read more...]